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Happiness Goal #10: Take Time for YOU Every Day

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Welcome to the final installment in our Happiness Goals Countdown. Today's goal urges you to take time for yourself every day. But what's the best way to do that and increase happiness?

Relax every day.

Relaxation really is the key to your happiness. Daily meditation will renew you the most.

Many ways to meditate exist. How you do it is up to you. What matters most is achieving deep relaxation. Harvard Medical School researchers found that long term relaxation alters people at a genetic level. As reported at the Independent, relaxation activates disease-fighting genes which reduce pain, lower blood pressure, and increase pleasurable body chemicals like serotonin. Relaxation helps your immunity and fertility as well. Results like these can become apparent in as little as two months of relaxation practices.

Another study done by Broadbent and colleagues in 2012 showed the effect relaxation has on physical health. People about to have surgery were helped to relax with guided imagery meditation and relaxation CDs. Their wounds healed faster than the control group that did not receive relaxation help.

More advice about happiness appears in Rick Hanson's book Hardwiring Happiness. He recommends that people pause when good things happen so they can remember them better. This is called a self-directed neuroplasticity method. It helps the brain build positive memories. It “resets the brain to its natural resting state” that brings peaceful feelings and happiness.

Because your happiness can spread to others, it's vital that you make your relaxation a priority. When you pursue daily relaxation, you will be doing yourself a valuable service. Greater health will ensue. And you'll have a greater capacity to receive and give happiness.

Thanks for following the Happiness Goals Countdown! We hope the research we've shared will help you build a happy life. After you start meeting goals, let others know how they can choose happiness too.

Artist: Edward Cucuel