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John Cuturilo

Bachelor of Psychological Sciences 
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A new kind of life coaching in Australia.
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About me

John Cuturilo is Your Listener, based in Victoria, Australia. John is an empathic and friendly life coach and mentor who helps people to overcome challenges and make changes in their lives. They could be related to goal‑setting and achievement, communication, decision‑making, or relationship development, through to more complex personal organisation or strategic matters.

From a young age, John had an instinctive ability to help people feel at ease, clarify their thoughts, and become empowered to make their own decisions. Those close to him know that he is willing to go to great lengths to help them. He has also proven himself to be something of a life engineer, leading an organised and strategic professional and personal life with incredible foresight and refusing to avoid challenges. This proved useful in that he also experienced a long history of turmoil that required him to be self‑sufficient and resilient. Refusing to be deterred and recognising his destiny, he operated his own voluntary emotional support and coaching service, before becoming a para‑professional social worker and therapist working with people with severe mental illnesses. Those he helped found that he could communicate with them and understand their problems when they felt that nobody else could, even with minimal apparent common experience. As a result of this, John has been cited as having “wisdom where others have knowledge”, and his guidance has been sought by people with considerably more life experience.

John holds a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences from Swinburne University and has long been developing his own approaches to helping others improve their lives. He draws on the vast, rich knowledge base of psychology, but carefully evaluates what he has learned against his and his clients’ experiences to ensure that he is always providing the most helpful service that is realistic and effective. He listens carefully and considers feedback earnestly, and proactively works in ways that best suit his clients.

Coaching with me


During appointments, we will discuss your goals, strategies to achieve them, and how to overcome barriers to them. This may involve exploring your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Our approaches draw from psychology evidence to maintain quality, but have also been developed through careful consultation with clients and deep introspection in to experience. We avoid “pop psychology”, gross generalisations, platitudes, or extravagant claims. Rather than attempting to force your experiences in to our understanding of life, we take the time to learn about your individuality and strengths, and use your frame of reference to help you discover what you can do to change. We try to address the causes of any problems rather than simply relieving the consequences. We will also work at an agreeable pace so that we can confront the difficult‑but‑necessary questions, rather than avoid them in favour of attractive comfort. The ultimate goal is for you to develop your own strategies so that you can become more independent.



Your Listener conducts appointments exclusively one‑on‑one via video conference or telephone. We first hold a free ten‑minute introductory consultation to discuss if our services are suited to your needs. If so, you will be asked to sign an agreement to clarify your and our rights and responsibilities. You can then set and pay for appointments individually, with no obligation to purchase packages.

Fee description

Fees: from $149 USD to $199 USD

Sessions can be 60 minutes long for $149, or 90 minutes long for $199. Prices are in Australian dollars.


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