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Khara Ashburne

Health & Wellness Coach 
Atlanta, United States

I work with women of faith who are ready to own their lives again - mind, body & spirit.

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About me

I spent over 20 years in the plus size section. After I finally got tired of being sick and tired, I made changes that enabled me to drop 6 dress sizes and leave the plus section FOREVER. It feels GOOD to finally be FREE! I'm a busy wife and mother who thrives on helping women rediscover themselves and make their health a priority. My program is entirely faith-based and is designed to help women reconnect Spiritually and use that to deepen and fuel their health goals.

I practice a plant based lifestyle that is low on starch, sugar and wheat but high on flavor and deliciousness! I love find new ways to enjoy my old foods without fear of sugar crashes or that my addiction to harmful foods will resurface. My transition process was painful and I love now helping other women ease their own.

Coaching with me


I run a faith-based program called The Rebirth Experience (RBE). RBE is all about rediscovering yourself and healing your relationship with food to build a healthier lifestyle.

My program gets to the heart of your issues with food. Women who work with me overcome their addiction to harmful foods by learning to practice discipline, self-love and the power of Spiritual teachings and affirmations to manage triggers. In 5 months my clients have lost a combined 250 lbs!


I work WITH you. Not against you. No judgement. We discuss what hasn't worked well for you in the past, and how you can finally get your life under control in all areas. Its important to know that my coaching is faith based and prayer is a key component.

You start where you want to start. Some clients choose to jump right in cold turkey with my detox plan and move into plant based foods. Other gradually transition before detoxing.

While weight loss is generally the goal, I view it as something that occurs naturally once you get your mind & spirit together and realize that you are a treasure and so is your body.

I will not give up on you! I am RELENTLESS for my clients. Success is 100% attainable once you BELIEVE.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I offer private coaching sessions for women who need more intense help and accountability. 6 intense sessions are included after which you will transition to the group model for the remainder of the year. Together we will work to uncover what's really eating you and develop customized strategies that work based on your busy lifestyle.

I provide a full recipe guide complete with a 4 week meal plan (including detox), Scriptures, affirmations, goals and assignments. During our sessions we will track progress and adjust accordingly. You will also still receive access to my private community. You may fall down, but I'll pull you right back up. Its a marathon not a sprint!


I offer group coaching online for those who can work self guided and love being part of a tribe on the same path they're on.

Everyone in this program also receives the full guide which includes a 4 week plant based meal plan, Spiritual exercises and mindwork. Group coaching sessions are held on a weekly basis via a video conferencing platform along with accountability and support through the private Facebook community.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BA Psychology
  • Pursing Health Coaching Certification through Institute of Integrative Nutrition

I have a 25 year corporate career in management that gives me the experience needed to build a structured practice. 2 years ago my weight reached an all time high of 250. I was a size 20, and tired. I decided to make drastic lifestyle changes and began examining past failures. I determined to do everything different this time. I began to talk to myself in a more positive way, and also consumed only plant-based foods and eliminated sugar, conventional wheat and other starches.

The results were drastic. I lost 60 lbs with very little exercise. My energy levels increased, my skin began to glow. My mood improved, my cycle wasn't as heavy and I also had a reduction in body odor.

Based on my own experience and a natural affinity for coaching, I began coaching clients who reached out to me with interest. I've grown my program from 3 participants to 40. Within the community I've built we've seen a loss within the 1st 5 months of this year of 250 lbs! But more then that, they feel RESTORED.

Fee description

Fees: from $197 USD to $497 USD

My group option is a one time contribution of $197 for the remainder of 2017 and the private option is $497 also for the remainder of 2017.


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