lifecoach $1000 USD Joe Haskamp Joe Haskamp I have a no nonsense approach to coaching. I am family man, father of 7, and former Army Range.
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Joe Haskamp

RMT Tony Robbins Trained 
Sprin Lake, North Carolina, United States

I have a no nonsense approach to coaching. I am family man, father of 7, and former Army Range.

About me

As a man and woman team, our approach to relationship and parenting is a very personalized one. By working with us you can decide if you want to have session with just one of us or both of us. By having both myself and my partner, Clarissa, you get to choose the session structure. We have found that it each partner usually feels like they are being heard when they each have their own coach and once a month we all 4 work on goal setting.



1 on 1 sessions
In home Intensive VIP Days - I come to you to give you rea life, hands on tools to repair your damaged family or marriage.

*also 2 on 2 couples sessions with my female partner.


We can reach you anywhere in the world via facetime, google hangouts or skype

Short courses or group coaching

Group sessions are done via google hangouts or GoToWebinar

Ongoing training

Maintenace packages avail via telecalls, facebooks, group sessions or one on ones.Man/Woman

Fee description

Fees: from $300 USD to $1000 USD

One time pay, monthly payment - we accept all major credit cards through PayPal


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