lifecoach $3600 USD Brian S. Holmes Brian S. Holmes MPowered Life Coaching: Get over the past, solutions for the present, and plan a fulfilling future!
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Brian S. Holmes

Life, Health & Spiritual Coach 
Clearwater, Florida, United States
MPowered Life Coaching: Get over the past, solutions for the present, and plan a fulfilling future!

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  • Spiritual Intervention Intensive


    Are you tormented by your past? Haunted by fear, guilt, anxiety, depression? Unable to escape the unending cycle of suffering, failure and sickness?

    $45.00 USD RRP $90.00 USD     save 50% ADD TO CART
  • Personal Life Coach


    Month-to-Month Coaching Subscription Package (2 Sessions per month) 10.5% DISCOUNT!

    $269.00 USD RRP $300.00 USD     save 10% ADD TO CART
  • Life Breakthrough Package


    6-Month Coaching Package (24 One-on-One Sessions) 30% DISCOUNT!

    $2500.00 USD RRP $3600.00 USD     save 31% ADD TO CART
  • Life Achieve Package


    3-Month Coaching Package (12 One-on-One Sessions) 25% DISCOUNT!

    $1350.00 USD RRP $1800.00 USD     save 25% ADD TO CART
  • Life Kickstart Package


    6-Week Coaching Package (6 One-on-One Sessions) 17% DISCOUNT on Sessions

    $750.00 USD RRP $900.00 USD     save 17% ADD TO CART
  • Plan of Action


    Need help solving a problem? Need an unbiased opinion or direction on a decision? Need a plan of action? Get quick results NOW!

    $150.00 USD RRP $250.00 USD     save 40% ADD TO CART
  • Secrets to Weight Loss


    Learn the secrets to weight loss and how they work. Understand all the tools at your disposal and learn how to prioritize them and which to focus on.

    $100.00 USD RRP $150.00 USD     save 33% ADD TO CART
  • How To Know Your Life Purpose


    Do you know your purpose? Join me as I lead you (from a Christian perspective) to know and understand your purpose, and get direction on how to begin!

    $100.00 USD RRP $150.00 USD     save 33% ADD TO CART
  • Exercise & Nutrition Journal


    Our professional 12-Week Daily Journal is the easiest, most convenient, and ultimate resource to track and stay on top of your entire health program.

    $28.00 USD RRP $35.00 USD     save 20% ADD TO CART
  • Discovering & Prioritizing What's Most Important


    Do you know what's most important to you? Join me as we unlock and discover the mystery of your deepest values!

    $100.00 USD RRP $150.00 USD     save 33% ADD TO CART

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