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After the Empty Nest: How to Make a List of YOUR Dreams to Fulfill

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The empty nest

All of us parents go through the inevitable "empty nest."

We spent two-plus decades caring for, providing for, instructing and cheering on these wonderful - and on a rare occassion not so wonderful - people we have called our children. You invested SO very much of you and your care into this being. Sometimes to the point of giving up on things for yourself to ensure your child had all that was needed to succeed and go out into the world.

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Time to fulfil another child's dreams

NOW a-mazing parent that you are... you are going to take that investment energy and fulfill another child's dreams & goals. You the Child. The inner child that missed out or did not get the chance because of resources, time or lack of information. NOW, you the Parent will take your inner Child and ask, remind and investigate "What dream or goal has yet to be fulfilled?"

Action item: Make a list of Dreams for the Inner Child

Make a list of "Dreams, Goals & Fun-for your Inner Child."  Make the list as long as you want. Go for all your heart's desires. Big, small, serious or fun... just go deep within and let it all out. As your coach I offer you to make a list of At Least 50 things. That may sound too big, too much... but my sweet child YOU ARE WORTH IT!  You are worth the time, the energy and the investment. 

It does not mean you will do or even attempt all 50. It does mean you as the adult you, are giving the same love, care and effort to your inner child as you did the young adults you raised in your home for the last 2 decades. It means that life is not over, you are not too old, you are not too anything... you are Worthy & Capable to IN+JOY all the life your inner child wants to enjoy.

So grab a piece of paper, your journal, your device or on your computer and start digging deep for that list of 50 YOU dreams!

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  • Coach Zenobia Bailey, M.A.
    Zenobia Bailey, M.A.
    November 12, 2014

    Love it! Excellent graphics to accompany as well.

  • Mrs. Butler
    November 15, 2014

    Thank you for this great inspiration and action list!

  • Coach Victoria Marie Malone
    Victoria Marie Malone
    December 04, 2014

    Thank you for the nice support.
    Being an empty-nest parent and a coach, I hope to be of inspiration to
    assist people to move forward by their self-inspired action.
    I am grateful to be a coach and for this work!~Victoria Marie

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