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Just because you live in a famous historical region doesn't mean your focus should be on the past. World-class cities like Boston support savvy forward-thinking cultures.

If you want to be empowered by new ideas, then a life coach can act as a transformative guide.

Life Coaches in Boston

Many talented life coaches call Boston home. You'll be able to find the one that is the right fit you. Life coaches can help you reach personal, business, creative and career goals. A coach can also help you cope with changes. The change can be of your own making or caused by something outside your control. Either way, a life coach helps you think positively and take beneficial actions.

A Tradition of Research and Study

The many institutions of higher learning in the Boston area represent a tradition of improvement. You're part of a culture that honors discovery and innovation.

Life coaching teaches you how to learn about yourself. And then you apply that knowledge to achieve personal growth.

With a life coach you get to talk about your problems and your dreams. Honest feedback from a life coach can reveal issues that you might not even be aware of. This helps you get past denial and focus on solutions.

Your dreams and inspirations will become central to your life. If you keep making excuses instead of progress, then a life coach helps you figure out why.

Then you can:

  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Start believing in yourself.
  • Project confidence.
  • Adopt positive thinking.
  • Become motivated.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Know your strengths.

Life coaching builds skills of personal empowerment. You'll achieve clarity of purpose and gain motivation. The fulfillment that comes from making your happiness a priority is priceless.



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  • Coach Renee Dumont United States $19 - $3999 USD Contact me

    Renee Dumont

    Free Call!
    Health & Nutrition Expert

    Health Coach For Food & Sugar Addiction Recovery and we incorporate the 12 Step Program |

  • Coach Alice Curran United States $67 - $2397 USD Contact me

    Alice Curran

    Free Call!
    Certified Holistic Health Coach

    Help busy women find balance between work and play so they can relax and enjoy life with less stress

  • Coach Maxwell White United States $70 - $100 USD Contact me

    Maxwell White

    Free Call!
    Life Coach, Clinical Case Manager

    I work with men to rapidly build confidence and master routines that generate energy and motivation.

  • Coach Shoma Dhar United States $500 - $1600 USD Contact me

    Shoma Dhar

    Free Call!

    Through thoughtful questioning and empathic listening, I can help you find and stick to your path

  • Coach Aygun Novruzova United States $50 - $500 USD Contact me

    Aygun Novruzova

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach & Trainer

    Learning & Development professional and Certified Life Coach (in more than 10 countries)

  • Coach Sally Forsyth United States $110 - $410 USD Contact me

    Sally Forsyth

    Free Call!
    Adult ADHD Life Coach

     Life Coach for adults with  ADHD.

  • Coach Janine Dowling United States $10 - $500 USD Contact me

    Janine Dowling

    Free Call!

    Life Coach Boston, MA

  • Coach Christina Ford United States $200 - $1750 USD Contact me

    Christina Ford

    Free Call!

    I work with both men and women to set and achieve your personal, relationship, and career goals.

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Five great reasons to hire a Boston life coach
Don't let your life turn into Boston's infamous "Big Dig." If you feel like you're digging a big hole and ready to collapse, it's time to reassess the path you're on. A life coach helps you start over with a fresh perspective.
You don't have to keep putting off your goals. A life coach can help you pursue new priorities that are meaningful to you.
Achieve results faster. A life coach helps you meet goals by supporting you with accountability and encouragement. You'll have someone in your corner who pushes you to stay focused.
You can free yourself from negative thinking. Habits like complaining and telling yourself you can't change reduce your chances of succeeding at anything. With life coaching, you can develop a powerful new outlook. Then self-defeating beliefs no longer weigh down your potential.
A life coach will teach you how to go the distance in any endeavor you choose. You can adopt the same determination as the runners in the famous Boston Marathon. They take on a challenge to run 26 miles even though most people would never attempt it. Like them, you can achieve ambitious goals too. Life coaching shows you how to overcome challenges mile after mile.
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