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Melanie Newdick

Productivity Coach 
Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom
I'm all about helping people achieve more in less time and getting a better balance in life

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About me

We are all under increasing pressure to do more - the average working day now extends from 7am - 7pm (because of our connectivity). It can be easier to think that doing more is the way to achieve more, however there is another way.

Having completely burned myself out from overwork, ending up being so exhausted all I could do was sleep I realilsed I had to make a change. I worked with a coach, learned about what was really important to me and then studied everything I could about time management and productivity. I tried every app and program I could find and eventually I found a system that really works.

Now I work less hours than I have ever done before and I am more productive than ever. I am able to combine being a carer for 2 family members with being a coach, being Vice Chair of my local health board and working for a holiday company amongst other things. Proof indeed that you can achieve more by doing less.

I've also made more progress on my goals in the last 3 years than I ever have before too. Several years ago I trained as a coach myself and since then I have been working with small business owners and individuals who want to achieve more without working longer or harder than they do now.

Using coaching techniques I help them to build a plan that they will use themselves and I also share tips and tools that they might be unaware of.

Being more productive not only allows you to achieve more it allows you to do more, including having more time for your other interests, more time to exercise, more time to sleep and more time to get outside and spend time with nature.

I am on a mission to help people achieve more by doing less in a world that wants us to always do more.

Coaching with me

My work as a productivity coach is all about helping people to achieve more by doing less. It's not about starting work at 5am, it's about improving productivity to work in a more efficient and effective way.

Having managed, owned and worked with small businesses for most of my life I know how demanding this can be on your time and your life in general. My work with small businesses is about improving productivity to make work my effective and efficient and helping to improve the work/life balance which can often be causing issues.

Productivity coaching also involves digging a little deeper into what is most important to you, and using the techniques to help you make more progress.
I'm a relaxed and informal coach - there is no wrong or right answer because each of us is different, as is our situation and what we want to achieve.

I use a structured approach to help understand what is most important to you and find out about your current situation. We work together to look for where changes can be made and what techniques will work best for you. Then it's time to make some changes and build confidence and regain time.

If you need some ideas around tools or techniques that can help you I will be happy to share these, although often in coaching we know what we need to do we just aren't sure how to actually achieve it.

My coaching style is practical and based on the experiences of myself and others I have worked with. I want to help you see results quickly so you can start getting a better balance back in your life.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Private coaching is available via the internet. I can work in 30 minute or 45 minute sessions so as to minimise the impact on your schedule.
Alongside my training courses I also offer online coaching, enabling you to work at the pace you want but still benefit from coaching questions to help really embed your learning. All the coaching responses are reviewed by me with feedback given where needed. This is a convenient way to get the benefit of coaching.
Short courses or group coaching
I have a suite of short courses. They are all under 30 minutes and delivered daily over a 5-7 day period to enable you to easily fit learning into your schedule. Each course has a productivity score showing how much time you will regain by completing the course and how much it will improve your productivity.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Coaching Academy (1 year)
  • Consensus Facilitator
  • Action Learning Coach
  • Small Business Growth Project (18 months part time)
  • 18 Month Institute of Directors Leadership Project (part time)
  • Lean Improvement Methodologies (in healthcare settings)
  • Social Enterprise Leadership (18 months part time)
I know what it feels like to keep working harder and harder but not achieve the things you want to. I have worked extremely long hours to try and keep up with my workload including late nights, all nights and weekends. At weekends I was often so exhausted I couldn't spend time with my gorgeous young nephew and used to ring up my Dad and ask him to pick him up so I could sleep.

For years the message I had been given was that working hard was the answer to everything. I worked months without days off, I worked several jobs at a time. I couldn't understand why I wasn't making the progress I wanted.

Eventually I decided I had to do something different. I spent 3 years trying every productivity technique I came across, as well as every app and program related to productivity and time management.

At the same time I worked with a coach who helped me understand what was most important to me so I knew where I wanted to focus my efforts.

Working on the things most important to me using the techniques I learned helped me make more progress than ever before. I work less but achieve much more by working in a very productive way.

No longer am I exhausted at weekends, infact I have my nephew over every weekend as well as my Mum.

I'm on a mission to help share what I have learned with others, so I can help them achieve more by doing less.

Fee description

Fees: from £10 GBP to £75 GBP

Short courses are £10 each with discounts for buying in bulk.
Online coaching courses are £15 each with discounts for buying in bulk.
1-1 coaching online is £50 per 30 minutes including preparation pre course and notes after the course


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