lifecoach $300 USD Keith Mintz Keith Mintz I see patterns in people that allows me to find the root of the problem and find the best solution.
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Keith Mintz

Spiritual Life Coaching 
carlsbad, California, United States
I see patterns in people that allows me to find the root of the problem and find the best solution.

About me

My name is Keith Mintz. I am an entrepreneur, a deep spiritual writer, and a spiritual life coach. When I got right into high school, something struck me throughout the entire stay. I have developed over the past 5 years, too see truth in all, being able to find the immediate root problem and a perfect solution. It has allowed me to understand and learn quickly in the universes perspective. So many other coaches are taught to ask certain questions to help the patient realize them-self what the problem is. But my way of coaching goes much deeper than that. I will motivate in finding true happiness and success within yourself by finding the root. Using the power of the universe to create the future you want, as we break it down in detail steps for clarity, in the overall visions of your successful future.


I have sessions set up but can go by hour. Each session usually lasts about 2 hours or less. If charged by session, and we will take as long as it takes to complete the session. By hour we can stop anytime and finish off where we left of another time.

I offer: Life coaching, Spiritual guidance, relationship coaching, productivity coaching, Life organization coaching, Success coaching, Stress/anger management coaching, Parenting coaching, Motivation, Becoming more certain and clear minded, Bringing in the right positive energies into your life, Finding true happiness, Finding meaning/purpose/reason.

To be more general, I offer my time and abilities to see truth for any needs as I will help find the root of any issue and find a perfect solution. Some solutions may include specific exercises and meditations.

What it will help with and what you will gain:

-Organizes your life
-Build confidence and self esteem
-Start thinking higher of yourself, bringing up your self value and getting people to look up to you
-Gain motivation and self motivation
-Become more certain of yourself, position in life, and your choices
-Become clear minded and spiritually evolved and self-improved
-See your clear path to success and gain certainty of it, and knowing your next steps
-See the reality of the universe and truth within and where you play your role in life overall and now in the present
-See perspective of in the universes side gaining the correct understanding within your life allowing to succeed and evolve
-Know and see the positivity in all allowing to use it to evolve more in it
See the right choices that should be made of yourself

This will benefit any of the below issues:

Think to yourself what is it really that you are feeling about the issues you are dealing with…If you are feeling:
Lost within yourself and in your position of life
Scared or Afraid
Un-trusting of yourself or others
Un-valued having feel no power or control
Weak about your abilities

What we will generally be doing in sessions of Coaching:

1) We will be going over issues, passions and goals, and we will work on finding root solutions for achieving the success of what’s needed and desired.

2) We will be going over issues, identifying passions and setting goals. We will work on finding solutions for what’s needed and what’s desired.

3) We will create an overall vision of what’s desired and strengthen what needs to be strengthened along the way. Getting to the root of any situation and issue that’s stopping you from achieving your goals being successful and happy in what you desire.

4) We will break down everything in detail and steps as we understand better while we build the overall future vision of the goal and add, extract, and attract what’s necessary to get their through the power of universe and ourselves as one.

5) We will break down goals and passions into an everyday schedule to be achieved as we work on building the right mindset and vision of the success you desire. After every week, we will go over what was difficult and easy so we can overcome the obstacles and strengthen the easy as they say to double down on what’s working.

6) Spiritual guidance and positive perspective change will be offered through the process. Necessary practices may include, mind exercises, mediations, visualizing, bringing in positive light and energy, building the positive structures of the mind, adding and bringing in certain qualities that may be needed according to patient, and many other similar practices to build a successful and happy future as one in all that’s accomplished.
(Everything included such as exercises, mediations, and bringing down positive energy and light, is set up and structured to work properly as you will be guided through the process built around your needs and desires.)

Next session will mostly be strengthening abilities and solutions, and going over what issues came across after first session, and strengthening those weaknesses as well.

Anyone can use a coaching mentor and strengthen your strengths, motivation, confidence, and certainty!

“Everything desired takes an effort to achieve, so be prepared”
We will do just as it says in private coaching but it then being guided through online.
Short courses or group coaching
Any short courses will be gaining clarity on a solution of any issues that are on your mind.
Ongoing training
Just as it says in private coaching, is what we will be doing.

Fee description

Fees: from $10 USD to $300 USD

Depending on concerns and time consuming, price will vary between $10-$300

$10 can be from anything quick like organizing the structure of your week and goals onto a daily schedule. (Price will vary on how time consuming and will mostly go by hour at $10/20 minutes equalling to $30 an hour and $0.50/minute)

$230-$300 can be a package deal to do all that I can with full sessions through out the month, once or even twice a week.

I will not turn down a client because of what they can't afford. I guarantee satisfaction and will do all that I can to meet requirements and your financing needs.


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