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Coach Sabrina Cadini
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Sabrina Cadini

Holistic Life/Brain Wellness Coach 
San Diego, California, United States

Holistic Life Coach helping busy professionals live/work better with personalized lifestyle choices

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About me

Sabrina Cadini is a certified Holistic Life Coach, Brain Wellness Coach, and the creator of the Life-Work Balance System helping you achieve your goals better, faster, and become more successful in your life and career thanks to better lifestyle choices. Modern society glorifies busyness, always “doing” and rarely “being.” However, we’re human beings, not human doings, and we must prioritize ourselves in order to live and work better.

Thanks to a holistic approach, she goes beyond the traditional goal-setting process. Before working on your strengths and weaknesses, talents and skills, drive and mindset, she taps into your innate qualities as a human being to optimize body and brain with the help of neuroscience, epigenetics, biochemistry, positive psychology, biohacking, and mindfulness techniques. Her signature program, Life-Work Balance, focuses on a 6-pillar framework that improves nutrition, sleep, movement, stress management, self-care, and time optimization.

Knowing where you want to go is not enough if you lack the energy, focus, creativity, positivity, and you're not productive. You can get stuck because of limiting beliefs, doubts, lack of direction, and fear. However, the reason why you can't seem to achieve your goals is not always a lack of direction or a fixed mindset: imbalances in your body and in your brain may be what is keeping you stuck.  You have to work on your foundation first, and your body and brain will then become your best allies during your goal-setting journey once you optimize their performance. You will gain clarity, confidence, and drive to achieve anything you desire while you improve your well-being.

Sabrina is trained in guiding the human system to new levels of performance and specific outcomes through lifestyle interventions. The body is a complex, interconnected system, and many factors can influence our everyday life. By creating an optimal homeostatic balance in your entire body (therefore, working on your foundation first), you will become smarter, faster, and stronger, you will become more productive and successful, and you will shift your mindset from "fixed" to "growth" for extraordinary results. Once you know how YOU work as a human being, you will be more empowered and more in control, you will perform optimally, and you will make better decisions every day.

In addition to 1-on-1 coaching, Sabrina leads her popular Life-Work Mastermind twice a year for driven professionals who want to take their personal and professional goals to a higher level while improving well-being and productivity in our fast-paced and technology-driven society.

Sabrina is based in San Diego, California, but she coaches virtually via video platform (Zoom, Skype, Whereby, Around) with clients globally.

Coaching with me


My coaching programs focus on YOU as the individual before the businessperson: life comes first, then work can get done.

By optimizing your body and brain through personalized lifestyle interventions regarding nutrition, sleep, movement, stress management, self-care, and time optimization, the results will be optimal well-being, a clear and sharp mind, and a far more productive and efficient daily life thanks to increased energy, positivity, and creativity. This will lead to more opportunities for success in your personal and professional life.

Still trying to chase work-life balance? Focus on LIFE-WORK balance instead!


Coaching sessions are done in person (if you live in the San Diego County area) or via video (for global clientele). This allows a better and more personal engagement between us than a phone call. After each session, you will receive a to-do/action list that helps you invest time in your professional development and keep you focused on your goals.


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A wide range of coaching programs and services - from individual and group coaching to workshops, mastermind groups.


A wide range of coaching programs and services - from individual and group coaching to workshops, mastermind groups.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Brain Wellness Coaching
  • Holistic Life Coaching

As a Holistic Life Coach and Life-Work Balance Strategist, I help busy professionals improve their well-being and productivity by working on themselves as individuals first, then as business people.

Thanks to my Brain Wellness Coach certification, I guide my clients to achieve even greater balance and harmony in their body and mind in order to live up to their fullest potential with vitality and optimal health.

My coaching practice focuses on the body and mind connection. Body and brain are a system, not two different entities. When they are aligned, we can achieve higher goals.

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $3600 USD


Different pricing tiers depending on the program selected


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