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Stacey Gillette-Palmer

Happiness/Stress Relief Life Coach 
Chandler , Arizona, United States
I collaborate with big hearted women who are fed up with feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled.

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About me

Aspiring to be known as one of Arizona' leading Life Balance Stress Relief coaches, Gillette is a happily spirited woman who manages a full life with family and business responsibilities with resilience, balance and grace.

But, she hasn't always danced to the beat of her own happiness drum. There once was a time when she was over-extended, overwhelmed, stressed out, unfulfilled and functioning on auto-pilot.

As a wife and mother and also working in corporate america for many years Gillette had grown accustomed to a full plate of responsibilities. However, after several major life events happening around the same time frame, she began to understand and feel the effects associated with having too much on her plate, trying to pour into others when her personal love tank was empty, all while neglecting her own health, wellness and self care.

Gillette has a heart for people however back then she didn't have a heart for herself. Not only did she not have healthy boundaries, but she wasn't practicing self love, compassion and forgiveness. She was a people-pleaser who had grown accustomed to saying yes to everything and everybody. After prolonged periods of self neglect, negative self talk and judgement, she began to experience symptoms of depression.

Desperate for things to change in a positive direction, she recognized she had to change her mind in order to change her life. With that epiphany, Gillette set some personal goals and began self leadership training. In addition, she set forth everyday with the committed intention to be happy despite the ups and downs of life. She adopted a fierce attitude of gratitude which helped her make a concerted effort to embrace a new story about depression and her life in general. Oddly enough, Gillette is grateful for depression because she feels it saved her life,

Her personal mantra is Stress is NOT...Sexy!! Because she knows firsthand how much of a burden and toll stress and mental weight robbed women like her, of their true feminine essence and personal power. The mission of Life Under New Management LLC is for Gillette to partner with women with big hearts as they move from overwhelmed and unfulfilled to balanced, happy, sexy and fit.

Today, Gillette maintains balance with self-love, self compassion and self forgiveness. Strengthening her resolve daily, her faith keeps her grounded in gratitude to keep life moving positively forward.

When she's not embarking on a new personal goal, she can be found participating in wellness self-care, spontaneous adventures with family and/or friends, reading, participating in fun fitness or enjoying the ultimate self-love experience...taking a nap.

No matter where she is or who she meets, Gillette makes a point to lead with love in all she does.

By far, her greatest passion is to move women towards a more balanced life in order to design and live a lifestyle of uncompromising happiness.

Coaching with me


Life Under New Management, LLC is a stress management, self-love & leadership coaching and training company that works with divorced women to manage stress, implement more work/life balance and discontinue pouring from an empty cup.  

Our powerful programs, tools and stress relief strategies have proven highly effective in increasing our client's awareness and motivating them to take action towards living life happier, healthier and more vibrantly.   


Holistic coaching focuses on interconnectedness, the client as a whole. From physical fitness to the state of social lives to achieve a happy peaceful equilibrium. This approach encourages :

  • Better understanding of how our actions affect the world

  • Greater sense of purpose

  • A calmer disposition

  • Greater satisfaction from the small things in life with gratitude

Solution-focused- this coaching style is concerned with what my client wants to achieve in the end. This approach encourages : 

  • Introspection

  • Self-evaluation

  • Clear goal setting

  • A richer understanding of one's own unique path in life.

I like my client to participate in the coach process by encouraging them to adopt a 'self-coaching' attitude. The best results come when my clients have the following:


  • A sense of accountability

  • A sense of self-control

  • A sense of freedom



Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

One on one private life coaching sessions.
Group or one on one life coaching.
Short courses or group coaching
Event group or virtual short course life coaching.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life Impact Life Coach Certification
  • Stress Management Coach Certification
  • Group Coaching Certification

As a certified Life Impact Life Coach, I didn't choose this road, this road chose me. I was simple taking personal development classes to further enhance my self leadership skills. Leadership skills that I knew would take me out if my comfort zone and stretch me to grow in many different areas of my life. Skills I knew would come in handy in corporate America and at home to ultimately help me become a better woman, wife and mother. An amazing thing happened when I stepped outside of my comfort zone. I bumped into my own ego and began to check it in a big way. The experience changed my heart and I grew exponentially in ways in ways I can hardly comprehend. And the universe began to nudged me regarding the burning desires of my heart. I achieved more than I set out to achieve. I found my purpose.

Fee description

Fees: from $60 USD to $500 USD


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