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Lindsey Gemme

Holistic Confidence Mentor 
Casa Grande, Arizona, United States
I am a certified life coach and holistic wellness specialist, helping women feel whole again.

About me

My name is Lindsey and I help women who feel "broken" and suffer in silence with low self-confidence, and support them in making themselves feel whole again.

As a woman who learned to heal herself from low self-confidence through holistic lifestyle changes by trial and error, I'm passionate about making this journey easier for you. As your mentor, I help educate and support you as my client in making positive lifestyle change in mind, body and soul.

Coaching with me


- Assess your personal blocks (negative thought patterns, self defeating beliefs)
- Assess physical habits (eating habits, physical movement, sleeping habits),
- Assess state of your spiritual life (time spent where you find yourself at peace [e.g. church, forest, childhood home], creative outlets, building or suring up your personal support system)


- Gain confidence in yourself (at home, at work, in making decisions)
- Learn how to treat yourself with kindness and respect
- Love who you are and share that with others
- Learn to connect more deeply with others
- Have more energy
- Sleep better
- Feel more positive
- Gain satisfaction and fulfillment on your life path and create a meaningful life
- Establish lifestyle changes that stick, from healthy eating to fitting in physical activity into your everyday life
- Narrow in and focus on what you want (and get it!)
- Achieve your ideal weight and STAY there
- STOP LIVING IN FEAR, and come to love your life and the skin that you're in
I am a guide and someone who will truly listen to you without judgement.

Because I've been where you are, I know how important compassion and empathy is for my clients. I coach with my full heart. While I may push gently to help prod you into spaces you may be uncomfortable at first to help you achieve a goal we've set together, I will never force you to do something you do not want to do. Finding your feet in this world and marching forward is a step-at-time process, and we will make that journey together.


You as the client drive your sessions with your personal goals relating to regaining your self-confidence. You are empowered to create your own plan as to what your mentorship looks like, and what goals you wish to reach while working with me.

Sessions with me include helping you to trouble shoot and navigate through: healing negative self talk or beliefs, integrating healthier eating, techniques for better sleep, initiating and sustaining enjoyable physical activity, connecting with friends and loved ones, ways to increase your physical energy, how to bring creativity into your life, and much more.
Short courses or group coaching
Coming soon.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Associates in Nutrition / Dietician Technician - Central Arizona College
  • Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certification - Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts
  • Life coach certification - Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts
From a very young age, I knew I wanted to help other women feel "pretty" or happy about themselves, because I desperately wanted to feel that about myself. I fought debilitating low self-confidence and on-again, off-again depression throughout my life. In my 20s, I was overweight, fell into emotionally abusive relationships, stayed in a job that sucked the soul out of me, and hated my life in general.

And when my grandmother, the love of my life, passed away suddenly, the purpose of life became very clear to me. Life was far too short and precious to remain unhappy and miserable. A huge shift began in my life at that time.

It took me almost five years to get my unhealthy habits and beliefs cleared. That is a long time to be in pain. That is why I am so passionate about reaching out to other women starting out on that journey - so they don't feel like they are doing it alone, and they have more guidance than I did when I began mine.

So after that long, laborious personal journey from being a frightened, unfocused and overweight wallflower with a dead-end career to a confident, driven and and vibrantly healthy businesswoman, I knew my calling was to help guide women toward the same result.

Since then, I have made it my mission to mentor other women in realizing and living their full potential and finding fulfillment in their lives through feeling healthy both emotionally and physically.

Fee description

Fees: from $3000 USD to $6000 USD

Currently I offer two packages. What you will get include:


- Mentorship and co-faciltating lifestyle change
- Holistically Healthy Eating Survey
- Lifestyle Log Sheets
- Text & Email Support
- Subscription to e-newsletter


- Mentorship and co-faciltating lifestyle change
- Lifestyle Log Sheets
- Weekly Holistic Healthy and Lifestyle Log review (online) - includes weekly diet review, and real time recommendations from me about eating, sleeping, and physical movement habits.
- Menu Planning, Recipes, & Shopping List
- Text & Email Support
- Subscription to e-newsletter


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