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Organizing the Kitchen: How to Save Time and Space

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(My quest to stay organized through a downsize continues... This is Part II of Staying Organized Through a Downsize: How I Won The Battle To Unclutter).

Organize your kitchen when you only have a small space

As I continue to get situated in my new apartment, one of the biggest problems is always the kitchen. It’s a typical, small, compact apartment kitchen. I have limited counter space, limited cupboards, limited storage space overall. Some of my cupboards go pretty deep, but the problem with this is that things get buried and stuck at the back and I often forget about them.

As I try to set up and organize my kitchen my main goal is to maximize space. I’ve found some cupboard accessories that have essentially added removable shelf space which is great for cups and glasses. Other than this I was at a bit of a loss until I discovered some gems from Uncluttered Designs and The Brewologist. 

The Coffee Maker

I was excited about this convenient, compact coffee maker for two reasons. First, I’m a coffee addict and I’m always interested in ways to make my coffee experience better. Second, because I was able to see immediately how this pour-over style coffee maker was going to make my life easier. 

For the longest time, I’ve been using a clunky, old-fashioned coffee maker that used to belong to my parents. It’s large and requires several steps to get the coffee made. This smaller, simpler pour-over design is an interesting switch for me. 

How it Works:

For those who are unfamiliar, a pour-over coffee maker is very much what it sounds like. The coffee brews as you manually pour the water over your grounds. It’s small, effective, and best of all - portable!

You can take it on any kind of trip - whether you’re staying in a hotel or a tent.

What you need to know:

  • The pour-over method allows more oils and aromatics to be released from the coffee, which enhances the blend, giving it more body and higher notes. 

  • The best coffee for a pour-over coffee maker is a medium or coarsely ground coffee. You want to aim for an even grind. 

  • To begin making your coffee, you want to fill the reusable, stainless steel filter with your coffee. Make sure you even the bed a little by tapping the edges. 

  • Blooming the coffee is an important step. To do this, pour about an ounce of hot water over the grounds. They will swell and expand. This has released the gasses it accumulated during the roasting process. 

  • To brew, slowly pour hot water over your grounds in a circular motion for about one minute. Then, pour directly into the center for another minute or so. The coffee will continue brewing for about one minute after you finish pouring. 

That’s all there is to it! It’s easy and fast. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes from start to finish. 

How it Helps:

So, how does this coffee maker help me stay organized? First is the size. It’s much smaller than my old coffee maker and will, therefore, take up far less space on my counter. In fact, it’s so small and light I could tuck it in the cupboard if I need the space and pull it out when it’s time to make coffee.

Second, it’s going to save me time. While it’s not an astronomical amount of time, it will make a difference to my mornings. Especially on my busiest days, every minute counts and this process is faster than my current set-up. 

The Three tiered Letter Tray

The letter tray is a classic item that is useful in many situations. The simple design is one of the most versatile organization products. Uncluttered Designs stands out with its fast, easy assembly and breathable trays.

Many people use this type of product for their desk or office, but the breathable design gives you even more options. Personally, I’ll be keeping it on my counter and using it to store food. I mentioned counter space being at a premium in my place and therefore a priority to maximize.

The letter tray has three levels which essentially creates extra counter space for me. Right now, my cupboards are cluttered and I find myself simply shoving things in there with no rhyme or reason. The extra space this tray creates is perfect for smaller, loose items that I consume on a regular basis, such as fruits.

If I don’t have enough produce to fill all three trays, I might keep some of my most-used kitchen tools on the bottom tray for easier access. 

Unclutter your kitchen!

Apples and peanut butter are my weakness. Digging around and reaching to the back of the cupboard for the apples I bought last week is getting annoying. This is the perfect solution as it fits nicely in line with everything else and can hold so many things. 

Other Ideas

This letter tray offers many other options. Of course, there is the original intent of storing papers and documents in an office setting. Whether you bring it to work or keep it at home, it can absolutely be used for this. The three levels let you categorize your documents for easy access and separation.

Another place it can be useful is in the bedroom. It’s a good size for most night tables if you’ve got a lot you store on that. Or, it’s perfect for the top of your dresser. It can store books, notebooks, mail, electronics, vitamins, lotions, the options are endless. Not only does this keep you organized but it makes everything easily accessible. 

Stay Organized with Uncluttered Designs

The Brilliant Spice Rack 

This spice rack is like nothing you’ve seen before. I’m truly in love with it. It’s easy, convenient, and extremely versatile.

It comes with a chrome plate, nine magnetic spice bottles, and a hook and screws for hanging it up.

There are three main ways you can use this spice rack:

  1. Go old fashioned and leave it on the counter. The round bottles have magnets on the bottom and will stick to the chrome plate. To save a little space and make things more convenient, you can prop the rack up on a 70-degree angle. Move it around as needed. 

  2. Save space and attach the rack to a wall or the inside of a cabinet. If this is what you choose, they provide you with a hook and the necessary screws. 

  3. Attach the bottles directly to your fridge or any other magnetic surface. The magnets cover the entire bottom of the bottle and are sufficiently strong. This method gives you all the power as you can arrange them in any fashion you like - see below. 

Once you’ve decided how you’re going to set up your spice rack, it’s time to fill the bottles. Their design is innovative and useful for dispensing both spices and herbs. Begin by removing the cap and filling the bottle with your desired herb or spice.

When storing, ensure the lid covers both holes. To dispense, simply turn the lid to reveal either the small holes - for spices - or the larger one - for herbs. You can remove the lid entirely to scoop larger amounts out with a spoon. The lids are clear so you can easily see which spice you need.

In the kitchen alone, this versatile spice rack can be used in so many different ways. It suits any number of set-ups. If you really love your spices and have more than nine at any given time, setting up multiple racks will work just as well. 

Other Ideas

If you’re not a spice person, this brilliant little rack is useful for many other things. With the help of the included bracket, it can attach to any surface. You can put it in your bedroom for vitamins, buttons, hair clips, jewelry, or even little candies or snacks. 

It can also be placed beside your desk for small office supplies like push pins and post-it notes.

It’s also a fantastic option for those who have a knack for crafts and DIY projects. It’s perfect for a craft room or workshop as it can easily hold and organize an assortment of beads pins, threads, cords, glue, screws, nuts, bolts, etc.

These ideas are just the beginning. I’m in love with this versatile little product and may just have to get myself one for each room. It also makes a great gift as most people would be able to find a use for it somewhere. 

Onwards and Upwards 

Trying to get organized - and then stay organized - in a one-bedroom basement apartment is an ongoing battle. At times it feels like I’m never going to find a perfect place for every little thing. But, it’s versatile and innovative products like these ones that give me hope of getting there someday. The process becomes less and less daunting with the addition of each one.

I’ve come a long way but the journey is far from over. Stay tuned as I continue to tackle my clutter, one room at a time.  


Read Part I of how it all started here: Staying Organized Through a Downsize: How I Won The Battle To Unclutter, Part 1

Stay tuned for Part III when I tackle the bedroom!




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