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5 Ways You Help Clients Even When You Think “I’m Not Perfect Yet”

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You don't have to be perfect just be on your own path

Helping yourself

One of the most common concerns I hear from coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs is...

  • “How can I get clients and help others transform their lives when I haven’t cleaned up my own s*it yet?”
  • “How can I help when I’m not there yet?”

I think everyone who has ever started their own business to help people, has this concern in the beginning

Even when they are reaching for a new level of success, they think “I don’t have all my shit together in this area yet, I still have my ups and downs… who the hell am I to be teaching someone else?”

Deep down though, you know you can help people, but this fear keeps slowing you down…


We don't need to be perfect

First off, show me someone who’s got ALL their shit together every day of their life and I’ll show you someone who’s not livin’! There are challenges along the way, and it’s ok. We all have them. It comes with the territory and it’s NOT a bad thing.

I have challenges, people, I’m not a zombie… But it’s those same challenges that when I move through them I’m even more brilliant, knowledgeable, intuitive and empowered and better for my clients.

If I waited till I was “perfect” and I had all my shit cleaned up, I wouldn’t have been able to help the people I’ve helped along the way and had the kinds of relationships I now thoroughly enjoy today.

I win when I see that my challenges are gifts. They make us better, period! And no one really wants to be taught by someone who hasn’t had their own challenges. That’s what connects us to them.

  • Most of us need a teacher who is street wise, that we can relate to, like someone who has had bills to pay and problems at the office and people to argue with and men to stop giving up the booty to (oh wait, is that just me?).
  • In the practical world of helping people we’ve finally discovered that the best drug counselors are… wait for it… former addicts.
  • The leaders of the Alcoholics Anonymous movement are…. former alcoholics.
  • Spiritual students tend to listen to teachers who’ve possibly gone through their own shizz and somehow managed to let go and transform their own life.


Here’s what I’ll bet…

I’ll bet these two things are already true for you:

  • You’re a few steps ahead of your clients
  • You’re committed to your own transformation, RIGHT! YES!

I know these things about you.

Believe in yourself

Realize that when you change… all things change.

The old “I’m not perfect, so how can I help anybody?” song and dance is simply pointing to a belief you have that isn’t serving you anymore. 

What are you believing about yourself that makes you “feel” that this is true? Because that feeling/vibration is painting your world. Thing is, that when you go for what you really want, there’s a part of you that wants to keep you safe so it brings up thoughts so you’ll stay comfortable in what you’ve known. Some call it an “Upper Limit” problem.

So what is your lower SELF trying to get you to believe? You don’t have to keep that belief, you know. Look at it, thank it for it’s previous help in trying to keep you safe from the world, and decide to start believing otherwise.Let me help you, because there’s someone out there who could really benefit from who you are and what you know, right NOW!

So, better than trying to aim your arrow and then fire it to hit your target, fire that arrow and then course correct along the way.

  • You don’t have to be perfect, just be on YOUR path.
  • The more joyful, loving and happy you are with yourself (and that includes what you think is so “imperfect,” the easier it is for you to be on YOUR path.

You are an asset

Now, if you’ve been caught up in feeling like a fraud, let’s get you reoriented. Let me convince you that you’re an asset to clients even when you’re not “perfect.”

Here’s 5 Ways You Help Clients Even When You Think “I’m Not Perfect Yet”

  1. You show them what’s possible. People resist change even when they want it bad. It can feel scary for someone to step up and change their life because it means they may feel uncomfortable at times.
    Just like you, their lower selves want them to be comfortable too, so they might be thinking “Can I trust myself to do this? Is it really possible for me?” “Will I fall back into my old ways again?” “Will I fail again?”
    Your clients want you to show them what’s possible and because you’re a few steps ahead of them, that’s what you’re doing… especially when you’re making time to align with your higher knowing and boldly marketing yourself. 
  2. You STILL know a little bit more than them. Back in the day I helped “non-coaches” get clients. They were daycare owners, financial advisors, etc. Even though I was struggling at the time, I still knew more about marketing, sales, and energy management (alignment), than they did. So, I was still able to provide guidance and value to help them along their path.
    They didn’t give a crap about whether I was struggling or not. They couldn’t care less. They had breakthroughs on our coaching calls, read my newsletters and emails, and they experienced change finally.
    You’re simply reaching out a hand to those who are a little ways behind you, and sharing what you’ve learned to help pull them forward.
  3. You’re creating a space for them. You can be of highest service when you offer them a program. Within the program, you create an environment for them to grow. This is why I’m so against one-off sessions. Where’s the time to grow in that space? 
    They’ve been stuck for a while and need a loving container to thrive in. We are habitual creatures and one off sessions do not serve to combat old habits and beliefs people have carried around for years. They need a container of support that allows for lasting change and you can create that for them with what you know right NOW. And you’ll gain more and more confidence as you see them getting results.
  4. You can give them your personal attention, time and support. There’s something you have to offer that a lot of the big “Guru’s” don’t… Your personal time and attention.
    You can go deep with people. Even in this “I want it right now, quick and in a hurry, fast food” type of energy people seem to be in these days, more and more of your clients really need and are looking for in-depth help, not a bunch of band aids (one off sessions; self paced programs, etc).
    You can help people tremendously when you can give them your personal support, attention and energy. There are a lot of people who flounder in group and self-paced programs because they don’t have 1-on-1 support. Not that groups and self-paced programs don’t have a place in your funnel at some point, but if you’re a newbie or you need cash fast it’s not the place to start. 1 on 1 support is awesome at creating sustainable income and time freedom if you structure your systems correctly.
  5. You get to hold them accountable! I say you “get to” because it’s so crucial. I pride myself on being able to offer the accountability my clients need to stay on track, and to get back on track when their old ways of being and old fears try to take over again.
    Their old BS beliefs, stories, and monkey mind thoughts can’t trick me and I’m not afraid to tell them so. I “get to” and “want to” hold them accountable because I know how much it serves them.

Most of what clients are investing in is their own commitment and the accountability they need to finally get it done and transform after all this time of being stuck.

When you show up and lovingly hold them accountable to what they say they want and will do, you are of tremendous value to them.

So don’t let “I’m not there yet” or “I’m not perfect yet” be an excuse for you to hide your gifts.

Everyone started with no clients. And the more people you help, the more you will grow (financially and otherwise).

EVERY client is a learning experience, I promise you that! Let them help you grow by reaching out your hand to help them grow!

You don’t have to be perfect, just be on YOUR path.

-JeeJee xoxo


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  • Coach Kendall Hamilton
    Kendall Hamilton
    November 03, 2017

    Hi JeeJee, I enjoyed reading your article. Thanks so much for sharing this. I found it interesting and helpful. I loved the line about firing your arrow and course correcting after. Such good advice. All the best xx

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