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What is a Motivational coach?

A motivational coach empowers you to achieve your goals. Your coach trains you in the decision and goal setting process. You'll learn the methods used by successful people who get things done. This guidance makes it much easier for you to stop procrastinating. And you'll avoid pitfalls that could discourage you. Your ideas about the success you want are transformed by your coach into clear step-by-step actions. With coaching you'll finally be able light your inner fire.

What does a Motivational coach do?

I'll do it later.

We're all familiar with this line. Some may have even resorted to making this their mantra. Its occasional utterance is totally understandable. What isn't is when you apply it to everything, all the time.

I'll apply for that dream job later. I'll learn that skill set tomorrow. I'll start working on myself next week.

You might find that when all of these “laters” add up, you've already wasted a lot of your time. Or worse, your whole life. It's too late and irreversible. 

Somebody already got the position. Someone else got the promotion. You're regretting how your life is turning out. What a motivational coach does, then, is prevent you from these kinds of regrets. 

Because, as human beings, there's this innate need to find meaning in everything we do. You want to always be learning. That or taking on challenges that are meaningful to you. All of these are exciting and quite stimulating. 

The enemy, though, is when motivation runs out. It causes frustration. And later on, may even cause disarray in other aspects of your life. 

Fortunately for you, a motivational coach's job is to help you:

Turn that 'Later' into 'Now'

One of the best attributes of a motivational coach is their ability to help you turn your laters into now. Most of the time, the key to getting things done is not waiting around for motivation to strike. It's to do it now. 

Because let's face it, motivation isn't something you and I can just summon whenever we want. It has a mind of its own.

I'm sure you've heard of this one line, "nothing exists outside of the now," or some variation of it. The past may determine who you are, but it's just a stored memory and a trace of a former now. Your future goals may dictate what actions you take today, but it's an imagined now (Tolle, 1997). 

Both the past and the future are a form of the present. They have no reality of their own except right here when you think about them. The point is that you only have this moment to make necessary changes. Take appropriate actions now and stop putting off your chance at a better life. 

A motivational coach can help you see this for a fact. Not to rush you or anything, okay? But this moment you have is already fleeting. It'll be lost before you can even hold onto it tightly. So, you might as well use it while it's still yours. 

Be Decisive. B.E. DECISIVE

Every decision you make consists of options, consequences, and uncertainties. These are things you consider throughout the course of arriving at a decision (Slovic et al., 1983). Unfortunately, problem structuring is something people often need help with. It is a preventive method for you to avoid addressing the wrong problems. 

In a world obsessed with excelling at everything, knowing what you want and chasing after it is considered rebellious. The thought of undertaking endeavors when your heart isn't in it is downright miserable. For what? The sake of recognition, status, or glory?  

A motivational coach begins by talking with you about what you really want. Only you can truly define your own success. Decision-making is a significant part of the motivational process so that you can go forward. You'll get this done by deeply exploring your desires with guidance from the coach. And your coach makes sure you create clear and realistic goals.

Overcome Personal Obstacles

So, quick q. What's holding you back?

What's that thing that scares you so much? 

I'll bet it's a belief that you'll do fine without help. But overcoming procrastination is easier said than done. 

Limiting beliefs are typically deeply rooted within you. Pulling them out would mean relieving childhood memories better left untouched. You think they're better left alone and buried.

A motivational coach will tell you otherwise, though. It’s better if you, with professional help, are able to identify precisely what the problem is. You don’t overcome personal obstacles by hiding away, hoping they won't find you. You face them head-on, even if you're internally fearing for your life. 

Because once you're able to set and incorporate actionable steps with the help of your coach, you'll feel limitless. Achieving your heart's desire will be within reach. The world will be your oyster.

Do I need a Motivational coach?

p>There are needs. Then there are wants. Investing in yourself and your well-being is a must. A need. Arriving at a state of awareness may be something that you’ll need help with. So, yes. You’ll need a motivational coach if you want to have any of the following firmly under our belts:

Find Intrinsic Motivation

If only we could tap into an unlimited source of motivation, life would be (so much) easier. But alas, this isn’t the case. Maybe there’s a hack for it?

The closest you’ll find is in the form of a motivational coach ?

By hiring one, you wouldn’t have to rely on external validation. Not to seek rewards or merely avoid a punishment. These are the kinds of motivation that aren’t sustainable. 

One way or another, you’ll lose the drive. There will come a time when certain forms of achievements won’t be as appealing as they seem. What then?

But if you’re able to access intrinsic motivation, then you basically win in life. A motivational coach can help you look within for your truest and deepest desires. Factors like personal interests, growth, and enjoyment will be the driving factor.

Basically, you’ll lean more into activities that you’re passionate about. No pressure. Just you, exploring and finding satisfaction in life.

Focus on the Present

Not in the future. Most definitely, not in the past.

I wonder if you notice (and wonder about) the norm these days. People are in a constant state of anxiety and stress. 

There are deadlines to be met. Responsibilities to attend to. A career to figure out. Decisions made yesterday that resulted in unfavorable consequences.

It’s just a lot (insert the heaviest of sighs). Is there even a chance to pause and just breathe? 

There is. And I’m giving you time now. So go ahead. While you’re at it, zoom in on the problems mentioned above. Do you see how they’re all outside of the present moment?

You’ll need a motivational coach to help you be present.. Because we both know that doing it on our own is a burden. It’ll be beneficial for you to have someone capable of guiding you through conscious awareness. 

Translation? Mindfulness. This is the key to living in the here and now.

Unleash Personal Growth

Talking about personal growth is kind of a broad topic. It may mean being more confident. Or it may be learning new things. It can even be changing a self-destructive mindset. Whatever aspect of personal growth you're focusing on, a motivational coach is just the person to seek guidance to.

Working on this kind of growth requires (if not demands) motivation. Of course, this will also include your desire and willingness to make the necessary changes. Pair this with your coach. Then you can guarantee your growth and improvement.

If you start things and give up or don't know how to follow your dreams, a motivational coach will teach you all the steps to success. You don't have to wander through life wondering what could be. You can get past your doubts. 

When you put together a clear plan of action with a coach, finding your motivation becomes much more accessible. Stop holding yourself back. With the right help, you can have a successful life.


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  • Coach Femi O. United States $233 - $299 USD Contact me

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    Emotional Intelligence Expert

    Femi is a passionate self-worth coach and emotional intelligence expert.

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    Lifestyle and motivational coaching

    Cumulative learning’s from sporting and career experience has armed me with a unique array of skills

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    Monique Whiting

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    I am an Authenticity Coach who enjoys working with clients as they navigate life transitions.

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    IPEC Certified Life Coach

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    20 years studying human behavior

    i have devoted my life to studying human behavior i can help Any willing person succeed at any goal.

  • Coach Sharon Atwater United States $45 - $300 USD Contact me

    Sharon Atwater

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    Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach training from Liberty University and Light University.

  • Coach Alex Melihor Ukraine $25 - $30 USD Contact me

    Alex Melihor

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    Motivational trainer and life coach

    I like helping people and show them what they can do.

  • Coach Anna Soćko Poland $10 - $20 USD Contact me

    Anna Soćko

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    Psycholog. Coach Zmiany.

    Coaching życia i kariery. Poradnictwo Psychologiczne. Dialog motywujący.

  • Coach Kiernan Powers United States $75 - $110 USD Contact me

    Kiernan Powers

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    Certified Life Coach, PSYCH-K Faci

    I would feel honored and grateful to help you have the most joy filled life possible. I believe in

  • Coach Bridget Williams United States $100 - $350 USD Contact me

    Bridget Williams

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    I love to help women discover the greatness that is inside of them and to gain some clarity of life.

  • Coach Suren Arora Canada   Contact me

    Suren Arora

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    Helping people affected by a relationship pick up their pieces.  

  • Coach Apolo Ohno United States   Contact me

    Apolo Ohno

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    8x Olympic Winner

    As an 8x winter Olympic medalist, this involves me in the Olympic movement as a broadcaster for NBC.

  • Coach Tamika Coleman United States $20 - $80 USD Contact me

    Tamika Coleman

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    Certified Life Coach, CDA, PHR, MA

    Tamika Coleman is passionate about meeting you where you are and catapulting you to success.

  • Coach Stephanie Meredith Portugal $70 - $2500 USD Contact me

    Stephanie Meredith

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    Accredited Mindset and Confidence

    Accredited Mindset, Confidence and Positivity Coach

  • Coach Amanda McRobie United States   Contact me

    Amanda McRobie

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    Your journey to mindfulness, motivation, and authentic living.

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How can a Motivational coach help me?

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Zig Ziglar Coaching Quote

You don't just happen upon motivation. You seek it out and cultivate it. If you wait for it to arrive at your doorstep, you'll be waiting for a very long time. 

And get this. Continued inaction further dwindles any chance of sparking that motivation within you. 

It's even harder to get motivated if you lack the tools to get a job done. When sorting out your life seems like too big a task, the right thing to do is to seek expert help.

To motivate you, your coach will ask you to list all the benefits you'll enjoy from your success. You'll know how to frame your desires with strong words that say you WILL do these things.

After deciding on your goals, your coach works with you to break them into smaller steps. This keeps you from getting overwhelmed and discouraged. Supported by a motivational coach, you'll finally see a clear path toward making your dreams come true.

A motivational coach removes barriers so you can succeed. Past failures no longer mean anything when you work with your coach. Coaching is about your future. And no matter how long the journey, success comes one step at a time.

A motivational coach can further help you:

Realize your Potential

When you're brimming with motivation, it's just a matter of time before you become the very best version of yourself.

But when it isn't there, it's almost as if there's no point in doing something. That's the struggle, isn't it? The endless cycle of wanting to do something but not having the drive to act on it. A motivational coach will assist you in getting started. 

It's overwhelming to think that you'll have to go all out right here right now. But a coach will help you realize that it's the smallest first step that will build your momentum.

Realizing your full potential is a process. It's becoming free of self-imposed limitations. It takes patience and discipline. Sometimes, it even takes a motivational coach to guide you.

Become More Engaged 

It's incredible how people can be in the zone for hours on end. And then become utterly unmotivated the next. Being so immersed in a task that everything fades away can be satisfying. This state of intense absorption is called flow (Siegel, 2014).

And fittingly so. Everything just comes pouring out of you in this continuous and smooth flow. The work you're doing isn't a burden. On these rare occasions, you'll find that you're generally happier. You experience positive emotions because you know that you're being productive.

Transform a rare occurrence into a regular thing by enlisting a motivational coach. When you're more engaged with what you need to do, it's easier to find the motivation to do it repeatedly. You'll find it enjoyable even.

Give Sustainable Effort

This is closely linked to consistency. You might argue that it's impossible to be consistent. It's difficult, yes. But impossible? Not quite. Not when we're talking about the proper pace and the right amount.

If you're the type who wants to give great effort all the time, I say, let go of that idealized plan. It will only work short term. In this sense, consistency is impossible. 

You'll see results with smaller actions. Realistic actions that you'll do consistently. Hence the sustainable bit.  

With a motivational coach, you'll have assistance on how to make sustainable efforts to achieve your goals. They'll ensure that you'll find success without having to experience burnout.

What is the difference between a life coach and a motivational speaker?

There’s a blurred line that separates these two professionals from each other. Both help people achieve their goals and live the life they desire. Both inspire and motivate their clients.

But simply put, the difference between the two is that a life coach typically holds their sessions privately. Mostly, one-on-one sessions between a client and themselves. A motivational speaker, on the other hand, conducts their sessions in groups, such as at corporate functions and events.

How can a motivational coach help me?

What are some motivational coaching techniques my coach might use?


It's fairly easy to get carried away when you're in planning mode. You feel like anything's possible. So, in this moment of pure bliss, you often overlook just how achievable a goal is. Setting a goal so high without regard for the factors influencing it is a recipe for disappointment and failure.

Having a motivational coach can direct you in the right direction when it comes to setting and achieving your goals. They can help you keep them specific, measurable, achievable, and time-bound. This way, you can ensure your success. 

Mindfulness Exercises

The relentless cycle of thoughts inside your head can rob you of many things. Your sleep. Your peace. Your motivation to do things. 

Unfortunately for all of us, our thoughts never stop. The thing we can only do is to stop interacting with them (Snel, 2013). Listening and entertaining them has to end. 

A motivational coach will introduce you to mindful exercises to silence intrusive thoughts. There's nothing much to these. You can do it through the simplest of activities, like paying attention to your breathing and the things around you. 

Meditation is also something your coach will suggest that you do. It's whatever works for you. 

Feedback and Support

You can expect your motivational coach to call you out on all your BS when you're making excuses. They also serve as a personal cheerleader. And when you're losing sight of your goal, they'll be there to redirect you back on the right path. 

If you want to achieve the life you desire so badly, they want it all the same for you. They won't stop at anything until you get the life you only dream of now. Your win is their win.

The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. Les Brown Coaching Quote


Five great reasons to hire a Motivational coach

Still trying to decide why you should hire a motivational coach? Alright, alright. Here are five great reasons that will surely make up your mind:

1. Beat Procrastination

We’re bringing out the big guns by starting with the P word. Procrastination. 

Don’t even deny it. You’re guilty of this. We’ve all been prisoners of it. 

Typically, it’s evoked by the characteristics of the situation you’re in (Klingsieck, 2013). Is the task difficult? How attractive is it? Is it plausible?

Procrastination can be directed at almost any activity, whether routinary or something important. By putting off a task, you’re also likely to be keeping your motivation from surfacing.

Luckily for you, managing procrastination wouldn’t be a problem with a motivational coach. A professional can assist you in planning your days. By doing so, you’ll be able to combat the overwhelming feeling when a particular task is coming up.

2. Develop Accountability

Every decision has consequences. And while we’re still on the topic of procrastination, here’s a blinding truth for you. Procrastination is a choice. There’s always that point when you’re at the edge of succumbing to it. 

Once you do choose it, procrastination, that is, you must face what comes after. An angry boss, a missed deadline, or even a job loss. At worst, you’ll be looking at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slipping between your fingers.

You yourself are accountable for the life you’re currently living and will be living in the future. A motivational coach will help you realize just how impactful your decisions are.

Alongside this, they can also act as an accountability partner that will keep you on track. They’ll offer a steady hand to guide you toward your goal when they see you slipping.

3. Improve Performance and Productivity

Motivation is fragile. It vanishes when you become too aware of your weaknesses. The doubts ensue, and motivation dies. The result? Loss in productivity. Poor performance. A bad mood.

Together with a motivational coach, you’ll find a way to look at your weaknesses in a different light. One in which there’s always room for improvement. Weaknesses shouldn’t bring you even more down. See them as stepping stones for growth and progress.

4. Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Sometimes, all you need is a coach who can guide you through your current hardships. Tackling the problems at their roots reduces the possibility of anxiety and stress.

And when those two do come, your coach can provide you with exercises that can regulate them.

5. Develop adaptability to newness

There’s always resistance to change. It’s human to fear the unknown. It’s a survival instinct that keeps us alive. But too much can keep you stuck in one place. Filled with regrets, could’ve beens, and what ifs.

A motivational coach and yourself can tackle all the fears that might be holding you back from living your best life. You don’t have to be alone in leaving your comfort zone. You can trust your coach to help you adapt to any scary situation.

With every coaching session, you’ll be more welcoming to new experiences. And by the end of coaching, you’ll see opportunities instead of a chance to fail.

Next Steps: How do I find a motivational coach near me?

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