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Robert Möckel

Expert for Permanent Weight Loss 
Berlin, Land Berlin, Germany

I am thrilled about the opportunity to partner with you on reaching and keeping your ideal weight.

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About me

Do you feel like an important factor is missing to finally overcome your overweight issue?
But at the same time you doubt another diet or sports program will do the job?

I coach that it is crucial to first determine and understand which behavioristic and emotional patterns led to your overweight. When the root cause is identified, you will be able to make a lasting change and achieve your desired weight and health.

My overweight clients are often tired of dealing with emotional and physical obstacles in daily life. Their issues range from low self-esteem and feeling unattractive or even unable to feel loved, to fatigue and severe physical pain and illnesses.

Probably you can relate to some of these circumstances and emotions. And you are likely to have experienced yo-yo dieting, too. Or you may have feared the challenge of losing weight so much that you never really tried.

I believe all human actions are motivated by the ultimate goal to serve specific human needs. This also includes behavior like binge eating. So, if that specific behavior would be taken away without replacing it with a substitute, some of your needs will be left unmet. If we manage to satisfy the needs of those patterns which lead to your overweight by more healthy patterns, you won't fall back into your old habit and prevent the yo-yo effect.

Take me on as your coach and I will guide you through this sustainable transformation so you can experience your desired levels of health, confidence, attractiveness and comfort in your body.

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I offer an exceptional 100% money-back and satisfaction guarantee for the entire first month of our coaching.

My background

I am a qualified Strategic Interventionist. I follow the belief “80% is psychology, 20% is mechanics.” (Anthony Robbins, co-founder). My mission is to embrace this understanding into the realm of weight loss coaching to help make natural and lasting changes happen.

Coaching with me



"Robert worked with me on a weight issue I've been struggling with 20 years. He helped me identify and redirect a single "trigger phrase" that used to propel me into self-sabotage and overeating. I used to say to myself "I deserve it!" and then binge on anything I could get my hands on. That is no longer the case. I'm now just 1 kg away from my target weight and there's no stress associated with staying healthy."

Kristoffer Gundersen, IT Consultant, Norway, 32

"My primary reason for hiring Robert was to support me in reaching a weight loss goal. I had visions of hitting the ground running with intense exercise and diet. Although this same method has worked for me in the past—in the short term—I’ve never had long term success. As Einstein said, the definition of “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” Luckily, Robert recognized this and started me down a different path of exploring what’s behind the weight, what my habits are and how to replace them with good ones, recognizing emotional eating patterns and how I use food to meet other needs, like love and connection. I’ve steadily make changes that help me move toward my vision, and Robert supports me and holds me accountable to weekly goals that I set for myself. As a result, I know I will reach my weight loss goal because I’m already on my way—and I’m finally using skills and resources and a change in mindset to do it instead of “white knuckling” through a strategy with willpower (that only lasts so long anyway). I’m eating healthier, sleeping better, exercising every week and feel so much more energetic and HAPPY. If you get a chance to work with Robert, take it!! You’ll be glad you did."

Kathryn Dillon, CEO & Founder, Dillon Consulting & Coaching, LLC, USA, 56

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I coach clients 3x a month for 45 minutes via skype chat with or without video.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Strategic Intervention (about to complete the training)
  • Academic degree in business economics
  • NLP Practitioner

Fee description

Fees: from $310 USD to $360 USD

These are monthly fees.
The range is cause by the length and pre payments you are choosing.

Each month consists of
- 3x 45 minutes sessions
- Preparation and post processing of each session from my side
- Support via email in between the sessions
- 15 minutes emergency call if needed

For special situations an individual coaching and payment plan can be discussed.


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