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Tim J. Ryan

Ph.D., D.Div. Board Certified 
Newport Beach, California, United States
Ph.D. Success Relationship Expert, marriage family counselor,

About me

Hello and Welcome to my site. If you are one of the millions of individuals seeking more self empowerment, pro-active self care to up-grade your health, wealth and relationships, you have come to the right place. I teach individuals, couples, parents and children (Mind, Body Spirit Integration Skills) to enrich all aspects of their life. In just a few sessions you can create a more beautiful life and relationship for yourself. You will learn proven evidence based skills that can become life habits for a secure bond. Knowing how to have a secure bond gives you the ability to be your best self, have your best relationships and enjoy your best life ever..
I will teach you proven, concrete skills that you can use right away to resolve conflict and self defeating behavior patterns. I will show you how to use relationship conflict as a doorway to greater intimacy and life enrichment. Join me and learn about your (Shadow/Soul Contract) - the unconscious agenda operating behind the scenes giving your the relationship of your dreams or nightmares. Your unconscious Imago can help or hurt your chances of having the relationship you desire. I will teach you how to consciously work with your Imago to up-grade all aspect of your life. If you have health, wealth or relationship blocks, I can help you remove / release them. You will learn to see yourself and others in an entirely new way. Relationships in particular determine how successful we are in life and determine how happy you are. By learning advance relationship communication skills to can improve all aspects of your life.

My name is Dr. Timothy J. Ryan, and I have a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Divinity. I hold Fellow Status at The American Psychotherapy Association where I am Board Certified as a Professional Counselor, Relationship Expert and PTSD Clinician. I specialize in treating post traumatic stress, which often manifests in overwhelming anxiety, depression and inability to have meaningful relationships. Many don't realize that part of their relationship dysfunction is due to PTSD symptoms (anxiety, depression unresolved grief from repressed childhood trauma. If you have anxiety shut down or explosive reactions, I can help you move past any limitation restricting your ultimate peace and joy and relationship satisfaction. I specialize in relationship counseling in removing physical, mental, emotional and relationship blocks to support ultimate freedom, joy and happiness..
Individual and Couples Relationship Counseling is an important part of my practice as a Licensed Pastoral Therapist. I have been successful with couples struggling in all phases of their relationship. If you are in a new relationship and want to lay a secure foundation, I can help you. If you are in a long standing relationship and need to break through some stuck areas, I can help you, If you are near breakup and want to see if your relationship can be saved, I can help you. I offer an integrated skill training positive male friendly skill training program that helps you learn to see conflict as a doorway to greater intimacy. Whether you come in by yourself or with your partner I can help you improve your relationship.
`I am passionate about helping individuals and couples discover their integrated wholeness and live a more conscious intentional, and compassionate life. To this end, I offer a customized approach connecting with you where your are and showing you a gentle way to remove blocks to where you want to be.

I work on-line and in person to heal and transform physical, mental, emotional, relationship as well as spiritual limitations. By the end of our work together you will have confidence in yourself and others to know the real meaning of love and trust in a secure bond.

Whether you needing support to get over a rough patch or in despair grieving multiply losses and need to rebuild your life, I can help you discover a fast track to peace with a more fulfilling and freeing perspective.

I have also been successful with individuals struggling with chronic anxiety, insecurity, panic attacks, not feeling safe, isolation, loneliness, emptiness, as well as individuals experiencing numbness and/or uncontrollable anger.

Coaching with me

In our six week or twelve week Returning To Love Single / Couples Training, you will learn relevant, spiritually based, researched based, proven practical, gentle easy to apply personal and relationship healing skills and principles to take your relationship to the next level.

My goal as a Mind, Body, Spirit Holistic Intuitive Healer and Relationship Coach is to teach you powerful problem solving tools to remove all blocks to your success in relationships, health and emotional well-being. Anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, wounds from the past resulting in limiting beliefs can all be improved giving you a completely new perspective.
In just a few sessions you will know how to better give and receive love and be connected to the ultimate healing force.

I love sharing gentle, easy to learn, powerful techniques to help you discover a fast track to Health and Wellness and Peace of Mind. You can use these techniques right away to improve and enrich your life and your relationships on all levels. All perspective clients must sign the Health Agreement before coming to see me.


Although originally trained in Clinical Psychology, my intention is to improve mind, body, spirit health as an adjunct to medical care, I do not practice as a Psychologist. my services do not include diagnosing or attempting to cure pathology or treat any form of physical mental illness or disease which constitutes the conventional practice of psychology and medicine. I only work with people who want to learn skills for self empowerment to take their health, wealth relationship to the next level. which is beyond the clinical realm of diagnosing or treating pathology. I prefer to see you as a spiritual being whole and complete human being possessing a wealth of undiscovered underdeveloped strengths, assets, and resources all of which are available as blocks are removed. ~ I focus on wellness rather than managing symptoms and sickness.
As stated above, I believe in the whole person and my practice is based on helping you return to seeing yourself in your wholeness and removing physical, emotional mental or spiritual blocks that keep you stuck in frustrating and limiting relationship or behavior patterns.
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Secure On-Line Internet Counseling and Coaching
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phone counseling. Are you short on time because of a busy schedule? Today more and more people are seeking psychotherapy and/or coaching and supportive counseling on the phone or online. Online / telephone counseling can be helpful for those dealing with recent traumatic events or simply to better understand how to prevent yourself from being more successful.

If you feel stuck but have limited time, I can help you. Phone counseling is the perfect way to to save time and get support to go to the next level.

I have thirty years of a proven success in helping thousands of individuals and couples discover and eliminate their root cause of unhappiness. I love teaching anyone receptive over the phone or in person fast, easy to learn problem solving skills to transform any problem.
What is On-line Therapy?

Online Therapy is the fastest growing online counseling platform worldwide. We change the way people get help facing life’s challenges by providing convenient, discreet and affordable access to a certified therapist. Online Therapy makes professional counseling available anytime, anywhere, through a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Can I Stay Anonymous?

You may be drawn to the idea of consulting with a psychotherapist by phone or on the Internet because it feels more private. You may wish to be anonymous in your contact with the therapist, especially if you plan to discuss a sensitive or embarrassing topic.

When you sign up we do not ask you for any personal identifying information. You may pick any “nick name” which will identify you in the system. When you decide to start the counseling process, we will ask you for emergency contact information which is kept safe in the system. While we are unable to verify the accuracy of the emergency contact information, we do urge you enter it correctly so someone will be able to contact you in case your counselor believes you are in immediate danger.

Ongoing training
I teach concrete skills you can use right away to enhance your personal well being and your relationships. Learn A-Z skills to heal childhood wounds, resolve conflict, and promote happiness, relationship enrichment and success.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
  • Masters in Science Counseling
  • B.A. in Psychology
  • Board Certified NLP Master Practitioner and NLPTrainer
  • Board Certified Master Hypnosis Practitioner and Instructor
  • Board Cdrtified Holistic Mind, Body Spirit integrative Healer
  • Board Certified Relationship Expert
  • Board Certified Professional Counselor

Fee description

Fees: from $80 USD to $125 USD

We offer a number of community counseling and coaching support services via on-line and in person face to face counseling sessions.

We specialize in Mind, Body Spirit Individual, Couples and Family Relationship and Health and Wellness Counseling and Psychotherapy.


I do not take insurance. Insurance Companies have become increasingly complicated and difficult because they have set up numerous restrictions to prevent compensation and require information that is past around and can not be guaranteed confidential.

I do offer up to a 40% discount for individuals and couples who sign a Member Share Agreement. The Member Share Agreement is completely free of any charges and offers additional second amendment safe guards Holistic Alternative Health Practitioners and security of confidentiality. Any Member can also freely end their membership at anytime. With the signing of the Member Share Agreement I also offer additional scholarship discounts when available. With the Members Share Agreement, I can absolutely guarantee confidentiality in that no information will ever be given out on any circumstances even if an attorney sub peonies your information it will never be turned over. Your information is absolutely safe unless there is danger to self or other. See Copy of Member Share Network Agreement Here.


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