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What is a Relationship coach?

The job of a relationship coach is to help you find and keep true love. Whether you're looking for love or need to rekindle romance with your partner, a relationship coach empowers you to bring out your best. And when you do that, you bring out the best in others. A coach knows how to build more trust in your relationship and deepen the connection. A relationship coach gives you skills to nurture lasting happiness.

What does a Relationship coach do?

Coaching teaches you to be mindful of your thoughts and actions with your partner. Learning to step back a little gives intimacy time to grow. When you check in with your feelings you'll be able to express them better. It's amazing how often people in love misunderstand each other.

Do I need a Relationship coach?

If you feel like your relationship is slipping away, then a relationship coach can open the doors to a loving future. With relationship coaching you'll go to new levels of trust and intimacy. You'll learn the habits of healthy relationships. The love is inside you. And relationship coaching teaches you how to express your feelings without hurting anyone. After your coach guides you through a few changes, your relationship can soar.


Relationship coaches

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  • Coach Karen Jones-Ogbeifun United States $150 - $1000 USD Contact me

    Karen Jones-Ogbeifun

    Free Call!
    Relationship Coach,CRC,B.A.,Psych

    I am a Love Coach for the People!

  • Coach Diana Boxer United States $70 - $150 USD Contact me

    Diana Boxer

    Free Call!
    Ph.D. and ICF certified

    I coach clients to become the architects of their own best life. 30 years of experience

  • Coach Susan peaceful explorations llc Williams United States $45 - $125 USD Contact me

    Susan peaceful explorations llc Williams

    Free Call!
    MSW Masters Degree in Social Work

    experienced mental health coach with years of working with children, families and adults

  • Coach T'Nearra Corlley United States $50 - $1500 USD Contact me

    T'Nearra Corlley

    Free Call!
    Professional Life Coach.

    I focus on being realistic, remaining accessible and providing quality services!

  • Coach Caroline Connolly United Kingdom $25 - $40 USD Contact me

    Caroline Connolly

    Free Call!
    EDI Diploma in Life Coaching

    You have the POWER to have the life you've always dreamed of and I can show you how.

  • Coach Constantine Alexander Sam Greece $90 - $160 USD Contact me

    Constantine Alexander Sam

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach - MSc, PhD (c)

    Helping introverts, from young adults to midlife, to find their life purpose and potential.

  • Coach Cassandra Blizzard United States $150 - $300 USD Contact me

    Cassandra Blizzard

    Free Call!

    Cassandra Blizzard has empowered people from every background and every walk of life.

  • Coach Dr Natasha Filippides United States $200 - $275 USD Contact me

    Dr Natasha Filippides

    Free Call!
    Life Coach, Psychologist

    Life Coach, Professional Psychologist, Author, Guest Speaker, and Educator.

  • Coach Andrew Hendrickson United States $95 - $125 USD Contact me

    Andrew Hendrickson

    Free Call!

    I would love to help you in the area of work/life balance, accountability, recovery, or relationship

  • Coach Rachel Durci United States $85 - $115 USD Contact me

    Rachel Durci

    Free Call!
    Financial Wellness Coach

    Empowering you to feel more comfortable and confident with your finances.

  • Coach Leslie Ziemba United States $500 - $5000 USD Contact me

    Leslie Ziemba

    Free Call!
    C.Ht, NLP Coach, LOA, Reiki

    As a NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist I help people with challenges around dating and relationships.

  • Coach Indeara Eastman United States $997 - $10000 USD Contact me

    Indeara Eastman

    Free Call!
    Business Coaching And Consulting

    World's Leading Experts For Executive, Leadership, Business Coaching And Consulting

  • Coach Everett D Jackson United States $75 - $375 USD Contact me

    Everett D Jackson

    Free Call!
    Motivation and Inspiration Expert

    Pain is temporary. It last for a minute, hour, day, or a year, but eventually it will subside.

  • Coach Chady Maalouf Lebanon $100 - $200 USD Contact me

    Chady Maalouf

    Free Call!
    ICF Certified Relationship Coach

    Helping individuals optimize their bonds for greater fulfillment in personal connections.

  • Coach Stephanie Norris United States $150 - $250 USD Contact me

    Stephanie Norris

    Free Call!
    Life and Relationship Coach Expert

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How can a Relationship coach help me?

A relationship coach gives you tools to cope with the ups and downs of love. The process also helps you truly know yourself. As you and the coach define your needs, you'll choose actions that attract positive feelings.

You get to discuss your concerns with your relationship coach. This lets you get a fresh, non-judgmental perspective. Relationships are highly emotional. A thoughtful outside opinion can work wonders.

From this process comes a supportive relationship of joyful partners. Relationships are always a work in progress.

Coaching isn't about fixing the past. Excitement in a relationship comes from looking to the future. A relationship coach helps you and your partner focus on the positive. You'll discover new ways to support each other.

A coach can show you how to create lasting bonds with your partner. This comes from mindful communication and showing the respect you have for each other. The empowering feeling that comes from joyful romance is available to everyone.

A relationship coach helps you:

  • Open up for better communication
  • Express needs
  • See things from your partner's side
  • Connect again with passion
  • Appreciate yourself so others can too

Five great reasons to hire a Relationship coach

Your soul mate is worth the effort. Think of all the excitement there used to be. Those memories are the foundation for new and stronger feelings.
Coaching makes you ready to succeed in a relationship. You've thought things through. You know what you need. And now you have a plan that supports your goal.
Every relationship benefits from active involvement. Love doesn't fly high on autopilot. It takes open communication and dedication.
You can stop thinking there's something wrong with you because it's not true. You just need a fresh start.
Having a fantastic relationship supports your health and happiness. A coach helps you connect with your partner and enjoy the rewards for a lifetime.
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