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Sally Forsyth

Adult ADHD Life Coach 
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

 Life Coach for adults with  ADHD.

Life coach ADHD coach

FEES from $110 USD to $410 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

ADHD coaching focuses on helping you manage issues like organization, time management, procrastination, concentration, and lack of self- esteem, and confidence. These ADHD symptoms may cause challenges in the workplace, at home or with friends and family.


Working together we will be co-creators exploring the issues that are overwhelming to find the best, most manageable solutions.
As a teacher in high schools, teaching in different countries around the world, I have seen many students with ADD or ADHD who felt overwhelmed and had lost motivation. They found it hard to believe in themselves and keep moving forward.


After leaving school as adults they still felt stuck and were sometimes struggling professionally or in their personal lives. Sadly they felt they had even less support. I know this to be true on a personal level as well, as my eldest daughter has adult ADHD and even now struggles at times to cope in her professional and personal life.


I was inspired to help.  I wanted to create an impact in a different way.

After thinking about it for a long time (yes, it is tough to make decisions!) I started taking baby steps to change careers and focus on ADHD coaching for adults.  After studying to be an ICF certified coach at the Goal Imagery Institute, ta-da my coaching career was born. Coachmyfuture opened its virtual doors to a global community!


 Frequently in life, we feel stuck. There is that a feeling of total overwhelm when you can't make a decision. You can’t seem to see any open doors, or maybe there are too many doors, and you can't decide, you start to feel there is no way forward and you feel like you are stagnating.


Coaching can help you find clarity. ADHD coaching will not only help you make any decisions you feel overwhelmed about but can give you support to manage typical ADHD symptoms in adults.

Coaching is a fantastic way to feel empowered and supported to figure out your next steps!



hourly individual one to one sessions

three-month packages of 4 sessions per month

six-month packages of 4 sessions per month


All coaching sessions are conducted online using the zoom platform so allowing you to receive your coaching session from anywhere, anytime!

Fee description

Fees: from $110 USD to $410 USD

$110 for a one hourly session

$410 for 4 weekly sessions  per month for three months

$ 400 month for 4 weekly sessions for six months


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