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What is a Health coach?

A health coach is a type of life coach who will help you reach your health, fitness and wellness goals. Health coaching is becoming increasingly popular as people realize it takes more than a yearly physical at the doctor to stay on top of their health goals.

What does a Health coach do?

A health coach is a lot like a personal trainer at the gym. Except instead of only being on your side about a specific workout in your health club, a health coach is by your side for all the decisions affecting your health. Whatever your goals may be, they help you track them and stay accountable to them, over multiple areas of your life including nutrition, weight loss, illness, maintaining your youth and vitality, and truly thriving!

Do I need a Health coach?

If you struggle with issues such as weight loss, chronic health conditions, loss of vigour and energy, or the effects of stress, then a health coach would probably be a great choice for you. Take a look at the coaches below to find one who meets your own personal criteria, then book a free call or make contact.


Health coaches

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  • Coach Shanaaz Casper South Africa R75 - R100 ZAR Contact me

    Shanaaz Casper

    Free Call!
    Life Coach

    Hi, i am a female coach from Cape Town, South Africa and i'd love to assist clients from all over th

  • Coach Katy Morin Canada $17 - $500 USD Contact me

    Katy Morin

    Free Call!
    Certified Wellness Coach

    I help women who struggle with social anxiety.  

  • Coach Conservatory At Plano United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    Conservatory At Plano

    Free Call!

    Conservatory At Plano is a trusted and reputable retirement community in Plano, TX.

  • Coach Chapman Consulting Group United States $10 - $1000 USD Contact me

    Chapman Consulting Group

    Free Call!

    Chapman Consulting Group specializes in healthcare compliance consulting.

  • Coach Sound and Soulful United States   Contact me

    Sound and Soulful

    Free Call!

    Sound & Soulful has hundreds of subliminal affirmation tracks. Buy meditation tracks online today!

  • Coach Mona Kirstein United States $125 - $150 USD Contact me

    Mona Kirstein

    Free Call!

    Holistic Transformational Coach For Women Over 30

  • Coach Spring Mill Senior Living United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    Spring Mill Senior Living

    Free Call!

    At Spring Mill Senior Living, we aim to provide our senior residents with a friendly community.

  • Coach Head Pain Institute United States $300 - $1100 USD Contact me

    Head Pain Institute

    Free Call!

    As a leading TMJ & migraine treatment provider in Arizona.

  • Coach Amanda Maitland United Kingdom $35 - $50 USD Contact me

    Amanda Maitland

    Free Call!

    HolisticHealer Hypnotherapist

  • Coach Seth Lusk Switzerland $4000 - $12000 USD Contact me

    Seth Lusk

    Free Call!
    Master Certified Life Coach

    I help you to start living your most authentic and fulfilling life!

  • Coach TerraBella Sugarloaf United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    TerraBella Sugarloaf

    Free Call!

    TerraBella Sugarloaf is a world-class senior living facility in Georgia.

  • Coach Discovery Village Vero Beach United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    Discovery Village Vero Beach

    Free Call!

    Experience high-quality senior living in Vero Beach, FL at Discovery Village Vero Beach.

  • Coach Maryam Mallhi United States $100 - $450 USD Contact me

    Maryam Mallhi

    Free Call!
    Certified Life & Relationship Coach

    I help you unlock your potential, overcome obstacles, and create a fulfilling life tailored to

  • Coach Discovery Village At Stuart United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    Discovery Village At Stuart

    Free Call!

    Discovery Village At Stuart offers all-inclusive senior living options in Stuart, Florida. Our commu

  • Coach Rittenhouse Village At Lehigh Valley United States $123 - $456 USD Contact me

    Rittenhouse Village At Lehigh Valley

    Free Call!

    Rittenhouse Village At Lehigh Valley offers a wide range of senior living options in Allentown, PA.

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