lifecoach $1495 USD NaKaisha Tolbert-Banks NaKaisha Tolbert-Banks I specialize in Life and Relationship Coaching. If you are experiencing a block in life, contact me!
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NaKaisha Tolbert-Banks

Laughter and Life Coach, Trainer 
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
I specialize in Life and Relationship Coaching. If you are experiencing a block in life, contact me!

About me

Life can be difficult, exciting, challenging, peaceful, and many other terms to name. Knowing that there are ebbs and flows in life, I desire to help my clients work towards a desired outcome that will put them in a place of peace, happiness, and productivity. My style is fun, engaging, caring, and respectful. It allows me to work best with my clients from a variety of backgrounds, and in a way that allows my clients to benefit significantly from my services. I believe that all services should be provided in a collaborative manner, in which the relationship between myself and the Client is reciprocal.

I specialize in Laughter Yoga. Using humor in my work with clients, when appropriate, is fun and can be therapeutic and calming. I also provide stress management services thought the use of relaxation and meditation.

Coaching with me

In coaching with me, you will find yourself challenged, but supported through the process. I work with my clients to meet short term goals, and also set long term goals that will give them something to strive for and look forward to accomplishing. I help my clients to achieve peace of mind and overall happiness in their lives, and removing blocks that keep them uptight, bound, and potentially fearful. Whatever the goal is, as long as it is achievable, and you as the client are willing to do the work, we will work together to create a plan of success!
I listen, I learn, and I coach to understand the needs of my clients. I believe that your sense of humor plays a part in the coaching process and allows each of my clients to utilize this characteristic to propel them into a more positive mindset to begin to work on and accomplish their goals. I am stern yet supportive, and I work with my clients and not for or against them. I believe that the "team" attitude makes the working Coach - Client relationship a success.


Private Coaching sessions are offered in a face to face capacity or by phone.
Short courses or group coaching
Group Coaching sessions are offered in a face to face capacity. Webinars and tele classes will be offered as well.
Ongoing training
Training courses are offered through our organization and will be listed on the website as available.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader
  • Certified Empowerment Coach
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
I have been a Clinical Social Worker for over 16 years, and a Certified Empowerment Coach for over six years. Life experiences, and career experiences have provided me with knowledge and expertise in the fields of mental health, wellness, education, child welfare, and community engagement and development.

Fee description

Fees: from $45 USD to $1495 USD

Individual Coaching sessions range from $80 to $1495 for coaching packages. Group Coaching will range from $45 to $400 dependent upon timeframe of the coaching session. 1-2 hour group coaching in small classes, tele classes, or 4-6 week group coaching classes.


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