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7 Proofs That Strong Public Speaking Can Attract Coaching Clients

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Be Prepared to Speak Anywhere

Improving your public speaking skills

Public speaking is one of the best ways that you can use to create awareness for yourself and also attract new coaching clients as a life coach.

You can use public speaking to show your expertise and personality to the whole world. Public speaking is also an essential tool that you can use to gain insight into the problems and issues that your audience is facing, and you can use this to refine the kind of service you render to them. There are so many things that come with public speaking that goes beyond the speaking itself. So, it becomes surprising that many people claim that they can’t go into public speaking because of fear. People fear public speaking. It’s funny, but this is true.

The funny thing is fear has no discrimination. It is possible for someone who has done so much with their life and career and has achieved huge and phenomenal success in their career not to be able to stand before an audience to speak to them about his achievement and career. This is not for fear of how their career has turned out but for fear of expressing itself. Almost everyone has been in a similar position or will be there at some point.

However, when you think about the public speaking possibilities and know how much it has to offer you or what you stand to gain, you will overcome the fear and do what you have to do. The proofs are there for you to see how you can attract coaching clients through strong public speaking.

As a coach, no one is likely to invite you to speak about their event if you sell yourself to them only as a coach and not a speaker. That is why you need to put yourself in the position of a speaker. This way, you will be able to take the opportunity to showcase your expertise to a broader audience as a coach and attract coaching clients.

But first of all, you have to create awareness as a speaker, and here’s how to do it.


1.     Develop an S-A-M website:

An S-A-M (Speaker-Author-Mentor) website is one of the most important things that you need to market yourself as an industry expert. You wouldn’t be able to make as much impact if you only add a page, introducing you as a speaker to a business website you already use for a different purpose.

You have to create a separate website for it to create an impression that lasts longer, and make sure the website is Then mention the companies where you have worked at (adding their logos make it more valid) and past events that you spoke at. Add photos of the event, testimonials of your speech, and videos/clips of you speaking at an event.

If you haven’t had any event where you spoke, then create a video or film yourself. You need to provide evidence for the claim that you are an effective speaker. Keep the website updated at all times, as this will increase the possibility of you getting speaking gigs.

2.     Write a book:

Writing a book can help you build trust. It is a compelling and effective way for you to emphasize the extent of your knowledge. It is also more comfortable for people to know you, what you stand for, and the message you preach. Once you start writing the book or even before you start, you can create a cover design and start publicizing it on your website homepage, social media, and other available platforms. This will help you generate interest in the book.

3.     Never say no:

Be ever prepared to speak anywhere and at any time. You must never say no to an opportunity to speak even if it is at a small event. It would help if you got as much engagement with speaking as you possibly can.

This means that you will also do many unpaid public speaking. The idea is for you to get it started. Speak at as many events as you can pay or unpaid. The more of it you do, the more expertise you get at it, the more popular you get, the more events you can boast of speaking at. It gives you a bigger resume of speaking gigs.

Those paid speaking gigs will come rolling. But first, create an excellent public speaking CV for yourself. Then watch your expertise rise.

4.     Create and use a flyer:

Have a flyer of yourself as a keynote speaker and make sure that people can download it easily from your website. This makes it evident that you don’t see speaking as a side hustle, but you are serious about it. Add topics that you speak on, and your presentation inclusions, then a brief bio of you.

5.     Share images showing you speak:

At all times and at all events you are asked to speak, make sure that you have someone who can take pictures of you speaking on stage. Then you can share these pictures on your different social media platforms to increase your awareness. Your profile banners have to have images that show you speaking at an event. You might need to hire a designer to help you create a LinkedIn background image that you can use for your profile and includes a photo of you as a speaker at an event.

6.     Create CTAs:

You have to make it extremely easy for other people who might want to engage you to be a speaker at any of their events. You can use your email signature so that the people know that you are available and add a hyperlinked tagline. For example, click here if you need James to be a speaker at your event. Make sure that this tagline is in your letterheads and newsletter. You have to create awareness with every opportunity that you can.

7.     Ask for referrals:

This is something that you have to put out even on social media. Make sure to create posts on social media, asking if people need your service as a speaker in an upcoming event. After speaking at an event, ask the managers for referrals if they have someone else to refer you to.

Building up your reputation as a public speaker might not be an easy thing to do, but it also is not a very difficult or impossible one. Once you can market yourself to people as a public speaker, you will get the platform to showcase your personality and expertise as a coach to a broader audience and use this opportunity to attract coaching clients.

However, if you are not used to public speaking yet, or you’re one of those who can’t face an audience out of fear, you should try out the following steps to build your confidence and help you do well as a public speaker.

  • Know your message: there is a confidence that comes with knowing what you are saying or what to say. Tap into this confidence by preparing a message and master it. There has to be something that your audience walks away with after all.
  • Tell stories: stories have a way of calming the nerves of both speaker and hearer. Also, by telling your personal stories to your audience, you can’t create a bond with them quickly, and they relate better with you.
  • Speak clearly: don’t be too quiet or too fast while speaking; otherwise, your audience will lose interest. Make yourself audible. Be loud and clear.
  • Use high-quality visuals: this helps you gain the attention of the audience as you speak and helps them understand you. But also, it takes their eyes off you to your graphics.
  • Practice: practice makes perfect, remember? So, practice!



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  • Coach Zanze Caroline
    Zanze Caroline
    December 11, 2020

    Some really good practical insights here. Thank you.

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