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Teresa Jenkins

Personal Life Coach  
Bryan, Texas, United States

Personal life coach with a long history of experience in a variety of areas

About me

Teresa Jenkins is a personal life coach with a wealth of experience in relationship improvement, guidance, transitional changes, and transformation. As a personal life/relationship coach I want to create a lifestyle you desire and are passionate about with hopes of a joyful breakthrough that will bring clarity and peace in your life. As your life coach I will encourage, support, and motivate you to ensure you are on a path to fulfill your heart's desire and mission for a prosperous life ahead.

Coaching with me


Your time with me will allow me to bring out the best in you, your problems, and situations. My goal is to build a relationship with my clients, and awaken you to the amazing possibilities that possess with you. Your results will be beneficial and have a purpose.


Vision coaching, Solution-focused coaching, mindfulness coaching, online courses


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


Communication is the key to great understanding and knowledge. Your why, how, when, and where are all questions you may seek answers to. Your one on one with me will allow us both to gain understanding to get you on the right path to planning what you desire in life, as well as bring you peace in the midst


If you don't have much time to speak over the phone or have a busy schedule...No worries I have online coaching material and will still be able to map out the area you are needing guidance in and provide the best possible solution

Ongoing training

Ongoing coaching and training is available for as long as needed.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life coaching
  • personal coaching
  • mentor training

Since I was young I knew their was a special talent in me that drew others to me who trusted me to know their life stories, deepest desires, and personal problems. I spent a lot of time writing, speaking and developing a plan to help others individually based on their circumstance to gain insight and clarity of their situation(s) and what could be done to have a more pleasant outcome in life. All that was learned, practiced, and spoken was done to completion, so after many years of dedication and commitment to help others sort their lives out in hopes to experience the life they desire I now have confirmation of my calling and I can continue to satisfy the lives of others through my personal gift of coaching. It's a long time passion of mine to see peoples lives changed after many years of unforeseen changes.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $350 USD

Fee varies by the amount of time spent per hour, or a flat rate based on per day. Also depends on one time service or ongoing. Any questions please feel free to email me.

Thanks for giving me the pleasure to serve you!


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