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Overcoming Self Doubt (The Dream Killer)

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I came across this quote on Facebook the other day by Jeremy Chin: "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will."

Is Self doubt killing your dreams?

Self doubt does kill dreams. Do you know how many artisans, humanitarians, caregivers, and philanthropists are unable to share their gifts with the world not because they have tried and failed but simply because they couldn't wrap their head around believing they could be successful?  

I don't know the numbers for sure.  I do know that it's a common occurrence - and a travesty. 

As I write this, a strong massage therapist waits to get her education and credentials, an elegant designer sends out resumes for the least creative jobs on the planet, a soulful singer sits in her cubicle longing for something more, and a tenderhearted pastor is frozen wondering where the money will come from.


Is self doubt holding you captive?

Self doubt so often holds us captive. When we don't have certainty about who we are or what is possible, or that there is paradise for us here on earth, we sit in the dungeon of disbelief chained to the wall. We can move around and may feel like we're making forward movement, but if self doubt is still tied around our ankle, we won't get very far.

The good news is that self doubt is in our heads and that means we can control it. We get to choose which thoughts we will entertain. We get to choose to be skeptics or believers. It sounds really simple and easy, but we both know it's not.  

From your seat in the dungeon, it seems rather impossible. That's because when your eyes have become accustomed to the darkness, that's all you can see.  Your thoughts easily fall into the ruts of doubt and you don't remember any other way of thinking.

Loosen your chains and overcome self doubt

My heart's desire and my life work is to loosen the chains of fear and doubt that hold you captive. It literally hurts my heart to encounter people who are stuck in the dungeon.

Seriously.  I'm crying just thinking about it.  

The only reason I have such a strong reaction is because I know exactly what it feels like to be in the darkness. And now I know what it takes to permanently move into the light, to experience freedom, to take risks, to inhabit the same space as my dreams.  

I would love nothing more than to see you out here in the light, pursuing your dreams too. If you're longing for something so much more, let's set up some time to talk.

Photo Credit : Jeremy Chin


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