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Wendi Hatton

Life and Business Coaching 
Springfield , Virginia, United States
I work with entrepreneurs who need high-paying clients while living a life they absolutely love

About me

I am passionate about helping coaches (Life, Health, Relationship) and holistic practitioners who have all of the accolades, degrees and certifications and are incredible at what they do. But lack the skills they need to master the sales and marketing aspect of their businesses. They are resistant to it, not feeling authentic or aligned with their values.

I teach a proven sales and marketing process that shifts their mindset, which operates on "The Golden Rule" and comes from a place of honesty, integrity and compassion. This helps them remain authentic and aligned perfectly with their passion to serve. Sales is all about nurturing and fostering relationships. That is the mindset I instill in them.

I am also a musician and have developed incredible listening skills. This allows me to help my coaching clients tap deep into their passions and have enormous breakthroughs.

Another way I support coaches is by co-hosting a Blog Talk Radio Show titled, "Sky's the Limit Radio." On Monday afternoons we interview coaches who specialize in various life and business-transforming areas. It's a wonderful platform for them to share their message with the world.

Some of my honors include being named V.I.P. Woman of the Year 2015-2016 in the National Association of Professional Women, am featured in the October 2015 issue of the Women of Distinction magazine, and will be the cover feature in the Fall 2016 Elite Magazine issue, of Oxford's Who's Who. I am also a clarinetist, formally in the Navy Band.

Coaching with me

My clients are amazing at what they do. But, when it comes to sales and marketing they feel very uncomfortable. They don't want be pushy or sales-y. They don't know what to say to not make it sound that way. So, they get stuck.

I have a proven formula that helps clients change their mindset around sales and marketing so that they have no problem with, and actually love sharing their services because it is nurturing, authentic and aligned with their values.

I also help my clients become clear on what they truly want to contribute to the world. Many coaches and practitioners feel like they can help everyone...and maybe they can. But, in the marketing world if they market to everyone, they're marketing to no one.

I help them narrow down who exactly they want to coach. Then, we work on finding where these people and offline. Once we have that determined, the sky's the limit! It's like standing in front of a tidal wave ready to knock them over with leads!

I have several other marketing ideas I share with them as well. I hold them accountable, provide dozens of resources and best of all, guide them through incredible breakthroughs. I love the experience of looking in their eyes or listening to the sound of their voice, exuding with such excitement! It's a blessing to witness.

I like to coach believing in my clients, with them knowing it, too

I like to guide them step-by-step, catching them when they fall

I like bringing out the best in them

I like asking them great, thought provoking questions

I like to give them my undivided attention

I like helping them realize they are something special

I like to coach with respect

I like to sometimes display tough love

I like being very attentive and always curious

I like to give them space to think

I like to coach them by helping them brainstorm


My 1:1 coaching comes in packages, based on the clients' budget and needs. No matter what package I offer there will always be a 3-month minimum.

I work with them on generating hundreds of highly-targeted leads month after month through social media. (LinkedIn and Facebook)

I also teach them how to gracefully guide their prospects through a comfortable, authentic enrollment conversation.

Other services I provide are customized scripts for certain marketing situations, helping them design their Signature System and V.I.P. Intensives.
My online coaching is basically the same as my description for Private coaching. With online coaching I use Skype or Zoom for our sessions. So, my business is global.
Short courses or group coaching
The first course I offer is my free gift from my website, "Attract Clients Now!" eCourse Kit which includes a Free Report and a 90-Day email training.

Then, I am in the process of creating a 12-month online membership program for coaches titled "Fill Your Practice" Academy, which will teach compassionate-style marketing and sales strategies. Content is available to them monthly, and for support there will be a private, very active, nurturing Facebook group with other like-minded members. It will be considered a safe haven, a home base. A place where dreams come true.
Ongoing training
Ongoing training will include participating in the monthly program, eventually upgrading to higher levels for even more training. Ongoing 1:1 Premium coaching will have access to me and my other programs for as long as they keep their Premium status.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Eric Lofholm International Silver and Platinum Protege Certifications (sales training)
  • Results in Coaching - Life Coach Certification
  • Bachelor and Masters degrees - BM, MM
  • Marketing online courses
  • Business-building online programs
  • Health Coach graduate from Health Coaching U
  • Coach training from Health Coaching U
My professional life has turned many corners through the years and I am so grateful that finally in my 50s I discovered coaching as my true passion.

As a clarinetist I love my music, which I have been involved in all of my life. But, the thought of helping coaches and practitioners become successful in their businesses, causing a global ripple effect really charges me up!

I haven't always been in this place. In my earlier years I was considered shy and didn't think I would amount to anything other than playing my clarinet. Although it was fun and I was able to travel to many places, there was always something inside that felt like there was more to life....that I could contribute in a bigger way.

I was introduced to coaching by experiencing coaching, which happens to many coaches. In my case it was such a transformational experience I wanted to check into this "coaching" thing.

Well, after all the training I knew it was for me and that this would be my life's passion for the rest of my life. I have a HUGE vision to develop a coaching empire of amazing coaches all over the world, with all types of areas of expertise....continuing that global ripple effect I mentioned earlier.

I also plan on establishing Life Harmony International Foundation, an organization focused on funding programs that help the less fortunate, and will also fund the construction and operation of the John H. Allen Memorial Performing Arts Institute.

John H. Allen was my father who passed in 2001, a few months before 911. Boy has he missed a lot. Everything from the high school graduation of his first grandchild (my son, Brian), on to other births, marriages, and my mother who he cherished. My parents were always very supportive of my music while growing up. They followed me everywhere I performed. And, that is the reason my vision down the road is to erect this amazing performing arts center (one in Africa and one in Maryland where he is buried).

You might be that's a big dream! Well, you are right! And, there's not as much time to accomplish it as say a 30 year old would have.

So, I would love it if you would come on this journey with me. Spread the word that Wendi Hatton has BIG PLANS! Become one of my coaches so you can help me make the world a better place and get as many people coached as possible!

Fee description

Fees: from $37 USD to $5997 USD

Free - "Attract Clients Now!" eCourse Kit

"Fill Your Practice" Academy Subscription Program (launching September 2016)
$37/mo - Protege Level
$97/mo - Premium Level
$187/mo - Inner Circle Level

1:1 Coaching Packages
3 months $1497
6 months $2997
12 months $5997


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