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Aaron BeAll

Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Create an inspired life of passion & purpose. Procrastination, Motivation, Productivity

About me

Did you have high hopes for life but now just feel hopeless and lost? I know what that's like. I'm an environmental scientist who was out to save the world, and then was crushed by multiple depression episodes when I discovered how screwed it all is. But I walked through an emotional hell and help others find their own light. Now I balance careers in science, writing, art, programming and coaching all at once as a beaming beacon of joy. Live with true passion and purpose. It's possible. If you're here, then you haven't given up. Committing to change brings internal transformation and that reflects out into the world.

I've always been an idealistic creative, but I'm rigorously scientific. In my process of becoming a coach I have learned from more primary literature than most health professionals. I combine a thorough method of investigation and definition from the rationalist paradigm, but embrace the power of metaphor and feelings in my practice. I work with the thinkers and the artists equally well, because I'm both. With me you'll discover what love has been driving you from deep inside, even if you're feeling confused and exhausted.

Together we'll find the life you dream of and consistently create small wins that create a positive feedback cycle so that you can achieve the seemingly impossible. You'll be disciplined, focused, emotionally resilient, and able to plan through challenging situations that would've demolished you before.

So, if you feel like life has lost meaning; seems pointless; your idealistic path faded into jaded disappointment; know that there is a way out. I know the dark depths of our sadness and can show you the shortcut to feeling better permanently.

Come, let us work together to set yourself free. It is possible to live with ease and grace without sacrificing any of your principles.

"Unlock Your Higher Potential"


I specialize in productivity and motivation. Whether it's to overcome a plateau in your career, or to redirect your life after deciding it doesn't work. I am a biological scientist and work with evidence-based techniques, innovation, gamification and systems-theory to supplement the standard coaching repertoire. Coaching is in increments of 2 month packages minimum for general coaching, 6 month minimum for executive coaching.
Short courses or group coaching
I offer group courses for graduate students to increase their productivity and vision, allowing them to finish their thesis on time with lesser stress. I have tight-knit groups of early career academics and science professionals wanting to make the most of their keystone years, to succeed with vision and leadership.

Fee description

Fees: from $90 USD to $250 USD

Higher fees enable additional access and supplementary materials.


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