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Allen Males

Lago Vista, Texas, United States
Caught in the Current Coaching, LLC focuses on helping clients create the life they want.

About me

I have 10+ years of experience working in the mental health field/helping professions. Through this time I have obtained experience in a variety of settings, and have built a successful private practice focused on addressing mental health concerns. I am branching out to provide coaching services for clients who are interested in seeking out other forms of guidance but aren't interested and or appropriate for traditional psychotherapy and or other forms of mental health counseling.

Coaching and providing counseling/psychotherapy share many similarities but my work as a coach addresses issues from a different perspective and approach than my work as a mental health professional.  As a coach I will not be addressing deeper level mental heath issues and or providing any type of diagnosis.  I will be working from an intuitive approach and will also be addressing clients concerns from a holistic perspective. Rather than just focusing on one problem I will help clients develop more awareness of contributing factors that are fueling core issues.  Once awareness is developed clients will be able to make adjustments where they see fit and reach their goals through setting intention, and allowing themselves to be vulnerable.   

Seeking out outside guidance times of struggle can be powerful and transformative.  ​I look forward to learning more about you and what you are seeking to receive from my practice.




Coaching with me


Areas of Focus:

-Life transitions

-Creating balance in daily routine

-Developing a deeper connection and learning to trust in your intuition

-Developing awareness and identifying factors that are fueling presenting problems

-Learning techniques and coping mechanisms to connect with the present moment

-Stress management

-Addressing issues related to meaning and purpose

-Mindfulness and Meditation practices

-Shadow work

-Spiritual identity


My appraoch to coaching is eclectic.  I tend to utilize a holistic approach to develop more awarness of contributing factors that fuel core issues. After identifying contributing factors clients can learn to incorporate new skills, perspectives, and daily practices to address core issues.  I also use mindfulness based and experiential approaches.



Areas of practice:

Intuitive Coach

Spiritual Coach

Life Coach

Leadership Coach

Business Coach

My sessions are typically 60min and occur weekly.  However, some clients are more comfortable with meeting on a bi-weekly schedule.  It all depends on what the cleint is seeking and how quickly they are expecting results.  I also offer 90min sessions for clients that need that little extra time.

If you are interested in package deals I offer those as well.  The prices on packaged offerings are listed below. 


The services of this Coaching practice are conducted through a virtual platform. This HIPPA compliant platform allows Caught in the Current Coaching, LLC to conduct convenient, secure, and effective coaching practices.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BS in Psychology
  • MA in Professional Counseling
  • Licensed Professional Counselor

BS in Psychology and minor in Sociology from Texas State University 2011

MA in Professional Counseling from Liberty University 2014

LPC in the state of Texas 2017


Fee description

Fees: from $45 USD to $700 USD


Reduced rate for initial sessions:

$45 for 30min initial session

$90 for 60min initial session

$135 for 90min initial session 

Ongoing rates after initial session:

$60 for 30min session

$110 for 60min session

$150 for 90min session

Packaged deals:

3- 30min sessions=$150

5- 30min sessions=$250

3- 60min sessions=$300

5- 60min sessions=$500

3- 90min sessions=$420

5- 90min sessions=$700

*Sliding scale will also be provided for clients who qualify.


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