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Maisy Maddox

Women's Life Coach 
Purley, United Kingdom
With 20 years communication and coaching experience I specialise in working with women now.

About me

Having coached and mentored in global organisations I became a life coach and specialise now in coaching women. We are hard-wired to care for everyone else which often means there’s not much left for us. My mission is to redress the balance for you.

Coaching with me

Do you feel stuck in your career or wish you could change direction?
Want to improve your career prospects?
Experienced a life change like divorce or redundancy?
Want to improve your earning potential?
Had a baby but feel you’ve lost part of you?
Suffering from anxiety?
Feel the need to be perfect in every area of your life and find the pressure crushing?
Is your self-esteem low?
Do you want to be more organised or improve your time management?
Desperate to create more time for you and feel happier?
Can't decide whether to have a baby or not?
Having trouble parenting and need some support?

Other areas I deal with include:

Change career direction
Improve current career prospects
Change of circumstance like divorce, redundancy
Improve earning potential
Change direction after having a baby
Struggling to be perfect
Under constant pressure
Low self-esteem
Better organised
Improve time management
Feel happier
Motivational support
Improve promotion chances
CV writing
Interview technique and practice
Presentation skills practice and training
De-cluttering your life – make space and time for you and those important to you.
I have a friendly, relaxed style and clients tell me I put them at ease quickly.

We can approach your coaching session in one of two ways. It’s up to you either face to face, by phone, email or ichat or a combination. You tell me how you want to work. The ideal environment is just the two of us but if you have children they can join us with a big box of toys and large choice of DVDs. Don’t let childcare make you miss an appointment.

The great news is once you start on that path you’ll see results quickly and start to feel happier, more relaxed and in control in no time at all.

We’ll focus on what you want to accomplish and make an achievable plan together that will take you where you want to be. At the end of the session we’ll discuss the best way to proceed that suits you.


Some clients need only see me once or twice as I work fast to get results and believe in making clients independent and able to 'self-coach'. Initial sessions are 1.5 hours where we get to know each other, what you want to achieve, discuss what could be blocking you from achieving what you want to and set goals for the future. Sessions after this last no more than one hour.
I offer online coaching via Skype or ichat.
Short courses or group coaching
I use my 20 years' experience in communication and coaching to help businesses communicate more effectively to achieve more harmonious team working, better results, confident managers and happy staff. I adapt this method to work with families to create environments with respect and understanding at the heart of everything we do together. I am experienced working with young children right the way through to late teens.
Ongoing training
I am currently studying for my advanced life skills diploma as well as working on a self-help book to help women manage friendships effectively. I also provide communication training in businesses as well as communication audits.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Past Chairman of Communicators in Business
  • Life Coaching Diploma
I coached leadership teams and consulting teams in global organisations before deciding to become a life coach specialising in working with women.

I count myself lucky to have coached my peers through to Chairmen and Chief Executives for over 15 years. I’ve been European communication leader at IBM, a change and communication consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Chair of the London Region of Communicators in Business. It’s life coaching that pushes my buttons now.

I know a thing or two about performing in a high-pressured environment and understand anxiety having suffered going back to work after my first son was born. Overcoming it wasn’t easy and I know first hand how it feels to change your life for the better and conquer something that’s held you back.

As well as life coaching I also work as a communication consultant as improving communication is my other passion in life and often goes hand in hand with coaching.

Fee description

Fees: from $45 USD to $60 USD

I charge £60 for a 1.5 hour initial session. Further sessions usually last 1 hour and cost £45. This fee applies to clients who either come to my home, live in a 3 mile radius or prefer Skype. Charges for me to visit you if you are further than 3 miles are £55 per hour and there is no fee for travelling time.


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