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Lisa Sanders

Registered Nurse 
McKinney, Texas, United States
Also known as “Lisa the Letting Go Coach,” I am a dedicated family recovery coach.
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About me

Lisa, known as “The Letting Go Coach,” is a dedicated Psychiatric Registered Nurse specializing in family recovery coaching. With a profound understanding of addiction through both professional and personal experiences, Lisa brings a unique perspective to her practice.

Her journey into the field began as a behavioral technician, where she gained firsthand experience in supporting individuals through the challenging initial stages of detoxification. As an RN at a detox facility, Lisa honed her skills in providing compassionate, evidence-based care to those battling addiction. Currently, she extends her expertise to teens and young adults, working directly with those struggling with addiction as well as their families, guiding them through the complexities of recovery.

Lisa’s philosophy centers on the powerful principles of letting go and surrendering. She believes that the path to recovery, while not easy, can be transformative when individuals and families embrace these concepts. Her approach is rooted in the idea that true healing begins when we release control and allow the process of recovery to unfold naturally.

Beyond her professional credentials, Lisa’s personal experience as the spouse of an addict gives her an empathetic insight into the struggles families face. She understands the emotional turmoil and challenges that come with loving someone who is addicted, and she uses this understanding to connect deeply with her clients.

Through her practice, Lisa aims to empower families to find peace and resilience, helping them navigate their journey with strength and compassion. Her dedication to her clients’ well-being is evident in her personalized coaching, where each session is tailored to meet the unique needs of the individuals she supports.


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