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What is a Transformational coach?

A transformational life coach helps their clients change the way they see themselves. Typically with a life coach, clients are encouraged to change how they act in order to achieve their goals. But a transformational life coach, on the other hand, focuses on transforming clients’ perceptions of themselves. This type of coach helps their clients to have a healthy self-image, overcome limitations, and realize their dreams to lead a happier and more fulfilled life.  

What does a Transformational coach do?

We’re all familiar with change. It happens so often; I wonder why we still get caught off guard because of it. 

No matter how often we hear the words “change is constant,” there’s no break from it. Human beings will always have a complicated relationship with change. It’s a fact of life that we have no choice but to live with. On the bright side, change gives way to growth and transformation. 

There’s a great analogy of why change is difficult. A rider is trying to get an elephant to go a certain way. The rider is rational and able to plan ahead. In contrast, the elephant is driven by instinct and emotion. When the rider attempts to direct the elephant on an unfamiliar path, she realizes that it will be challenging to do so without motivating the elephant first. 

In a way, you can look at the rider as your transformational life coach and you as the elephant. In order to motivate you, a transformational life coach needs to:

  • Appeal to your emotional side. A transformational life coach will engage you with positive emotions, not just by using critical thinking.
  • Help you make the change smaller. A transformational life coach will guide you in making small, digestible changes. Baby steps.
  • Appeal to your sense of identity. A transformational life coach will encourage you to draw on your natural instincts. 

Ultimately, a transformational coach will help you to make a long-lasting and sustainable change. 

When something big is forced upon us, it’s easy to resort to identity paralysis, during which our sense of self struggles to keep up with the new situation. 

But that’s where a transformational life coach is an expert. They help you adjust to a new situation without compromising your sense of self. They do this while helping you focus on your positive qualities instead of fixating on your fears or failures. 

Do I need a Transformational coach?

Self-actualization. This is what’s at the very core of transformational life coaching. And isn’t this the very thing that you’re striving for? Because beneath the success and the life you want for yourself, lies self-actualization. 

Realizing what you truly want in life is not that easy to achieve. This is especially true if you have underlying negative perceptions and a bad self-image of yourself. Self-defeating thoughts, perceived fears, and damaging attitudes toward life are just a few of what’s holding you back.

Take back control of your life. Get a transformational life coach on your side. 

If you are serious about becoming free from the shackles of old patterns of thoughts and emotions, you’ll need to look your fears in the eye. And what better  way to do so than with a transformational life coach by your side? 

Once you self actualize, you can reap the following benefits (Maslow, 1971):


You’ll develop a sense of acceptance for yourself and for others. You’ll learn to enjoy yourself without regret, and without being unnecessarily apologetic. Guilt or shame will no longer stop you in your tracks. You finally get to embrace your entirety. 


If you enlist the help of a transformational life coach in your journey toward self-actualization, you’ll have a fresh appreciation for the good things in life. You’ll realize how thrilling living life from moment to moment can be.


Ever wonder how it would feel to rely on your inner self for satisfaction?. A transformational life coach can help you eliminate the need for acceptance and determination by others.


Experience more of the good and less of everything negative. It’ll be easier to seek peak experiences with a transformational life coach guiding you. 


You’ll become more realistic with the help of your transformational life coach. As a self-actualized individual, you’ll also be less likely to be threatened or frightened by the unknown. Logic, reason, and seeing the truth will serve you well in living the best version of your life. 


Transformational coaches

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  • Coach Grace Skinkis United Kingdom $90 - $1500 USD Contact me

    Grace Skinkis

    Free Call!
    MA, ACC

    Certified coach helping you get fullfilled, find your values & achieve personally & professionally

  • Coach Christina Myers United States $130 - $150 USD Contact me

    Christina Myers

    Free Call!
    Certified Professional Life Coach

    Helping people discover their purpose.

  • Coach Raluca Vicar United Kingdom $1 - $333 USD Contact me

    Raluca Vicar

    Free Call!
    MSc, EMCC accredited Coach & Mentor

    I believe all answers are within YOU & through coaching you will be able to access your inner wisdom

  • Coach Reem Al-Abdullatif United Arab Emirates $200 - $220 USD Contact me

    Reem Al-Abdullatif

    Free Call!
    Leadership, Career & Wellness Coach

    I coach women to own their power and become leaders in their own lives

  • Coach Jonathan Buchanan United Kingdom $150 - $1000 USD Contact me

    Jonathan Buchanan

    Free Call!
    British Army Officer, CA, Coach

    Unlock limitless growth with a coach who merges military performance coaching and deep psychology.

  • Coach Constantine Alexander Sam Greece $90 - $160 USD Contact me

    Constantine Alexander Sam

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach - MSc, PhD (c)

    Helping introverts, from young adults to midlife, to find their life purpose and potential.

  • Coach Melania Burlacu Romania $145 - $200 USD Contact me

    Melania Burlacu

    Free Call!
    Mindset coach

    Positive Mindset Coach - Transform Your Life!

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How can a Transformational coach help me?

Here are some of the ways you can grow with the help of your transformational coach. You will be poised to learn the following skills:


It’s crucial that you engage with your emotions. By doing so, not only will you recognize your reactions toward a particular change, but you’ll also be able to undertake things that you didn’t think you could. 

Acknowledging your emotions is pretty challenging. But with a transformational life coach around, you’ll have the best support system. 


Self-compassion is the connected, kind, and clear-sighted way you relate to yourself during moments of failure and perceived imperfection and inadequacy (Neff, 2011). Most of the time, the thing holding you back is nothing external. It’s you yourself and your perceived limitations. 

Some people come by self-compassion naturally and easily. Unfortunately, not everyone does. A transformational life coach can help you in this regard and encourage you to be more compassionate toward yourself. 


We’re talking about those beliefs that only hold you back. One of the benefits of having a transformational life coach around is to help you work through the limiting beliefs that are holding you hostage.

There are cases in which you might be taking action to uphold your desired beliefs at the expense of the truth. You deliberately ignore information just so your preferred worldview won’t be contradicted (Bromberg-Martin & Sharot, 2020). 

Sounds familiar? Allow a transformational life coach to help you deal with the beliefs that no longer serve you. 


Over time, things change — your emotions, thoughts, and actions. Who you were a few years ago may differ from who you are today. If you believe that you were a terrible person in the past, you might have a negative perception of yourself up to this day. 

As such, you want to change for the better. But such a derogatory view of who you used to be impedes your current efforts to change. A transformational life coach can help you forgive your past self and learn how to accept your mistakes. These will potentially make room for the transformation you are seeking. 


Other people’s expectations can lead you to base your worth on their standards. The same goes for how you value yourself. You focus on life achievements, status, and wealth. It’s this pressure that ignites your fear of failure (Rickman, 2021). 

It shouldn’t be this way. For you to embrace yourself outside of social expectations, turn to a transformational life coach.

How much does a transformational life coach cost?

Like any other type of coach out there, the cost of hiring a transformational life coach depends on several factors:

  • How are sessions delivered?
  • Are these sessions one-on-one or group?
  • How much experience does the coach have?
  • How long do sessions last?

Typically, coaching prices are charged at an hourly rate of $65 up to $150+. Coaching packages can bring down this cost significantly, as you are investing more in the coaching relationship. Usually the hourly cost is discounted 25-40% with packages. 

Group coaching will cost even less, as you are working with other individuals at the same time. There might also be the possibility of a course which leads you through the material and lets you work interactively at your own pace. Courses and group coaching are offered for a lower price point and work well for those with a limited budget.

Most coaching will be conducted online. Some coaches might charge more if a client wants to conduct coaching sessions in person. 


Five great reasons to hire a Transformational coach

Being stuck in a place you don't want to be in can be depressing. So what's holding you back? 

It's those beliefs, fears, and thought patterns that hold you captive. Transformation happens when you free yourself from these. Once you grow to this level, you'll see significant changes in your actions, behaviors, and choices in life. 

If you want the transformation to happen, make the move to hire a transformational life coach. 

To convince you even further, we'll give you five reasons why you should do so:


More than that, look beyond the mistakes. Break the habit of seeing yourself as a flawed human being incapable of achieving great things. Unfortunately, we're all familiar with how challenging this can be. What's easy is to look internally at ourselves and judge. 

A transformational life coach can help you embrace your perceived flaws and acknowledge your hidden strengths.


You know in yourself how guilty you are of overthinking. There's a relentless need to contemplate and overthink. The results? Your inability to make decisions promptly is causing havoc in your life.

A transformational life coach can guide you in understanding why you lack the clarity and confidence you need. 


Who do you believe you are? 

Who do you want to be?

By exploring your way of being with a transformational life coach, you'll be able to move onto a higher level of being. 


Selfishness and self-love are not one and the same. To love yourself is never selfish.

A transformational life coach can help you see clearly what self-love is and what it isn't. It’s not vanity or selfishness, but an important part of reaching internal peace and outward success. 


There is no growth without exploration. Being set in your ways is one of the reasons why you're stuck in a place you don't want to be in. 

With a transformational life coach, you'll have someone with you as you explore new possibilities. You don't have to fear the options that weren't initially apparent to you. A professional will be with you to guide you.


Coaching is all about asking powerful questions. The kind that will lead you to your eureka moment. A transformational life coach, or any life coach for that matter, doesn’t solve your problems for you. They merely direct you towards the end goal you want for yourself.

For this to happen successfully, here are some of the questions they might ask you:

  • What values do you hold dear to you?
  • How do they serve you?
  • How are they in sync with how you’re living your life?
  • What do you want most in life?
  • How do you want your life to look?
  • What are the things holding you back from having your desired life?
  • Why are you letting those same things hold you back?
  • What are your insecurities?
  • What do you fear most?
  • How do you think you’ll become at peace with who you are?
  • How well do you know yourself today?
  • How is your present self different or similar to your past self?
  • What actions do you think you should take to overcome your perceived limitations?
  • What do you believe you should do to empower yourself? 
  • How often do you self-criticize?
  • What are the changes that you think should happen for you to achieve your goal?
  • How accepting are you of the emotions you feel when faced with difficulties?
  • Can you recognize negative behaviors and patterns when they occur?
  • How do you avoid triggering situations? 
  • What’s the difference between who you are right now and who you want to be in the future? 

This is only the tip of the transformational life coaching iceberg. By now, you’re probably asking a question of your own. If you do decide to transform your life and become a coaching client, you can expect to be asked and answer more questions.

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