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Jess Moretti

I am a dynamic and creative coach passionate about guiding you to your life of true purpose!

About me

There have been two life- defining decisions I have made in my life and both of them required me to step outside what I thought was possible and into a place of uncertainty.

The first was leaving my home country to come to the UK and the second and more recent was leaving a work situation, which was draining me on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. In both cases I felt I was being guided by something powerful that can’t really be conveyed in words, but was arising from a place, which is beyond the fears, and doubts that usually appear in a challenging situation. I have always been interested in the part of us, which allows new ideas and clarity to come to the fore in the midst of life changing decisions.

What has that life taught me? What do I know? How can I be of help to you?

It’s not always clear-cut to pinpoint how you know what you know and my journey hasn’t been a linear process at all, there were several detours, and U-turns and dead ends. My experience at University was sterile and cold and it left me with the need to find a deeper and more meaningful way of being. Inevitably I was drawn towards the path of spiritual inquiry which led me to study with teachers who were exploring the deeper aspects of conditioning, mind and ego. It was by coming to know these aspects of myself that I gained the clarity to help others. I spent several years working with young adults who were in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and in that experience is the perfect illustration of what can happen, when we stay stuck in the familiar automatic habits of mind and repeatedly create the same circumstance over and over again. It is with this insight that I can guide my clients to gain new awareness and break out of old patterns of mind. I have worked with both disenfranchised young people and adults and am struck by how little difference is makes when it comes to limiting mind patterns. My passion lies in bringing my knowledge to others in order for them to learn how to create a shift in perspective, which I see as critical for both the individual and also for the culture as a whole to move towards greater awareness and growth.


Free initial consultation

Each coaching session lasts one hour

Four and six week packages

Skype and telephone with email support
Skype and telephone with email support

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Transformation Life Coaching - IEF Personal Transformation
  • 10 day meditation retreats attending over the past 15 years
  • Private Transformational work with renowned teachers

Fee description

Fees: from $35 USD to $50 USD


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