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When you're a child people ask you what you want to be when you grow up. It's just a way of making conversation with a kid. But the process should not stop there. You should be asking yourself this same question throughout your life.

This is where life coaching comes in. A life coach acts as a guide to help you plan the next steps in your life. The coach unlocks your motivation so you can become focused and extraordinary.

Set a High Standard of Living

Melbourne is known as an expensive city but one that is a great place to live. As Australia's cultural capital, the city thrives on the creativity of its people. It's a perfect place to grow personally and professionally.

An authentic life directed by your dreams is possible. You don't have to restrict your vision. With thoughtful choices and effort you can invest in yourself.

A life coach shows you how to expand your perspective. This breaks you free from old habits that don't serve your happiness anymore. During talks with a life coach you figure out what really matters to you.

Coaching helps you:

  • Define your values.
  • Identify what you feel your life is lacking.
  • Set new goals to support your growth.
  • Make a plan to reach goals.
  • Stay encouraged along the way.

The coach guides you toward the answers that are best for you. These insights create your personal standards for living. Guided by your true aspirations, you'll begin to reach higher.

Life Coaches in Melbourne

Life coaches cater to your specific needs. They help you make progress and get rid of that feeling of being overwhelmed.

Examples of results you can get from a life coach are:

  • Stronger relationships
  • Balanced work and life
  • Guiding vision for your life
  • Improved career
  • Wellness and happiness
  • Greater confidence


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  • Coach Gary Gopinathan Australia $100 - $500 AUD

    Gary Gopinathan

    Member of The John Maxwell

    Gary is a respected John Maxwell Team Coach on Leadership, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

  • Coach John Gilfillan Australia $100 - $300 USD Contact me

    John Gilfillan

    Free Call!
    Life, Business and Attitude Coach

    An understanding coach who will guide you to your chosen outcome.

  • Coach Daniel Van Australia $80 - $120 USD Contact me

    Daniel Van

    Free Call!
    A life of your choosing

    I help with finding greater balance, energy, focus, purpose and motivation

  • Coach Genevre Becker Australia $100 - $120 USD Contact me

    Genevre Becker

    Free Call!
    BA, MA

    Creativity and arts business coach

  • Coach Alison Thompson Australia $150 - $2400 USD Contact me

    Alison Thompson

    Free Call!
    Peak Performance Coaching Services

    Peak Performance Coaching Services

  • Coach Jennifer Smyth Australia $44 - $534 AUD Contact me

    Jennifer Smyth

    Free Call!
    Life Coach - Dip in Counselling

    Im a dedicated and passionate life coach offering affordable online coaching sessions in all areas.

  • Coach John Cuturilo Australia $149 - $199 USD Contact me

    John Cuturilo

    Free Call!
    Bachelor of Psychological Sciences

    A new kind of life coaching in Australia.

  • Coach Mark Boyce Australia $100 - $120 AUD Contact me

    Mark Boyce

    Free Call!
    Certificate IV Life Coaching

    I help gay men of colour to find internal happiness and self worth without judgement from others

  • Coach Megan Shea MSW Australia $45 - $200 USD Contact me

    Megan Shea MSW

    Free Call!
    Certified Coach, MSW

  • Coach Janine Graham Australia $75 - $150 USD Contact me

    Janine Graham

    Free Call!
    Wellness coach

    Down to earth, compassionate and results driven coach who will empower you to become the best YOU!

  • Coach Qt Transformation Australia $1 - $100 USD Contact me

    Qt Transformation

    Free Call!
    NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioners

    Master NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioners.

  • Coach Discovery Village At Melbourne United States $99 - $456 USD Contact me

    Discovery Village At Melbourne

    Free Call!

    Our community lets you discover what world-class retirement community in Melbourne, FL has to offer.

  • Coach J S Australia   Contact me

    J S

    Free Call!

    Life Coaching

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Five great reasons to hire a Melbourne life coach
The coaching model that is so successful in sports applies to any arena. Melbourne has five world-class sports facilities. None of those would exist without coaches. There would not be professional sports without coaches. Coaching really will help you achieve more.
A life coach supports you when you feel lost. You may feel like you're supposed to know what to do with your life. But it's easy to be uncertain. A life coach helps you be honest with yourself. After you see your options more clearly, you'll make transformative decisions.
A life coach keeps you from quitting. Making changes can be hard even when they are for the better. With coaching, you won't throw in the towel at the first setback.
You gain confidence from life coaching. Coaches root out and get rid of your limiting beliefs. Then you can boost your self belief and stop sabotaging yourself.
Focus your energy on doing things that have meaning for you. Coaching stops you from drifting along and ignoring your needs. Instead, you direct your actions toward things that matter to you. This is the path that leads to fulfillment and success.
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