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milena Alvarez

Relationship Expert, BA in Religion 
Pensacola, Florida, United States

Law of Attraction Certified Coach, Family counselor, Psychology student.

About me

Hi. My name is Lena, and I believe in creating relationships that are built on trust in every area of my life. My “job” is to transform the quality of people’s lives by teaching them tools to manifest their hearts’ desires. I manifested and am now engaged to my soulmate. I am a certified Law of Attraction coach, certified family and life coach and currently finishing school to become a psychologist.

Just in case you’re wondering, none of what I’ve created came about by accident, and I believe the same or more is possible for you, regardless of your current circumstances. When we work together, I will consistently provide you with transformational tools that you can count on, because I know from my own personal experience that they really work.

So, how did I get from where I was then to where I am now – I learned that the universe is made up entirely of energy, and I learned how to work with my own energy field in order to magnetize into my life everything I had ever wanted – and I so want to teach you how to do this, too! Right now, you have within you the ability to attract your ideal partner, create your ideal body, become a more empowered parent to your children, and magnetize success and abundance in every aspect of your life. I am committed to building trust together so that we can connect more deeply and I can serve you more.

I invite you to accept my invitation to help me walk through this with you. I guarantee you will become amazed by yourself, inspired by all that you can be, do and create, and fall madly in love with yourself and your life!

Coaching with me


The goal is simply:

To empower change and bring peace to your mind, reduce stress, and to provide skills to create a better life for yourself.

I can support you best if:

You want peace and freedom from endless thoughts and worry
You are ready to take responsibility for your well-being
You have had enough of stress, worry and anxiety
You are ready to create a better way of life
You want transform your life on every level
You have had enough of just existing
You want a more meaningful and fulfilling life

My work is focused, direct and requires 100% commitment - both from you and me.

The clearer you are on what you want to achieve, the quicker you will get results.

I will provide you with an Blue Print which will be personalized detailed to you and will provide email responses or plans. I will ask you a series of questions I need you to be completely honest and open with your answers.

I will share with you the necessary tools for you to use

During the manifestation portion of the BluePrint, I will guide you the necessary steps for manifestation and I will also provide you with other valuable methods to help you to manifest all that you want and desire. This is personalized depending on your ultimate desire.

Throughout our email coaching sessions, I will answer your questions and provide you with continuous insight on how to resolve your issue and provide you with the best ways to remove the blocks in regards to what you desire. With this program you will receive unlimited email support for (1) week for any additional questions or clarifications.
All emails are generally answered within hours.

There will be work to do on your part, so I am asking for your full commitment during this program. I am asking that you commit to the exercises that I provide for a few minutes a day so we can receive the best results possible. What you put in, is what you will get out!
It is my aim that when you leave each session:

* You will have identified a clear idea of a way forward
* A goal will be identified to achieve/action when we finish our call
* With a new perspective and positive outlook
* A breakthrough in the area we are working on
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Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


There are different packages available depending on your needs. I offer telephone and / or skype sessions included in these Private Coaching packages. There are 1, 2, 3 and 4 week programs. I customize all my programs depending on my clients needs.


I have 2 different online coaching programs available. One is through emails ( I normally respond within the hour) and the other one includes Skype. There are 1, 2, 3 and 4 week programs. I customize all my programs depending on my clients needs.

Short courses or group coaching

I offer group coaching through skype and there are also 1 week courses available.

Ongoing training

Once we reach your first goal we will move on to the next main goal and area of improvement.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BA in Religion
  • Certified life coach

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $99 USD


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