lifecoach $200 USD William Adkins William Adkins Although coaching anyone who wants or needs to be coached, my specialty is the unusual.
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William Adkins

MS Psych focused in Life Coaching 
Tucson, Arizona, United States
Although coaching anyone who wants or needs to be coached, my specialty is the unusual.
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About me

As a 22 year old, I was in a nearly deadly car accident in 1989.  A severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) was the life changing result of the accident.  Rehab "experts" and doctors told my girlfriend to get out of the relationship ASAP, and they told my parents that I would not be able to pass one community college class; concluding that I should just be sent to a service home for the rest of my life.

Not only did I pass the community college class, but I stuck to my studies long enough all the credits required for an undergraduate degree at Duquesne University.  I did this while living at my parents, and my girlfriend stuck with me in the most difficult years of my life.

We got married, had some children, and I wrote a book to aid others who have survived a TBI (Being-Here, 2021).  Then, Grand Canyon University online graduate school was attended.  After earning the requirements to get certified to be a Life Coach in Arizona (2020), I continued my education until recieving a Master of the Science -- Psychology with a Emphasis in Life Coaching (2021).

From what I learned in the study of professional journal articles due to my studies, Being-Here (2021), and trying to figure out more about what rehab professionals were saying, I have become fairly knowledgable about a lot of information that helps me coach the disabled.  Graduate school was centered on the coaching of those who did not have a disability.  Most of my clients are not disabled, but I am unusually prepared to coach the disabled.  This can be said due to the positive reviews the disabled and non-disabled clients have given me.



The main form of Life Coaching I do is goal oriented, and is done with a road map.

A goal oriented life coaching which is based on an Existential Phenomenological Problem Solving Approach (EPPSA) was put into writing originally for the second edition of Being-Here (2018).  EPPSA is a more developed and specific form of building a standard life coaching "road map."

When working with a disabled client, there are quite a few things brought into the building of a roadmap.  Different therapies and additional roads are needed to be added, and some are not even discovered to be needed until the traveling on the road map has begun.

There always is the potential that a section of the road map is discovered to be impossible for the client to travel on because of something involving a disability shows itself to do something negative nobody had even imagined.

The EPPSA includes the process of examining and getting every involved part of the client's body ready to be used on the road map ahead.  Nevertheless, there often is the need to work on many previously unpercieved deficits when traveling down an EPPSA road map.

Contribuing to making someone's realm of abilities grow can be a challenge.  Sometimes it does not work out the way it was initially planned.  So, the situation needs to be examined for alternative approaches.  As it says in the pages of Being-Here (2021), no matter what, you must "keep on, keepin' on!"



The Third Edition of Being-Here (2021) was only found to be a necessity because the previous editions were released under a pen name, and to be taken seriously on a professional level, writings are not written under a pen name. 

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $200 USD

$50 - $88 covers the disabled and students

$200 - $89 covers group coaching & the employed, nondisabled clients


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