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Maxwell White

Life Coach, Clinical Case Manager 
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

I work with men to rapidly build confidence and master routines that generate energy and motivation.

Life coach
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $70 USD to $100 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

One of the things I remember most vividly about my adolescence and early adulthood is having felt a considerable burden while struggling to figure out how to organize my priorities, invest my time, and make decisions that would generate success in my life. At these stages in my development, the process of taking control over these responsibilities was overwhelming. My default state for years was an amalgamation of anger, frustration, and aimlessness. I found that I was interested in school but couldn't make the sacrifices necessary to generate diligence in my work ethic. I had hobbies, but was not competitive. I was creative, but used most of that energy spent avoiding anything which could be labeled as a difficult undertaking or projects which required grit. 

By the time college rolled around, I slowly began rethinking how I was spending my time,energy, and approaching the challenges in front of me. I got serious, and threw myself completely into learning everything I could about psychology and what processes are most effective in helping people to create powerful changes in their behavior as well as the way they view themselves and their goals. From there I was set on mastering these skills and sharing what I’ve learned along the way.


This year I've taken on longsword fencing, fishing, archery, motorcross, and have gotten back into reading. 

Coaching with me


I specialize working with men looking to take on meaningful responsibility and develop the skills necessary to rapidly build confidence, create stronger relationships, take the next step in their careers, and master daily routines which give energy and motivation.

I work with men who:

-Want to define realistic goals that they can aim towards

-Want to lock in actionable steps to begin moving forward as soon as the first session

-Want accountablitity in making progress toward thier ideal version of themselves

-Will speak honestly about challenges that arise along the way, and demonstrate the openness to strategize solutions to these obstacles.


My coaching style is as comforting and supportive as it is realistic and brutally honest. I'm resolutely empathetic and compassionate, but that doesn't stop me from asking the important, difficult questions and holding my clients accountable to their futures. 

I present as part hard-ass friend, part supportive counselor, and wholely straightforward and candid.

I teach my clients how to aim toward goals they are terrified of and help them slowly discover they had the grit to take on challenges that are most meaningful to them, dominate them, and gain the confidence to do more than they originally thought they could handle. 




Trust and a deep sense of being understood rest as the bedrock of my work. Before jumping into the challenges at hand, sessions begin with light conversation aimed at solidifying a thorough appreciation for the life conditions and beliefs which make up the person in front of me. 

From there we’ll establish a set of realistic goals and make certain that these goals will be worth the level of effort and time necessary to bring them into fruition. 

Together we’ll break down the flow of activities and thoughts which create the present routine, decoding the associated emotions attached to events in the day. 

Over time we’ll work together to develop skills necessary to reach goals by slowly easing into new routines and patterns of thought. By honing an ability to generate momentum toward healthier, more purposeful investments of energy we’ll facilitate a transition from life as it exists now into a more rewarding, inspired reality. 

* For the safety of my clients, all sessions will take place virtually until further notice

Experience, Certifications and Training


  • Loving brother of two, outdoorsman, fencer, a deep obsession with bioevolutionary psychology, and a startling perpencity for trial and error. 

  • Clinical Case Manager working with individuals exiting The Pavillion: McLean Hospital’s most prestigious program, dealing with comprehensive mental health diagnoses.

    • Collaborate with McLean Hospital’s leading psychologists and psychiatrists to develop the most effective treatment programs feasible.

  • Research Assistant at Harvard University, studying identity and external factors which guide decision making.

  • Published academic author, working with Harvard faculty in research exploring modern behavioral patterns and emotional reactivity linked to human evolutionary psychology.  

  • Research coordinator and published author at Emmanuel College examining the effects of resilience and conflict resolution.  

Fee description

Fees: from $70 USD to $100 USD

The initial consultation and first session and completely free of charge

Afterwards sessions run a flat rate of $70 per hour 


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