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Heather Gilmore

LLMSW, BCBA;Health & Wellness Coach 
Breckenridge, Michigan, United States
Feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious? Contact me to find REAL solutions for your life!!!

About me

If you have been feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges, if you just feel like you could be living with more peace and fulfillment but you just don't exactly know how, if you would like to figure out how to manage the responsibilities of motherhood more effectively, if you want to live with better physical, emotional, and mental health and improved happiness and well-being, I am the RIGHT coach for you.

I have extensive experience both personally and professionally in this area. I have personally learned to overcome challenges and have learned to live with more peace, satisfaction, and fulfillment in my life. I have helped countless individuals to identify and achieve goals to improve their own lives as well as the lives of their kids.

I am both a social worker and a behavior analyst which gives me a unique and expert perspective on helping you to change your behaviors and your environment (in realistic ways) with compassion, understanding, and support.

Coaching with me

You can feel confident in your decision to work with me.

After working with me to find realistic ways to improve your life and then taking the information you learn and implementing it, you could obtain the following results:

1. Find more peace and calm within your life at home and at work.

2. Create and maintain household routines and habits that make parenting so much easier and more enjoyable.

3. Identify and develop new habits that help YOU be your BEST self!

4. Find work-life balance, so you can maintain your sanity and having happiness and joy in life, too.

5. Learn parenting strategies that will help your kids to behave, be happy, and reach their potential.

6. Learn and maintain stress management techniques to deal with life's chaos and challenges.

7. Learn and maintain anxiety management strategies to decreasy your anxiety, worry, and/or nerves in all areas of life.

8. Improve your self-confidence.

9. Be happier and healthier (physically, emotionally, and mentally) than ever before!!!
I am very understanding and compassionate. I want to know who YOU are, your likes, your hobbies, your struggles, your experiences, and more.

I want to get to know you as an individual, but I also am a problem-solver. I don't assume that I already have the answers. I have a lot of wisdom to share but I need to get to know you before I can solve your problems. We are all different, so what works for one person might not work for another.

Working with me as your coach, you will experience someone who truly wants to listen, who truly cares and also someone who wants to help to EMPOWER YOU to regain control over your life and to help you learn ways to enhance your personal health and well-being.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Online coaching which takes place completely online. This is a very beneficial mode for coaching as it allows for easy access to your life coach in what is often times a busy, chaotic world. Online coaching is easy to manage.

You will receive my full support, understanding, attention, and expertise, and we will work together to make the best use of your time to reach your goals as quickly as possible.
Short courses or group coaching
Short courses are offered to allow you to learn strategies to improve your health and well-being on your own time. Group coaching allows multiple people to learn strategies together. Knowing that others struggle with similar issues can be empowering in itself.
Ongoing training
Various trainings will be offered that allow you to obtain specialized knowledge on improving your health, happiness, and well-being in your every day life. Trainings will also address parenting strategies and overall life improvement topics, as well.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BCBA
  • MSW
  • acceptance and commitment therapy
  • behavior analysis
  • human psychology and development

Fee description

Fees: from $60 USD to $499 USD

Individual sessions range from $60-$120 depending on purpose and package deals. Courses and trainings range from $199-$499 depending on depth and topic of the course or training.


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