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How To Write A Life Coaching Bio That Attracts New Clients

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Updated Sept 22/22

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One of the best things about being a life coach is that you can help people pursue their dreams, realize their worth, and solve their problems. One of the worst things about being a life coach is that you have to find these people first.

Indeed, marketing yourself effectively can be a challenge, especially if you are new to being a life coach. However, it’s not impossible. And the first thing you should do is write a great bio. Hence, here’s how to write a life coaching bio that attracts new clients.


Why Do You Need A Life Coaching Bio?

Before you start writing any life coaching bios, you need to understand why you need one in the first place. As a life coach, you will likely be using multiple channels to market yourself. For most of these channels, you will have the chance to include your bio – and that’s where the interesting part begins.

A short bio can help you attract the attention of potential clients and persuade them to buy your coaching seminars, personal sessions, and any other life coaching products or services you offer. Your bio could be the first point when a potential client gets to know you as a person. That’s why it’s so important to make the most out of it.

For example, if you guest blog, including a short bio at the end of your posts could encourage your readers to check out your website and the life coaching you offer. Likewise, you will need to use your bio when working with other channels and platforms, including your own website (your “About” page).

Sometimes, your bio could help your audience decide whether or not they want to purchase your life coaching products and services. That’s why you need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes when writing your bio. Other things you should consider include:

  • Who you are, what your story is, and why this is relevant to your audience
  • What your area of expertise (or coaching niche) is and why this is relevant
  • How your life coaching skills will help your client solve their problems
  • How your potential client can get in touch with you or find out more about you

If you remember these four aspects while writing your life coaching bio, you will be able to make it the best it can be. If you cover each point, you will be able to provide your audience with every essential detail they should know before they decide to find out more about your products and/or services (e.g. through your website) or get in touch with you directly.

Things to remember when writing your life coaching bio

#1 Make It Short and Sweet

First and foremost, always remember to make your bio as short and sweet as possible. After all, this isn’t an autobiography you are writing. It’s just a bio you need for marketing yourself online. And when people use the Internet, they don’t usually do it because they want to read a lengthy book – they want bite-sized pieces of content.

That’s why the shorter your bio is, the better. Of course, this will mean that you will have to get rid of many important details along the process. However, doing so will teach you to be more precise with your wording which is a valuable skill for marketing yourself (and for writing in general).

#2 Imagine Your Dream Client

When you sit down to write your life coaching bio, imagine your dream client. This is the person you would ideally like to coach. Most of the time, there will be different people you’d like to work with, so it’s okay to have several dream clients. In fact, this is one of the reasons why you would have to follow the next tip about writing multiple bios.

Once you have your dream client (you can even outline their profile for reference), you can start writing your bio with an aim to appeal specifically to this kind of client. This person will prefer a particular type of wording, will have certain values and interests, etc. Your goal will be to use these details to make the bio that strikes a chord with this kind of client.

#3 Write Multiple Bios

As mentioned above, it’s a good idea to write multiple bios instead of only writing a single one. The first reason to do this is that you will likely have different dream clients in mind. In other words, there will be different segments of your audience to appeal to. The second reason to do this is that you will be working with different channels and platforms.

Jett Mendoza explains it this way, “Writing multiple bios allows you to adapt each one to a certain type of reader and platform that you are working with. Moreover, you can also experiment with details and see what works better.”

#4 Spark Curiosity

One of the most important things you should do as a marketer when promoting your life coaching products and services is spark curiosity. When your readers are curious about who you are, what you do, and what you can offer, they will be more likely to take the next steps to find out more (e.g. check out your website, get in touch with you via social media, etc.)

To build curiosity, try to give out hints without giving away all the knowledge you have to offer. You can even use humor to spice things up. Just make sure that the wording you use for all of this is appropriate.

#5 Build Trust

While you should spark curiosity with your bio, you should also aim to build trust. Remember that your bio will often be the first impression your potential client gets of you. That’s why it’s so important to instantly make them trust you. Otherwise, they will be more likely to simply move on without trying to find out more about you.

Make sure to use the right wording and avoid raising any red flags that could scare people away. Remember that you are a life coach, and some people won’t take your products or services seriously. Consequently, you need to show that you are a true professional in your field and can be trusted.

#6 Prove Your Worth

This tip directly relates to the previous one because building trust largely depends on proving your worth as a life coach. The best way to do this is to use social proof. Any reviews and testimonials from past clients can help you out. Likewise, recommendations from established experts in your niche could also be useful.

Sahara Daughert puts it this way, “You should never lie in your bio if you want people to trust you. But you also shouldn’t brag because that could create a negative image for you. The solution here is obviously social proof, but you should still use it sparingly (especially in your bio which is meant to be short).”

Tips on how to write a life coaching bio

#7 Use Active Voice

As mentioned earlier, wording can play a key role in how good your bio is. That’s exactly why you need to choose your words so carefully. One technique to always keep in mind is using active voice. As opposed to passive voice, active voice inspires action and encourages your readers to do something.

At the same time, it’s a good idea to include a CTA at the end of your bio. It should be a simple action such as “Find out more on my website” or “Follow me on social media.” Just something the reader can do right after they finish reading your bio to continue interacting with you and your brand in some way.

#8 Avoid Buzzwords

Speaking of your wording, it’s a good idea to avoid buzzwords. It can be very tempting to keep on using them, but you could easily end up sounding like someone who wants to look like an expert while not actually being one.

The same goes for jargon. Using some terms from your niche or industry will show that you know what you are talking about. But if you overuse them, you will just confuse your audience and maybe even end up looking needy.

#9 Show Yourself

This isn’t exactly about writing your bio but rather enriching it. One of the best ways to show that you are a real human being who can be trusted is to do exactly that – show yourself. That’s why you should include a photo of yourself whenever you use your bio as long as it is appropriate for the channel/platform.

Make sure that your photo looks professional and is of high quality. It’s a good idea to dress up in professional attire and groom yourself before heading for the photoshoot. Smile and stand in a welcoming pose, but don’t be too happy because that could make you look too casual. Show yourself as a confident life coach ready to help out your clients.

#10 Let Them Discover You

Last but not least, let your readers discover you. It should be easy for your audience to find you if you want to get as many clients as possible. When writing your bio, include some relevant keywords to optimize it for search engines. However, try to also think beyond that.

Provide ways to contact you (e.g. website, social media, email, etc.) Likewise, encourage people to find out more and get in touch with you (as mentioned earlier, add a call to action). And always make sure to use a bio when guest blogging because that’s the best way for potential clients to discover you when reading such posts.

Next steps

The bottom line is that being a life coach is not just about your own skills as a coach but also about your skills as a marketer. That’s why you need to pay special attention to writing a bio (or several bios) that will stand out and attract the attention of potential clients. Use the tips in this article to help you get started and begin creating your own life coaching bios.

Get even more tips, and an analysis of life coach bios with real examples in our definitive guide to writing a life coach bio.

What to in include in a life coaching bio


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