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Tatenda Magronah Dangirwa

Certified ACC-Level 
Capetown, Province of the Western Cape, South Africa
Tatenda is a certified coach with ACC-level credentials.

About me

I am a Zimbabwean born certified coach a wife and mother who  loves and enjoys supporting others in their journey through life.In my own experiences life is a series of mysteries to be uncovered.In this life long journey I have faced obstacles,grief and challenges.  With  goal settings, resilience,awareness,courage and the support of others i thrived through and continued to learn and unlearn.I'm not afraid to support others to face their own fears and imbalances of life in order for them to move forward and create  changes that are manageable.It is my passion in life to assist individuals in making transformative changes that empower and transform.


Coaching with me


I assist  my clients to create a vision,develop personal networking based on strenght,identifying  best opportunities.

-overcome challenges

-manage changes and day to day stress.

-set goals that are sustainable and achievable.

-work on your obstacles

-Build confidence

-self empowerment

-set intentions that are realistic

Goals can be achieved by Goal settings,taking responsibility


Coaching is a process and setting an intention of the coaching session in a non judgemental safe  place is  important for my coaching  relatishionship with my clients ,In my coaching conversation i focus on the goal setting,creating awareness around the key issues,taking action and accountability.

-clients learn to gain clarity in a situation

by committing to the process you ressolve inner conflicts.

-create awareness of certain behavior patterns and take responsibity.

-Manage and embrace change  in a non judgemental safe space.

In the session i use my coaching tools and techniques to support you and discover startegies that are effective and manageables



In a career coaching session i offer an  one on one coaching session that maximazes your career potential and enhances your proffessional perfomance.

-I dentify values,strength and goals

-create a vision

-work on self confidence and image

-develop personal networking based on strength.

-Identifying best opportunities


Online sessions via zoom that aim to support sustainable change .In this session I use my coaching tools and techniques to support you and discover strategies that are effective and tailored to your preferences and aligned with your values.i will also  support you to facilitate and unpack in an non judgemental safe environment.




Ongoing training


Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Certificate in Coaching
  • wine Ambassador and Markerting
  • in hospitality management

Tatenda is a certified Coach with Credentials from the South African Applied Pyschology. She has ACC-level credentials  from the International coaching Federation and Comensa. She  has worked in the hospitality Industry for 10 years as a hotel manager and four years as wine brand ambassador for a winery in Capetown. For the past year she has successfully run her own online clothing shop for woman clothing. Her expertise is in partnering with clients to enable reaching their potential in day to day life challenges so that they can follow their purpose in life.

Fee description

Fees: from $65 USD to $150 USD

My fees are based on one to one sessions or online sessions and each session is scheduled  between 45 minutes to 60 minutes.


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