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Don’t let the sizzle fizzle: Tips for rekindling romance

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Ignite your relationship.

If the sizzle fizzles, you can light the fires of passion again. You already know this, however, since you are reading this article. Love can do so much to hold two people together, but to make your relationship passionate, fulfilling and physical, sometimes you need a little bit of relationship coaching to light a spark that can help you to rekindle your romance.

You probably are as in love with your mate as you ever were, and possibly, your love for your significant someone is greater than ever before. The romance may just be the only thing missing.

There is no sure fire way to find passion again. While there is no quick fix to rev up your love life, there are some things you can do that up your odds of rekindling romance. Here are some tools you use to bring passion and romance back into your relationship.


You two surely flirted with each other a lot as you started your courtship; most new lovers do. The passionate stares, seductive touches and saucy language that are part of flirtation probably played a big part in getting the two of you together. Flirting can probably also be key in keeping you together.

You can flirt with each other around the house. Make eye contact when you talk, pepper your speech with innuendo, and be sure to subtly touch your mate when you pass the salt.

Flirt in public too. You could take it to the next level by leaving your mate alone for a bit at a bar or nightclub and then try to pick your lover up. Coming up and flirting as if you are a stranger can be a fun and exciting bit of role play, and the fantasy could help to turn up the heat.



Don’t focus on the now. If you stay focused on the present in this quest to find passion again, you will end up fixated on present difficulties and obstacles in your relationship.

You need to remember how it used to be; you both do. Spend some time together reminiscing. Talk about what first attracted the two of your to each other in the first place. Take this time to talk about your first times being intimate together, and discuss some of your hottest, steamiest times together as well.

If you feel inspired, it may be a good idea to take action. This is a good time to relive the things that brought you together physically in the first place. You may not get hot and heavy right away, but a baby step toward rekindling your romance could be some light touching or cuddling as you talk.


No couple wants to admit that they are bored with each other, but many end up feeling that way. This might apply to you and your relationship as well. Boredom is usually caused by the routines that almost all couples tend to fall into. While routines make much of life easier, they can often be a certain passion-killer.

The fix is to break the routine. Do things that are a bit random and unexpected. Go out for a romantic dinner on a weeknight. Take a weekend getaway. Watch a movie or a show that has been billed as sexy, exciting or even erotic.

A small break in the monotony of the routine might do the trick. Shaking things up by doing things that are different, and even a bit sexy, can lead to a bit more passion and fire.


Even if the sizzle already fizzled, know that passion isn’t necessarily dead. You can find passion and rekindle romance, but you have to act to get the fire started.

If you want to revive your love life, try these tips. They are designed to help bring the romance back, and they can work… if you want them to. You have to work at it. Just trying these tips and others like them are meaningful steps in the right direction, steps toward rebuilding your hot, loving relationship.

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  • Izzy Shephard
    April 15, 2013

    Yes, being a little bit naughty in public can definitely fan the flames of passion. You'd be surprised at how sexy a little public petting can be! I also agree that watching something erotic helps. :) Good luck!

  • Razzle Dazzle
    May 03, 2013

    Hello Izzy! So true! My partner and I are rather fond of watching erotic material together as it gives us ideas on how to spice things up in bed! ;P

  • fgfunnels

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