lifecoach $100 USD Shea Sorensen Shea Sorensen Hey, Guys! I'm Coach Shea. I've been actively coaching for 8+years with youth. I'm excited!
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Shea Sorensen

Track coach 8 years, student of the 
Clinton, Utah, United States
Hey, Guys! I'm Coach Shea. I've been actively coaching for 8+years with youth. I'm excited!

About me

I started coaching to encourage kids to achieve success in goal setting and sports. What I have learned is every kid wants to be great. I can teach you to achieve greatness in pursuit of success. Every single youth that I have coached over the years remembers me, and I them. They have become my kids, I love the like they are my own. It takes a village to raise one child, we all have our part and I am anxiously engaged in mine. I want to help every one I know to be great, understand their self worth and know that they are worthy of everything! Greatness is achieved in pursuit of success. I will help you realize this and achieve it. Let me be that guy, let me teach you how to be independent and motivated to find your self worth and achieve any goal you set.


We can do phone calls up to an hour. I will record them and share a transcript via email. We will run a personalized program based upon needs usually consisting of 3-6 one hour sessions.
Group/individual coaching via zoom conference.
Short courses or group coaching
In time I will host a group session at a venue to accommodate a group of up to 30 people.
Ongoing training
I want you to succeed so I will stay in touch via email to see you through your goal.

Fee description

Fees: to $100 USD

Some group sessions will be free, all personal/private sessions via phone will be $75 until otherwise noted. And some group sessions, either online or in person, will be $100 until otherwise noted.


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