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Robert Möckel

High Performance and Fulfillment 
Berlin, Land Berlin, Germany
Most people never hit High Performance AND Fulfillment consistently. I help people do exactly that.

About me

I see myself as a person who helps people tap into more of their potential. To get rid of limiting beliefs, to challenge their fears, to expand their comfort zone to help them find and then embrace more of who they are and what they think they are meant to be in this life.

Everybody learned in their upbringing that fully expressing who we are, what we think and what we want can lead to pain and rejection. Thus, we created fears around expressing ourselves fully in order to avoid this pain. This is the biggest source of giving away our power.

I think the strongest human needs is to be fully liberated. We do this by growing and expanding our personality and capacities by facing and overcoming our fears, challenges and limiting beliefs. This is when we feel alive. This is where we claim back our values and our meaning. This is coming home to ourselves. It is a prerequisite for happiness and true fulfillment.

I love to work with people who are strongly connected with the meaning and contribution they are making through their efforts and who are eager to create and step into an even bigger vision for themselves and their life.

If you want a coach that serves rather than pleases, if you are ready to go deep and challenge the fears that hold you back, if you are committed to change and ready to move to the next level then I am thrilled to connect with you!


Coaching with me


"Robert worked with me on a weight issue I've been struggling with 20 years. He helped me identify and redirect a single "trigger phrase" that used to propel me into self-sabotage and overeating. I used to say to myself "I deserve it!" and then binge on anything I could get my hands on. That is no longer the case. I'm now just 1 kg away from my target weight and there's no stress associated with staying healthy."

Kristoffer Gundersen, IT Consultant, Norway, 32

"My primary reason for hiring Robert was to support me in reaching a weight loss goal. I had visions of hitting the ground running with intense exercise and diet. Although this same method has worked for me in the past—in the short term—I’ve never had long term success. As Einstein said, the definition of “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” Luckily, Robert recognized this and started me down a different path of exploring what’s behind the weight, what my habits are and how to replace them with good ones, recognizing emotional eating patterns and how I use food to meet other needs, like love and connection. I’ve steadily make changes that help me move toward my vision, and Robert supports me and holds me accountable to weekly goals that I set for myself. As a result, I know I will reach my weight loss goal because I’m already on my way—and I’m finally using skills and resources and a change in mindset to do it instead of “white knuckling” through a strategy with willpower (that only lasts so long anyway). I’m eating healthier, sleeping better, exercising every week and feel so much more energetic and HAPPY. If you get a chance to work with Robert, take it!! You’ll be glad you did."

Kathryn Dillon, CEO & Founder, Dillon Consulting & Coaching, LLC, USA, 56


Only in Berlin, Germany.
For special coaching and training intensives I am available global.
My default set up is Video-Chat. Via Skype or Zoom.
Audio calls can be discussed if desired.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Strategic Intervention (about to complete the training)
  • Academic degree in business economics
  • NLP Practitioner

Fee description

Fees: from $1000 USD to $12000 USD

I work with my clients between 3 and 12 month.
And we meet 2-3 times per month.

All my offers are uniquely tailored to the situation, goals and needs of my clients.


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