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British, Ukrainian, Tall, Shy: Tips on Dating Different Types of Men From a Dating Coach


Here is a tip from a dating coach: Don’t always use the same dating strategy on everyone! Try something new whenever you meet someone different. 

Have you ever had the opportunity to date people from different geographical areas and with different cultural experiences than yours? One thing you'll notice is that there is something different about dating a shy guy, a single dad, a Filipino guy, or a British lad. Maybe one is more outgoing and the other one keeps a little bit to himself. Maybe one is more traditional, the other one is liberal. It’s all about their different cultural and social upbringings.

I’ve had a number of female clients over the years ask me for tips on the best strategies for dating different types of men. The aim of this article is to share those tips with you now in case you would like something up your sleeve next time you meet someone different.

Dating a British Man Tips

Be ready for some serious conversations. If you are planning to date a British lad, take time to polish your conversational skills. When it comes to serious relationships, Brits are open to serious discussions on how to start planning your future together.

What’s the best place to take a British lad on a date? Are you wondering what his favorite drink might be? Here are some of my tips as a dating coach (who happens to be British myself). 

First, British lads are known for their impressive speaking of the King’s language. For example, their pronunciation of the word "darling" is surely swoon-worthy. So, if your date hails from Britain, one thing for sure is that you will be impressed by our speaking skills!

British boys love a good pub. Have I answered your question about which is the best place to take a British guy on a date? Pubs are a common part of British culture. British men are at ease spending their time in pubs. It’s their favorite place to relax after a long work day.

British men tend to be chivalrous. Yes, Brits are those who will open the door for you and pull the chair for you on a date. We will also offer to pay for your meal and order you a drink.

Here is an interesting experience I recently had with a female client. So, she’s dating a handsome British guy, a Londoner to be precise. She compliments his chivalrous behavior, she likes when he offers to pay for her meals whenever they go outside, but she can’t understand why he loves hanging out at pubs all the time.

She’s not fond of them; she’s Filipina. It turns out that having a short conversation with her about British culture was all that was needed to bridge the cultural differences in their relationship. Guess where she’s taking him out next time?

Finally, be ready for some serious conversations. If you are planning to date a British lad, take time to polish your conversational skills. When it comes to serious relationships, Brits are open to serious discussions on how to start planning your future together.

If you'd like to date British men, there surely should be nothing to be afraid of.


Tips on Dating a Ukrainian Man

Ukrainian men are family-oriented. Make sure to pay a great deal of respect to his family. They are close to their families, and you being so as well will go a long way in ensuring your compatibility.

Got plans with a Slavic man this weekend? Ukrainians tend to differ in how they approach dating and relationships compared to us westerners.

As a dating coach, one thing that I can attest to about Ukrainians is that they are pretty conservative. So, are you one of those traditional ladies who prefer someone with a traditional approach to dating and relationships? Then the Ukrainians are the best pick for you.

Ukrainian lads are averse to the hookup culture that is prevalent here in the West. This doesn’t mean that they are all interested in marriage; however, they are much more into long-term relationships. So as a dating coach, I’d advise you to keep that in mind when dating one.

Ukrainians are very attractive. This cuts across the board, both for men and women. If you want someone who will really make you swoon, dating a Ukrainian guy might be the best option for you.

Ukrainian men are family-oriented. Make sure to pay a great deal of respect to his family. They are close to their families, and you being so as well will go a long way in ensuring your compatibility.

Ukrainian men prefer hard workers. Life can be hard for Ukrainians. So, being a hard worker will give you points in your relationship. No one loves lazy people.

My last female client can attest to the character traits which become evident when you’re dating a Ukrainian. She’s a Westerner and she’s madly in love with her handsome Ukrainian fiance. One thing she loves about him is his dedication to their relationship. She also compliments his hard-working nature. 

So any Ukrainians out there? I must say that we Westerners are impressed!

Tips for Dating a Filipino Man

Being pleasant and courteous in conversations with their family members is hugely helpful. I’d recommend that you learn a few words too. Show courtesy on your part.

Dating a Filipino man is likely entering unfamiliar territory for most people. Dating a guy from the Philippines is a vastly different experience than dating an American, a Thai, or a Russian man. So here are a couple of tips that can be helpful.

When dating a Filipino man, endear yourself to his family. Make sure to show respect. Filipino men maintain close bonds not only with their immediate family members but also with their extended family members.

Being pleasant and courteous in conversations with their family members is hugely helpful. I’d recommend that you learn a few words too. “Po” and “opo” are words used by Filipinos when in conversation with the elderly or with people you don’t know. That should show courtesy on your part.

Prepare to go slow when dating a Filipino man. Filipino men tend to take relationships seriously. This comes from their conservative background. So if you have the intention of getting married to a Filipino, know that it will take a while for you to achieve this.

Christianity, especially Catholicism, is widespread in the Philippines. Filipinos are known for their devotion to religion. So respect their religion.

Finally, make them laugh. Everyone loves someone who makes them laugh, right? Filipino culture places great importance on happiness and laughter. Hmmm, those are values that we should all have, right?

Dating Irish men tips

Family is very important to the Irish. So be respectful to his family. There is no stronger bond than that of an Irish mum and her son.

The first thing that will stand out to you when dating an Irish man is their accent and speech patterns. Their voices are charming and attractive as well. Irish men are known for their thick accents and incredibly fast speech. So you'd better listen carefully.

If you are a westerner, Irish culture will be familiar. They are likely to be Roman Catholic, and this dictates their culture and behavior in many ways. As with everything, religion for them is personal. Some are devout, practicing Catholics, while many are not.

One thing that I can attest to about Irish men is that they are fun-loving and they tend to be outgoing. Sorry introverts. However, there are a few who prefer their calm solace. So if you want someone who loves being outdoors and loves socializing, then don’t hesitate to go on a date with an Irish man.

Sometimes they are fiery-tempered. So tread carefully. They are also argumentative. They also use expletives in their everyday language much more than Westerners. So don’t be shocked by their crude language.

Family is very important to the Irish. So be respectful to his family. There is no stronger bond than that of an Irish mum and her son. If you find yourself dating an Irish lad, don’t be surprised to find he is a mommy’s boy.

Irish men take pride in their appearance. So don’t shy away from complementing his style! A good comment on how he dresses and looks goes a long way.

Dating a tall guy advice

It’s common knowledge that women swoon over tall men. I’d find it odd if you are the rare type that doesn’t.  So, what are the best tips to know when you are dating a tall guy?

Be comfortable with your own height. We all know that confidence is always attractive. You don't need to be tall like your partner. Be confident.

Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability. A tall guy towering over you can feel intimidating. Tall guys often exude confidence and are strong. However, this doesn’t mean that they do not have a soft side. So don’t shy away from being vulnerable, and you may be surprised at how he may be open and vulnerable as well.

Embrace your femininity. As a dating coach, I’d argue that women tend to feel more feminine when dating a tall guy.

Don’t be afraid to be assertive. Though tall guys may appear to be intimidating, don’t be afraid to speak up and be heard. Go for what you want. If you’re going to kiss him, don’t shy away from going ahead and doing so. Being assertive can be really attractive!

Shy guy dating tips

Dating shy guys can be a challenging experience. As a dating coach, I know that women are used to men taking the lead when it comes to dating and relationships.

However, shy guys can be compassionate and sensitive, which makes them wonderful companions. Here are a few tips for dating shy guys.

Don’t be afraid to show interest. I know that, as a woman, you are used to men showing interest in you first. However, shy guys may need a little more from you. They may need a clear indication from you that you are interested in them.

Be bold and make the first move. That can be terrifying, right? Don’t be afraid of rejection. For shy guys, initiating conversations with girls can be a nerve-wracking experience.

So what is the best way for you to do this? Approach him when he is alone and you are not surrounded by your friends. That will ease him up and make him more receptive to you.

Awkward silences can punctuate your conversations when you are talking to a shy guy. So, I’d advise you to ask him questions. You might be surprised at how easily he opens up to you.

Take the lead in your conversations and find common interests. Having common interests is always a bonding factor when it comes to any relationship.

Avoid blabbering and try to be a good listener. Shy guys prefer their quiet time, and you being a loudmouth may turn them off.

A few of my clients in the past have told me of challenging experiences they have had while dating shy and inexperienced guys. Some of them have given up and lost interest while others have pursued their relationships.

There is one thing that the latter can attest to. They all say that their relationship has been one of the most fulfilling that they have had. Their partners are loyal, kind, affectionate, and sensitive. So next time you date someone inexperienced, just don’t give up too soon. Don’t miss out on the best relationship experience that you might ever have.

Tips for Dating Single Dads

As a dating coach, I’d say that dating can be a complicated and tricky affair. Dating single dads can be even more complicated! Dating single dads or even single moms is not for everyone.

The first thing that I would recommend is that you assess your compatibility. Do you gauge yourself to be compatible enough with him? Single dads tend to be people who have had their fair share of games in relationships.

They’d like someone who is serious and compatible with them. So please, no games here. Serious stuff only!

Secondly, they pay great attention to their kids. Kids come first for single dads. So be aware of that when dating one. Take time to develop a rapport with their kids and show them love and affection. That will be immensely helpful.

Thirdly, you’d better know that he may be co-parenting with his ex. You better have skills to handle drama in case he might have a frosty relationship with his ex.

Take care of your finances together. Single dads already have financial responsibilities that they have to attend to. He may need to pay school fees for his kids or even pay spousal support to their exes.

You’d better be prepared for some of his money to go towards catering for those responsibilities. Pitch in and give him a helping hand as well. He will be sure to appreciate that.

Don’t give in to the stigma. You might encounter social stigma associated with dating single dads. However, why should you care? The relationship is between the both of you. So brush it off!

I’ve had the experience of coaching female clients who are dating single dads. Based on their experiences, I can verify that their dating experiences are vastly different from dating someone without children. Kids are a big deal in their dad’s lives, not to mention the impact they have on finances. And if that isn’t enough, there comes their ex-wives. 

This is why I have always paid great attention to giving my clients conflict and personal finance management tips. This advice has greatly helped them in navigating such circumstances whenever they arise within their relationships.

Finally, pay attention to your interactions with their children. Single dads pay great mind to who their children interact. Screening some of your uncouth or unsuitable friends will be appropriate.

In a nutshell…

Dating experiences vary from person to person. What works when dating a British guy may not work when dating a Filipino man. As I mentioned earlier, there are behavioral, geographical, and cultural differences that make those experiences different.

As a dating coach, I hope that the above tips will be helpful to you. When dating a shy guy, don’t be afraid to take the lead, and embrace your femininity when dating tall guys.

And finally, don’t forget to take a British lad to the best pub around when you’re on a date. He will be sure to show his appreciation for that.

Bonus Tip

Reach out to a dating coach if you need some extra help finding that special someone.


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