lifecoach $3840 USD Rebecca Kissoon Rebecca Kissoon I am transformation specialist that will catapult you into the purpose warrior you were born to be.
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Rebecca Kissoon

Spiritual Purpose Warrior Coach 
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
I am transformation specialist that will catapult you into the purpose warrior you were born to be.

About me

If you are looking for a powerhouse, energetic, full of energy coach than I am your coach. I have dedicated my life to helping people live out their ultimate purpose on this earth and if you don't know what it is, I can help with that as well. We live, we die but when you live out your ultimate purpose in this never die. I'm concerned with you leaving YOUR legacy. Living full and dying empty, having the love you have always wanted, the career you dream of, the adventures you want, the experiences with loved ones, working actively in your gifts and giving back to the world in a way the fulfills you the most. There is nothing different than your abilities and those of the Muhammad Ali, Micheal Jackson, TD Jakes, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Ben Carson, Thomas Edison, Tony Robbin. We just have to know what you were put here to contribute to the world, get you emotionally stable, and set a plan of action, get you a mastermind group, and hold you accountable. It involves work on your part stay motivated, be emotionally stable and live full out. I am all about positive energy and ridding your energy vibrations of anything that brings you if you want to stay down...don't work with me, my methods will raise your vibration to a level where you will attract better people, situations, opportunities, and experiences into your life! Beware :)

Coaching with me

-Incorporate Daily Habits that Will Increase Work Ethic, Sense of Purpose and Flow

-Achieve Focus and achieve clarity on goals and a plan to achieve them

-Create New Beliefs

-Create a New Energy Vibration That Is on the Level of the what you Desire

-Develop New Habit; Break Habits That Break You

-Learn To Trust Your Intuition

-Legacy Clarity

-Create a Weekly and Monthly Plan

-Gain New Skills to Accomplish Your Goals



We can communicate via phone calls if you are in the United States or through Skype if your are not.
Skype or email messaging.

Fee description

Fees: from $80 USD to $3840 USD

$80 an hour

Ultimate Action Package: 3 Months= Two 1 Hr Sessions a week for 3 months=

Total Transformation Package: 6 Months= Two 1 Hr Sessions a week for 6 month= $3,840


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