lifecoach $150 USD Vince Pham Vince Pham I'm a weight loss & health coach. Helping people achieve permanent weight loss.
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Vince Pham

Weight Loss/Peak Performance Coach 
Austin, Texas, United States
I'm a weight loss & health coach. Helping people achieve permanent weight loss.
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About me

I'm the owner of a successful and growing weight loss coaching business, Massive Results Coaching. A very unique and effective service that is unlike any weight loss program out there. I help clients live a life of healthy choices instead of giving them the latest diet fad that doesn't work. My philosophy is simple. Healthy is something you are, not something you do.

Looking back at my ways of living then and now, I must say that I am truly blessed and grateful with the amazing journey that has brought me to where I am today. Learning the best strategies for success has not only transformed my health, but also all areas of my life. The success truly becomes greater everyday.

Often times I see many people trying to lose weight, only to struggle and fail. I say to myself "If they only knew what I know". For this reason, it is a mission for me to make a difference in people's lives. Contributing to others in need is the greatest reward that gives me the greatest fulfillment in life. To educate them on the strategies that have drastically helped me.

Coaching with me

Clients who work with me will achieve the body they desire and be able to live a life of health, energy, and vitality. We do this by first having a specific, measurable outcome or goal that the client wants to achieve. Then, I work with the client to develop the highest level of drive, motivation, and standards to win (After all, how can you achieve anything if you don't make things a priority?). Next, I help clients eliminate all of the self-sabotage and bad habits that are destructive for their health and prevents them from achieving the results they desire. Finally, I help clients create and condition habits of healthier choices (Living healthy becomes who you are, not something you do).

I will be using the best techniques and strategies that will help anyone manage their food cravings and end their addiction to food. Clients will also be provided the best meal plans and exercise regimens that will burn the fat away (There's a lot of myths and bad information out there. My goal is to provide clients accurate and effective information that will ensure weight loss and amazing health).
I work with clients one-on-one over the phone or through Skype on a weekly schedule. My coaching style is intensive, direct, and effective.

My coaching is designed primarily to allow clients to perform at their peak when losing weight while also educating them on the proper eating and exercise strategies for weight loss. Everyone knows that in order to lose weight, one must eat healthy and exercise. But people struggle because they are not in the best position psychologically and emotionally to handle the task at hand. We will uncover what is holding them back (habits, emotional and behavioral patterns, etc). Many people also fail because they are taking on incorrect strategies. It is important for me to guide and direct clients to the best and fastest path to permanent weight loss.

Every session builds on the previous session, but also acts as a stand-alone session depending on what has happened throughout the client's week.

During the initial sessions, I help clients expand their awareness of their eating habits as well as the emotional and behavioral patterns that lead to their unhealthy choices. Throughout our time together, I provide the client tools and strategies that will destroy these self-destructive patterns, while adopting new empowering ones. The client would be living a life of healthier choices, which will result in permanent weight loss and better health, energy, and vitality.

I help clients transform in a step-by-step process that affects not only their health, but their personal life as well.


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I offer one-on-one coaching that takes place either over the phone or through Skype.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Strategic Interventionist
  • Robbins-Madanes Training Center for Strategic Intervention
  • Robbins Research International
For many years, personal improvement in all areas (health, relationships, career, etc.) has been one of my biggest passions in life. But most importantly, I have always been greatly fulfilled by helping other people. For this reason, coaching and making a difference in people's lives have become my purpose in life.

Like many people, I was living a life where I self-sabotaged (living in fear, procrastination, making unhealthy choices). I had no direction and felt hopeless about life. It wasn't until I discovered the area of personal development where I was immediately hooked and wanted more. This enabled me to seek the best training and certification to become the coach that I am now. Because health is my greatest strength and is my most knowledgeable area, I decided to specialize in this and to bring tremendous value for my clients.

Today, I am running a successful and growing practice for over a year, living the dream life in Austin, TX, and everything just seems to get better and better!

Fee description

Fees: to $150 USD

Month-to-Month Coaching: $150/month


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