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Awesome Life Coaching Bio Examples To Help You Stand Out


Life Coach Bio Examples

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How to attract high value coaching clients

In the United States alone, there are over 23,000 life coaches with market size of a billion dollars. The personal development industry is expected to explode with a 5.5% compounded annual growth rate through 2030.

What does this mean for coaches?

Well, it means more people will require the services of life coaches to help them through various aspects of life. Life coaching will become a mainstream service as more people search for ways to improve and refine themselves.

Who wouldn’t want a piece of that pie? That’s where a life coaching bio comes in.

What to include in a life coaching bio infographic



A life coaching bio is a short story a coach writes about their experiences and achievements as they relate to the business, career, or topic under discussion.

A well-crafted coaching bio is not simply a list of achievements. Instead, it is a unique and engaging overview of the coach’s journey to where they are today. Before writing a bio, get to know what the clients want.

What are they looking for in a coach? 

What problems or challenges are they looking to solve? 

Answering these questions is the first step in crafting an intriguing life coaching bio.


Buy a domain, set up a beautiful website, throw in some Facebook ads, and boom, clients start rolling in!

Erm, wrong!

A compelling life coaching bio takes the reader on an adventure they connect with and answers all their questions in the search for the right life coach with whom to work.

As the life coaching industry grows, acquiring clients will become more competitive and challenging. So, a simple, barely-there bio won’t cut it anymore. Many coaches overlook this. Some don’t have any idea.

Any business must first be appropriately introduced before clients and customers understand the business, then decide if they would like to interact with it. A coach is likely to get more clients if people can understand how the coach can solve their problems or challenges. This is why it is important to have a life coaching bio.

Coaches who want their piece of this multibillion-dollar action and be successful would have to set themselves apart from the pack. A verified way of doing this is learning how to write a life coaching bio that stands out from the crowd.

A compelling life coaching bio takes the reader on an adventure they connect with and answers all their questions in the search for the right life coach with whom to work.

But, not to worry.

I will guide you in more detail through a few examples of awesome life coaching bios here in our directory of well-written bios of coaches generating admirable results in their life coaching businesses.

Let’s get to it.


life coaching bio checklist material

To a new coach or one who wants to revamp an existing bio, I always advise to first gather accurate and adequate information before attempting to write a life coaching bio.

 An awesome bio must answer the following simple questions:

     Who am I?

     What is my coaching niche and focus?

     What solutions can I provide for the client through my coaching?

     What is the cost of my coaching?

     What is my call to action?

1.   WHO AM I?

A great life coaching bio must clearly state who I am as a life coach. Then, a clear photo and a brief introduction would suffice. 

Show off your stuff in your online life coaching directory profile

I would also not hesitate to show off a few significant accomplishments and professional experiences, within reason, as long as they directly point to my capacity as a coach - coaching hours, certifications, awards, testimonials, recommendations, e.t.c. I’m trying to win over potential clients, after all.

Life coaching bio template About Me section

In one sentence, Kirstin O’Donovan, gives an overview of who she is regarding coaching. She then explains how she has developed as a coach and adds her achievements along the journey to validate her presence in the coaching industry.

For a new coach who may not have these accolades to brag about, I would tell a brief personal story about my experiences and how they’ve shaped who I am today.

Telling stories help people connect and relate with each other. I would also include struggles I’ve overcome - the same struggles from which I’m now wanting to help others.

I would then explain how I helped others in similar situations and how those lessons have afforded me the skills and expertise I now possess. Potential clients can then begin to picture how I once was in the same shoes they currently are and how they also can step out of them. 


Clearly defining my niche or the focus of my coaching practice enables my ideal client to identify with me. It’s tempting to want to attract as many people as possible by creating a generic bio. However, I would narrow down my expertise to deliver the best service that would bring about excellent results.

Carving a niche would set me up to be an expert in that niche and build my credibility and authority in that field. By doing this, I can master that area of coaching, and my clients can experience lasting transformations.

Life coach niche offerings and coaching packages

Kirsten Gilbert has several niches, which is not uncommon among coaches with many years of experience.

As a new coach, I would begin with 1-2 related niches. Then, as time passes and I acquire more experience, training, and possibly certifications, I will expand my coaching offerings to cater to new markets.


This is a no-brainer. People should know or at least have an idea of what results they expect to receive when they work with me.


Life coach niche offerings and solutions for a coaching bio

Becky Michel not only mentions her niche and focus of coaching, but she tells her target client the results they can expect to see after working with her. I see some coaching bios neglect to do this, and it baffles me. My bio stands as my resume online, so leaving out valuable information that could limit my leads and potential income is non-negotiable.

When my customer knows what to expect even before hopping on a call with me, chances are I’ll close the call easier and faster.


Although this wouldn’t be an issue for those needing coaching to improve particular aspects of their lives, it remains an integral part of a bio. Price is the number concern for many people, so it is crucial to learn how to set life coaching fees.

Costing coaching packages should never be about keeping it low enough to attract clients, except the target market is low income. I advise against crashing fees to attract clients because what that does is attract people who won’t take the sessions seriously. I would price my coaching packages based on the value I provide to my clients. 

Setting your coaching fees and cost for life coaching

Whatever strategy I use to price my coaching package, what matters in my bio is a clear coaching fee schedule. It should be clear to my clients what I charge for all my services. Ariel Jones, another Life Coach here on Life Coach Hub does this right.

Here are the components of Ariel’s fee schedule:

  • Price per session

  • Price for her package

  • Frequency of sessions

  • Other add-ons included in the price

  • Mode of payment

With a transparent fee schedule like Ariel’s, I’m sure to speak more with people who already know what they are getting from me. The client gets right to the matter rather than spending time on a call to understand the cost.

Some coaches may argue that not including all the fees in their bios would allow them to present the total transformation results the clients will receive over a discovery phone call. This approach tends to be effective for high-ticket coaching.

High ticket coaches set their prices solely on the exceptional value they intend to deliver to their clients. Therefore, they set up coaching packages instead of listing their offers and hourly fees.

Although many have raised concerns about the high cost of coaching, the fact is coaching is a business based on the transformational results clients achieve. The resources and tools required to reach full-time income cost most coaches a lot of money and time.

 Nonetheless, coaches can create profitable packages with a range of price points and several delivery methods - one-on-one, in small and large groups online, and in person - to give their clients more options and flexibility.

Online group coaching attracts the lowest fees and delivers excellent results with a good coach. One-on-one coaching is often the highest priced, but with a fee range, there’ll be something for everyone. 

Remember, clients are paying for the solutions the coach is offering. They aren’t paying for coaching per se. So, deliver measurable results and set your fees accordingly.


So, I’ve implemented all the tips mentioned above and written a great bio that keeps my ideal clients wanting to know more about me, but I leave them hanging without further direction. A good life coaching bio should always mention a call to action to prompt anyone who reads through the coaching bio to take further action.

Chances are, the person is interested in engaging more with me and my services. So, at the end of my bio, I’d direct them to consume more of my content, such as:

  • a course

  • an e-book

  • a newsletter

If I have no products to offer them, I will invite them to a free coaching session with me. Calls to action urge my ideal clients to interact more with me. By using a call to action, I'm sure to increase my leads and improve my business performance. So, be sure to tell them what to do next.

Download our PlannerHow to Attract High Value Clients

How to attract high value coaching clients


At this point, I believe the average entrepreneur understands the significance of social media in growing a business. But, of course, this also goes for life coaching practices. Social media is a powerful marketing tool, and social media bios amplify this.

The social media platforms I use would depend on my client demographic. If I coach senior-level professionals towards higher career performance, I know TikTok wouldn’t have my potential clients.

I’ll know to direct my social media efforts primarily on LinkedIn, where I’d find career-minded people. In addition, the bio section on LinkedIn gives room for an in-depth bio.

With the 2000 character limit on LinkedIn bios, I would employ the tactics I have mentioned here. On the other hand, if I am a fitness coach for young women, I could focus on Instagram or Facebook.

I would be sure to find many of my target clients on those platforms. However, there is a limit on the character count in the bio section of these platforms.

  • Instagram bio: 150-characters

  • Twitter bio: 160-characters

  • Facebook description: 155-characters

A 150 - 160 bio doesn’t give much room for lengthy descriptions, so I’d have to get creative. Regardless of what I write, I could always do the following in my bio:


That’s right, I’m saying it again. Show off achievements.

Listen. Nobody will show me off better than I can show myself.

But, I wouldn’t write endlessly about my achievements. Instead, I’d mention a few significant accomplishments. That would do. I’ve done the hard work. I've earned rewards as a result. Now’s the time to tell the world and solidify my position as a coac

  • High-Performance Coach

  • Helped 1000+ people to $10k monthly

  • Titan’s 2021 Life Coach of the Year Award

  • Founder @123coaches 


Yes, Instagram has a 150-character limit, but must I use up every character? Another way to write a bio is to use a statement, punchline, or quote. Short and powerful.

One I’ll never forget is, “There are some things money can’t buy; for everything else, there’s Mastercard:” The slogan is still one of the best I’ve ever come across. I know it’s a slogan but it’s a catchy and powerful marketing tool. Sometimes, brevity does the magic.

“Spreading smiles”

Short, but speaks a thousand words about what I do as a motivational coach, for instance.Follow this with a call to action and link to your website or products.


Social media allows for search using keywords. Putting powerful keywords in my bio that tell potential clients what they want to know will ensure I appear in search results and compel them to interact with my business. Using hashtags in my bio is another excellent tactic for appearing in social media search results.


Earlier, I talked about using a call to action in my bio but including a call to action in a 150-character bio is a different ball game. A few words like “schedule a call with me” or “get the e-book”  make for a solid call to action.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing walt disney coaching quote


With enhancements in technology and future trends in the coaching industry pointing towards more virtual coaching, it may be an added advantage to have a video coaching bio.

Videos are:

  • more memorable

  • more engaging

  • better at showing off personality

  • better at converting “window shoppers” to buyers

81% of marketers increased sales with video

81% of digital marketers claim that they have increased their sales using video, and 93% of marketers have increased their brand awareness with video.

  93% of markets said they increased brand awareness with video

The numbers speak for themselves. So, why aren’t more coaches using video bios? My guess is that word hasn’t gotten around yet.

With the pace of technological advancements and trends in video marketing, I believe more coaches will adopt this method in the near future. I’d get on it now, before the rush, and distinguish myself and my coaching brand with a video bio if I were you.

 An intro video for a life coaching bio can attract more clients

Sergio Decesare is one of the coaches on Life Coach Hub who have tapped into the power of video coaching. Although he has a well-written bio, he enhanced his profile by adding a video to cement himself in the minds of his ideal clients.


Just as I’ve guided you through practical life coaching bio examples that could increase revenue, it is also beneficial to be aware of how not to write a coaching bio. As I mentioned earlier, a compelling coaching bio tells my potential client who I am and what my focus is.

It also states how I can help them and other information like the cost and certifications I may have acquired. An inadequate and ineffective coaching bio could damage a coaching business. So, efforts should be made to avoid writing such bios.

  • Don’t brag unnecessarily.

  • Don’t ramble on about how amazing your life is.

  • Don’t write stories about your family or personal life.

  • Don’t write a dry bio. Instead, put some personality and life in it.

  • Don’t use wordy, complicated sentences. It loses people.

  • Don’t talk about things ideal clients don’t care about.


We’ve established that a great bio carries the reader along. It creates a lasting first impression and makes the reader want to continue interacting with you and your business. Work your way through this checklist to ensure you’ve included all essential information:

  • Who am I?

  • Did I use a clear professional photo?

  • Have I included a few achievements?

  • What is my coaching niche and focus?

  • Did I write for my target audience?

  • Have I mentioned the solutions I provide for the client through my coaching?

  • What is the cost of my coaching?

  • Have I included a fee schedule?

  • Is there a call to action?

  • Did I infuse some humor and personality?

  • Have I linked to my website and social media channels?

  • Have I included my contact information?

What else can I do?

  1. Sign up for a free directory listing.
  2. Create a compelling bio (follow the steps above).
  3. Create amazing value for your clients with forms, worksheets and coaching tools that will keep them coming back for more. 
  4. Download our Planner: How to Attract High Value Clients

How to attract high value coaching clients

How to get high income coaching clients to your business


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