lifecoach $2100 USD O Tomas Bell O Tomas Bell Certified Coach providing Communications, Empowerment, Life and Wellness Coaching in NYC and online.
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O Tomas Bell

Certified Life Coach 
New York, NY, New York, United States
Certified Coach providing Communications, Empowerment, Life and Wellness Coaching in NYC and online.
Life coach Wellness coach

FEES from $150 USD to $2100 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

My approach marries good old fashioned “grandma wisdom” with contemporary coaching philosophy. Incorporating my background in business, entertainment and fitness, I utilize diverse methodology to help you appreciate your proficiencies, recognize your resources, remove roadblocks and adhere to benchmarks. This ultimately leads to you achieving your goal.

I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk. In addition to being a certified Life Coach, I am also an audio, music and voice professional and a certified fitness instructor. Utilizing my business and entrepreneurial background, I run my own company, Tomasian Entertainment LLC. So for me, business development, accountability, wellness, work/life balance, empowerment and effective communication aren’t just skills I coach, they are skills I use every day.


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Private one on one coaching sessions are face to face meetings, held in person in NYC or online via Zoom. Sessions are weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending upon your package.
Online only coaching (no sessions involved) is available on an ongoing month to month basis and works best for self-directed, fitness and project based clients.
Short courses or group coaching
Group Coaching is periodically offered in person and online. Group coaching is topic based coaching designed to enhance private coaching sessions.

Courses are offered year round. They are topic based personal enrichment tools that can be used in addition to private and group coaching.

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $2100 USD

Fees depend upon number of months and number of sessions per month selected.


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