lifecoach $700 USD Kassy Scarcia Kassy Scarcia Life and Career Empowerment Coach helping women who feel a bit unsure and uninspired by life.
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Kassy Scarcia

M.S. Academic and Career Counselor 
Rockville, Maryland, United States
Life and Career Empowerment Coach helping women who feel a bit unsure and uninspired by life.

About me

Authentically Awakened Coaching provides Professional Life and Career Empowerment Coaching. Kassy specializes in working with women who feel unsure, uninspired, and a bit lost. Whether it is your career, your relationships, or your self confidence; Kassy is able to provide accountability, support, and empowering reflection to finally move you forward. Clients often come to Kassy experiencing a quarter-life slump, career transitions, or wanting to start their own passion project, but they feel unsure of how to make this happen. If you have tried using sheer willpower in the past without success, then coaching might be the change catalyst you need.

Through powerful questioning, personal development tools, and accountability structures, Kassy is able to assist clients with increasing their confidence, pushing past fears, making action plans that work, empowering their inner voice, connecting with their life purpose, and more. A Professional Coach is not a friend, but rather someone who challenges you in the best ways and stands for your goals always. If you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel that is okay because Kassy can and she will make sure to stand beside you the entire journey. As an affiliate of Accomplishment Coaching, an International Coach Federation certified coach training program, Kassy has access to over 300+ life coaching tools to assist your growth and success.

In addition to Life Coaching, Kassy also provides career coaching and academic coaching.

Coaching with me

Increased confidence, clarity and focus on life's next steps, improved understanding of what you truly desire in this life, freedom from soul sucking jobs, communication strategies for dealing with people that drain you, the ability to leave relationships that you know no longer serve you, accountability to actually accomplish those goals you have been talking about for years, find your inner voice and confidently share it with the world, push past fears to accomplish big goals, combine your passion with your career, take control of your life and how it goes.
I coach with a lot of love, understanding, and curiosity. I firmly believe my clients are total powerhouses and have everything they need, I am just here to help facilitate. I believe coaching is a partnership between coach and client and that it can't function if both aren't equally committed. I challenge my clients to commit to what they say they want and I will call you on your B.S. when needed. I make sure my clients never feel alone in the process and are in the driver seat. I empower my clients so that they can truly go after their biggest, boldest dreams.


I offer 3-month and 6-month one-on-one coaching packages that include personalized welcome gifts, project design tools, life satisfaction assessments, coaching intensives, a donation to charity, and of course our traditional one-on-one 60 minute coaching sessions. These packages are designed to be holistic in nature and support clients fully throughout our coaching relationship.
Short courses or group coaching
I currently offer a group coaching program called the Quarter-Life Recharge. If you are experiencing a bit of a quarter-life slump and want to bring energy back into your dreams and goals then this program is for you. It will include support from others going through a similar transition and personalized coaching support from myself.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Master of Science, College Student Affairs
  • Accomplishment Coaching Leadership and Training Program
  • Inner Glow Circle Leadership Coach Training Program
For most of my life, I worked really hard, did what I was told, and followed a path of success. I never realized how much I was operating from an external part of life and doing what I thought I was supposed to do. I turned to others for validation, wanted to make everyone else proud, and lost myself in the process. After graduating college, I began a personal development journey to take back control of my life and create the future that I wanted. I didn't know how or what it was going to look like, but I knew I had to make the decision to make it happen.

All of my life I have been the friend and family member that people come to for advice. I don't tell you what you want to hear, but always come from a place of love. Through my graduate coursework in College Student Affairs, I learned a lot about positive psychology, development theories, and counseling strategies. Pair this with my experience as an advisor in Higher Education and I am very comfortable helping others create plans for their future. I have also now trained with 2 professional coach training programs and am working on certification through the International Coach Federation. I have read countless books, consulted with numerous other coaches, and invested so much of myself into my intense coach training program.

I feel I offer well-balanced coaching. I have an educated background, but I also have an innate passion and ability for coaching. This is truly my calling in life and I am doing everything on my part to make sure I am giving my clients the best experience possible. I am beyond dedicated to this field and my responsibility as a coach and will always make sure my client comes first. You can trust that I always have your best interest in mind.

Fee description

Fees: from $200 USD to $700 USD

Fees are charged on a monthly basis and vary based on program. There are discounts available for pay-in-full clients.


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