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Renee Dumont

Health & Nutrition Expert 
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Health Coach For Food & Sugar Addiction Recovery and we incorporate the 12 Step Program |

About me

Baby girl Renee came into this world weighing 11 pounds and 12 ounces. At just eleven years old, standing at 4 foot 9 inches tall Renee Dumont weighed 180 pounds. Hurt and confused by peer pressure at school and ridicule in the neighborhood she wanted to end her life. Renee was embarrassed wearing enormous size clothing and felt like a misfit. My Mom took me to my first Over Eaters Anonymous meeting at age 12.
Dumont went on to study and teach health and fitness and has helped thousands of individuals over the years.
Today, 4 decades later the fitness professional, author and illustrator Renee Dumont is literally 8 sizes smaller than the woman she used to be. This is an uplifting true story of a young woman who defeated her fears and fought many battles to finally conquered her out of control food cravings to become a health and nutrition coach.

Coaching with me

The focus of the CRUSH THE CRAVE Health Coaching Program is customized for your needs and is based upon the 12 Step Program and offers 2 one on one 1 Hour coaching sessions per week. You may choose Skype or telephone.

The is the perfect program for anyone who is serious about getting rid of old habits and needs to know how to get motivated to diet and exercise your way to good health. So, If you want to walk with me as we include our Higher Power in search of healing then this is the program for you. You will feel like I am holding your hand.
The coaching involves the review of your food journal and any triggers that may cause unhealthy eating, binging or habits.
We cover any physical limitations that may be holding you back from engaging in physical activity and access a good level of activity that is right for you.
We will go over healthy food choices and fast simple ways to stay prepared.
You will be given questions to answer based on your relationship with food.
We will discuss the 12 Steps and the principles that lead us to recovery
You will be given daily goals to reach and a reading from OA's For Today Book


3 months program by Skype or phone - 2 one on one calls per week

1 month program by Skype or phone - 2 one on one calls per week
Short courses or group coaching
1 month program by phone - 2 calls per week

1 Free Complimentary call by appt.

digital and paperback books available

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Wellness Health Coach
  • AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
  • AFAA Group Fitness Trainer Certification
  • Health Food and Vegetarian Cooking & Nutrtion
Renee Dumont Health Coach - I am a Recovered Overeater and practice the 12 Step Program since age 12. I understand depression, pain, sorrow, and the physical limitations and frustrations that make life a REAL struggle. It is through my own experience that if fell I am the best type of coach my clients can ask for.
I'm on a mission to encourage individuals to fight and prevent lifestyle related diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, ect. Both my Mother and my oldest brother died from these diseases and so that is why I am so deeply passionate to lift up the broken hearted. I Love helping to motivate people to enjoy eating food they love while losing weight and getting healthy. I am the founder of crush, as well as the author and illustrator of "FIXING MY FATTENING LIFE" I am here to give you the strength & encouragement to take on everyday challenges. I have been passionately about health and nutrition since the early 90's.

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Fees: from $19 USD to $3999 USD

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