lifecoach $100 USD Sheria Stallings Sheria Stallings To date Sheria has trained over 500 professionals & small business owners. Let her partner with you.
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Sheria Stallings

ACS, ALS, Int'l Speaker, Nat'l Ldr 
NYC, New York, United States
To date Sheria has trained over 500 professionals & small business owners. Let her partner with you.

About me

Sheria is an energetic and enthusiastic individual who loves to encourage others with hope and truth.

She has been retained as a Thought Leader and Business Strategist for several organizations traveling and teaching both nationally and internationally. Sheria is naturally optimistic. She is a lover of people, an encourager and supporter in helping you achieve your goals.

Coaching with me

You are an expert in your craft, an acclaimed professional or have great ideas. With two decades of training under her belt; Sheria has zoned in on the areas that others continue to express interest when it comes to personal and professional development.

Sheria has developed targeted Train-the-Trainer sessions for individuals, small business owners, teachers, coaches & groups who are looking for continual success in specific area.

Contact Sheria regarding any area in her Business Builder Module.

* Pricing
* Prospecting
* Presentation
* Pubic Speaking
* Protection
* Process

Sheria's Success Formula rest in the combination of her coaching & consulting style. Her approach to coaching/consulting is quite simple; easy to follow & easy to implement.

* You express what you want to accomplish.
* Together, she will customize how you will get there &
* Develop accountability sessions to ensure that you stay on course

Results are seen during the very first session.

Contact Sheria for a free consultation. Get ready for the process :)


teleconference, face-to-face, Skype
teleconference, face-to-face, Skype
Short courses or group coaching
Group sessions customized for your team. Will travel. Online training & breakout sessions also available. Please see Results Section above for topics.
Ongoing training
Access to monthly FREE webinars and teleconferences that would allow you continually perfect your craft and collaborate with other professional.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Small Business Certification
  • Executive Certification Nonprofit Leadership
  • BS - Business Management
  • Licensed Chaplain
  • Licensed Minister/Evangelist

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $100 USD

Is Sheria worth more? Absolutely!
Are there events, where she gets paid more? You Bet!
Does Sheria have additional revenue streams? Of course; how else would she be able to quote these rates.

Sheria knows personally what it is like starting & growing a business on a shoestring budget. She is committed to the professional who is willing to put the work in; to remain committed, consistent and discipline to do what it takes.

Your Success is Inevitable!

Contact Sheria...even if you need to flush out an idea or get back on track.


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