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Jess Henson

Relationship Coach 
Redding, California, United States
Professional coaching for all of your relationship struggles.

About me

“Jess has dedicated her life to providing guidance, support, and encouragement to those who want to strengthen their relationships. She has used the knowledge she has gained from her degree in psychology and coach training, along with overcoming her own relationship struggles and natural skills of being a good listener with a big heart for others to help people who are in doubt, stuck, and struggling.”

A word from Jess:

My belief is that your relationship is the most important area of life. It can bring you the greatest amount of joy, but it can also be the place where you feel the most pain. We all go through struggles in our relationship, and those struggles can either make us stronger or break us apart. I have had my share of bad relationships where the struggles were too great to overcome. I’ve endured heartbreak and rejection, but through it all I’ve learned more about myself and what it takes to create an amazing relationship.

I've spent many years learning about the most common problems in relationships and how they’re overcome. I sought to understand why relationships fail and why they succeed, and then I put these theories to test. I've been able to see first-hand what really works and what doesn’t. And now, I want to share this life-changing information with you.

We all deserve to have a great relationship - one where we feel safe and loved. This blog was created to give you the tried-and-true tips on how to create and maintain the relationship you want.

Coaching with me

I’ve helped hundreds of people to get to a place of total clarity and confidence when it comes to love and relationships. I would love to give you the same guidance, and show you how you can move past your struggles and create the ultimate relationship.

I’m not going to offer you gimmicks or tricks. Why? Because a quick-fix approach will only hurt your chances for creating an ultimate relationship and yield superficial, temporary results. With me, you get something far more lasting and rewarding.

Working together, we’ll dive deep into the reasons you’ve arrived at where you are in your life today, and explore what’s needed to help you achieve your most important personal goals and dreams. What do you ultimately want out of your relationship? How do you get it? We’ll replace all the myths and confusion with a refreshing new perspective that will take your relationship to the highest level. By utilizing my 5-6-7 model of relationship repair, we will look at your love language, your relationship needs, and the principles for success to strengthen your relationship.

This wonderful transformation will not only make you happier in general, but it will also help you have the relationship that everyone is searching for. Every aspect of your life matters when we work together. So, we’ll be looking at what is and isn’t working in areas of work, friendship, and, of course, love.

With me supporting you on your journey, you’ll establish a foundation for yourself that will help you create the relationship that you deserve - the Ultimate Relationship. I’ve done this for so many, and I can do it for you.


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Weekly one-hour telephone coaching where we uncover the struggles that are keeping you from having the ultimate relationship. We then utilize various strategies in order to get you unstuck and strengthen your relationship.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life Coach Certification
  • BS, Psychology

Fee description

Fees: from $350 USD to $375 USD

Complete Relationship Transformation - 6 months
For those in committed, yet troubled relationships. This is good for you if:
*You question if you should end your relationship.
*Feel confused and need clarity.
*You are afraid to ask for what you really want.
*You are terrified that if something doesn't change, you will end up alone.
*You are stuck in old patterns that are ruining your relationship.

Get Unstuck and Get Momentum - 3 months
For those who struggle with the same issues in their relationship and are ready to eliminate them. This is good for you if:
*The time is now to stop thinking about it and make it happen.
*There is some challenge that keeps getting in the way of feeling happy in your relationship.
*It's time for a realistic solution to accomplish something life-changing.
*You feel confused and need clarity.
*You are sabotaging a good relationship.


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