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What an Entrepreneur Must Do Following the Development of a Business Plan

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Choosing Proper Employees Increases Potential Growth Coaching Quotes

If you’ve successfully overcome the hurdles of creating your business plan, you can celebrate (at least for now), since you already have a company roadmap to succeed.

As you know, completing your business plan is only the first big step towards achieving company success. Your next move, which is proper implementation of your strategy, is crucial since it can either gear you up for success or send your company down the drain.    

Implement your business strategy

Let's assume that your business strategy is complete and that it provides a clear outline of your objectives. Do you realize how difficult it is to follow through on them? You need to be aware of the measures you may need to take to execute your company strategy correctly. You must be wondering what you have to do when your company strategy is complete; well, this is the implementation. 

Implementation is often where the battle begins for most entrepreneurs. Prior research illustrates  the difficulty of strategy implementation. Nearly all managers believe that implementing strategy is harder than formulating it. 73% of managers think that it’s more difficult, 72% consider it to be more time consuming, and 85% believe that it’s less easy to control, based on the results of a 1989 study by Booz Allen (Huston,1992 as cited by Zairi,1995).

Managers believe implementing strategy to be much more difficult than formulating it

Thus, as a business leader, you need to ensure your company strategy is impenetrable outside of the blueprint.

This article will walk you through, step-by-step, what an entrepreneur should undertake following the creation of a business plan if they want to succeed.


Select the right staff 

Try to put aside your ego and employ individuals with abilities you might not have; this will even out the differences and give your company a better perspective.

The first stage is to assemble a powerful team; every business leader needs a group to assist in the best execution of their plans. Starting a company or implementing an initiative requires effective management and control to keep the ball rolling. 

You'll need to learn how to manage every aspect of the business, that includes your finances so that you can pay your employees' salaries. In addition, you must be able to divide your attention between sales and marketing to turn your company into a profitable and sustainable business.

Assembling your dream team is essential for your success. It’s not only about putting the best minds together but also considering those who have the proper personality and attitude that fits your organizational culture. As Babe Ruth, an American professional baseball player once said

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”

Choosing the right employees increases your company's potential for growth. You need to carefully select people you can trust for you to focus on the more essential business aspects such as improving your products and services, acquiring more clients, and other areas that will make your company more profitable. 

Try to put aside your ego and employ individuals with abilities you might not have; this will even out the differences and give your company a better perspective.

Dig deeper into your market 

With proper research and planning, you’ll get to the bottom of your target market’s “why” and you’ll be ready to provide solutions to their concerns.

You need to know your market and cover your fundamentals. Your business will be impacted by your employees as well as those around you.

For a business to be successful, you have to be well-informed and aware of what your target market is and what they really want. Having knowledge about this will help you improve, and if you are just building your business, know what types of services you will offer.

Before moving on to the next stage, determine which marketing plan would benefit your brand the most. With proper research and planning, you’ll get to the bottom of your target market’s “why” and you’ll be ready to provide solutions to their concerns.

Use a blog to establish an online presence


Since the pandemic, everyone is aware of how crucial it is for a company to have an internet presence. 

Every business should have a blog and produce good content. Consider what will drive more traffic to your website and attract more clients. Improve your SEO. Once you identify your target market, all you have to do is keep publishing. Set a time frame for publishing and stick to it.

Test out several marketing techniques

Every company you have ever visited asks for your email address for a reason.

Along with content, experiment with a variety of marketing techniques. Look for those that work best for you and your company. Examine what draws clients to you the most, experiment, and don't be afraid of a challenge. 

Use social media as much as you can. Exploring various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, will also give you an idea of how well you are connecting with your identified market and what strategies you should use for effective brand recall.

You can also opt for email marketing as it is still one of the most effective tactics. Every company you have ever visited asks for your email address for a reason.

Collecting email addresses is about creating a mailing list so you can inform your consumers information about specials and promotions. Updates and blog notifications can keep people interested; just don't go overboard. 

The key is to establish your brand voice and find out what works best for you.

Use tools and strategies for marketing 

Developing a business strategy is a lot like chessUsing the 4P’s approach - product, price, position, and place will set you on the right foot. This method allows you to 

  • Assess whether your customers are satisfied with your product, 
  • Determine the effect of your price on your sales
  • Find out if your brand has a clear positioning among a sea of products, and 
  • Help you to check if your sales channels are well-placed. 

Whether it’s social media, the 4P’s, market research, advertising, or branding, the tools and marketing techniques you implement will be directly related to the brand you develop.This is why choosing the right tools and strategies for your marketing is critical because they are one of the key elements that determine the future of your business. 

Marketing helps to boost your sales, generate leads, and promote your services - basically put your name out there. So do not be afraid to try out different kinds of tools and strategies to know what really works for your business.

Establish your brand 

Every brand goes through a journey; therefore, you need to determine what yours will be and what you want to show your customers along the way. 

Now that your company strategy is complete, the fun can begin.

Make sure your company is one that customers want to connect with. Building a great brand can help you get the recognition that brings a competitive edge in the marketplace.

There is a reason why businesses spend a fortune maintaining their reputations; they guard their brands as if their whole existence depended on it, and guess what? It does. Negative branding causes firms to fail. So, you should make this a top priority.

Every brand goes through a journey; therefore, you need to determine what yours will be and what you want to show your customers along the way. 

Take advice from the pros 

Coaching quote for entrepreneurs and small businesses

Read a lot; you need to understand how things work and how crucial they are to business. Every company has a narrative to talk about its success or failure, and every story has a lesson to be learned. The goal is to fully accept the lesson. 

Look at both the successful and unsuccessful stories. Find out why businesses don’t make it. Understand what went wrong, why a previous firm failed, and what more might have been done. Skip the hassle of going through physical, psychological, and financial stress by learning from others’ mistakes and achievements.

There is nothing better than learning from the people who have done it before - either from those who became successful or from those who failed, you can benefit from their experiences because it is not just based on theories.

Develop your network 

Never forget that you are more powerful the more people you know. Having a great product or offering a wonderful service surely means a lot, but tapping the right people can elevate your business.

Get out into the world and represent it since you are the face of the company and can't rely on your employees to generate additional relationships for you.

You can network by giving out your services to a few people who could have an impact on society so they can recommend you. Your business network should extend in all directions, starting from your suppliers down to your clients, and even with your competitors, for you to be continuously abreast with the changing market conditions. 

Also, find a coach who can bring out the best in you and support you in your business goals. Seek opportunities to connect and market what you offer.  

Always remember that your main goal is to be well-known, and to do that it will be beneficial for you to find people who can expand your reach. Doing this will not only allow people to know that your business exists but also open more opportunities for your business to prosper by having access to resources, partners, and clients for your business development.

Parting words 

Now that you are aware of all the quick actions involved in operating your business, create a checklist of everything you need to accomplish and go through it step-by-step.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and to take risks, because that is where you will learn and eventually succeed. Be patient and focus on your goal, making sure to take it one step at a time. 

Enterpreneur's checklist: What to do after you develop a business plan

Good luck, and be kind to yourself.


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